Vikings Have Asked Jeff Garcia If He’s Ready

August 16th, 2010

Joe recognizes this isn’t really a Bucs post. However, it is interesting and it does give Joe a chance to post a picture of one of his favorite women of all time to start the week. That would be the lovely Carmella Garcia.

As readers here know, Joe scours the globe for all things Buccaneers. Back in 2008, Joe joined the media throng at the C.I.T.S. to write a feature story on Jeff Garcia for his hometown newspaper, the Gilroy Dispatch. At the time, the lively Bobby Garcia, Jeff’s football coach dad, was churning out a weekly blog in which he routinely revealed inner Bucs secrets and occasionally blasted Chucky.

This was truly great stuff, and Joe got a lot of mileage and attention out of delivering Bobby Garcia’s words from the tiny daily newspaper in California’s garlic farm country.

Joe went back to the Gilroy Dispatch this weekend to see if there was any news of Garcia joining the Omaha franchise of the UFL, where Jeff Jagodzinski is the new head coach.

What Joe found was a story about Garcia jumping into the UFL starting on Thursday, plus good ol’ Bobby Garcia spilling some news about the the Vikings interested in Garcia possibly taking over for Brett Favre. (Quite ironic considering Chucky fantasized of Favre taking over for Garcia in 2008.) And the elder Garcia said the Saints were calling his son, too.

Garcia played in one game for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009, and has been adamant about continuing his career. Rumors circulated that Garcia might return to the Eagles to back up first-year starter Kevin Kolb and his father, Bobby, a longtime football coach in Gilroy, confirmed that the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints had expressed interest.

But Garcia decided to take the snap in hand, rather than wait for an NFL option.

“Minnesota had called him and said ‘if (Brett) Favre doesn’t play are you ready to go?,'” Bobby Garcia said. “But, you know what? Favre is going to play.

“I said, ‘(the Nighthawks) really want you and are willing to make you one of the marquee players in the league.'”

Bobby Garcia, who said that the Nighthawks have already sold more season tickets than the entire league did last season, added that Jeff will report to camp next Thursday.

When Joe first heard of Garcia heading to the UFL, Joe figured Garcia must have had some serious sniffs from NFL teams and wanted to train and be seen versus waiting by the phone.

Joe can’t fathom any other reason why a guy who’s made $30+ million in his career would head to Omaha when he could be hot-tubbing it with Carmella in California.

Garcia and Carmella are never returning to Tampa, but if the Bucs had to win a game or two with Josh Freeman down, Joe still thinks Garcia’s probably a better option in that situation that Josh Johnson.

10 Responses to “Vikings Have Asked Jeff Garcia If He’s Ready”

  1. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Omaha is a little over an hour from where I live, thinking about driving over and watching one of these games. On their website the UFL claims to have easy access to the players and srtaff wonder if I could talk to the coach about what really happened last year?!

  2. Gary Says:

    Good luck Jeff, you always played hard for us and for that I thank you. Don’t feel too bad about not being in the NFL buddy, you can always cuddle up to Carmella.

  3. Joe Says:


    Good luck Jeff, you always played hard for us and for that I thank you. Don’t feel too bad about not being in the NFL buddy, you can always cuddle up to Carmella.

    Joe watched that awful “Pros vs. Joes” last week with the Bucs and those wannabe Arena2 players were trash-talking Garcia, calling him old man. Though Joe liked his comeback, “You can come cut my lawn any time,” Joe was hoping he would have said, “Yeah, well, this old man goes home to a Playboy playmate each night. Scoreboard.”

  4. Gary Says:

    haha… thanks for that Joe. I gotta start watching that show. I agree, that is the ultimate comeback.

    He should have just pulled out her playboy centerfold pic and said “got p***y?”

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Agree Joe, Jeff is a better option than JJ. He probably is The Vikes best option if Farve doesn’t play. And Carmella is always the sweet option!

  6. eric Says:

    Good Lord what a gorgeous woman!

    Garcia had to have saved the lives of a busload of Nuns in a previous existance.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn, thanks alot, Eric! Now that you’ve given out the formula, you’ve doomed me to life of following busses loaded with Nuns, just hoping that some catastrophe will require my assistance! Lol

  8. Gatorbuc15 Says:


    I salute you Jeff!

  9. RustyRhino Says:

    Good luck with the weak noodle armed Garcia in Viking land…. good thing you have a good running game.

  10. tampa2 Says:

    Joes just hoping to see the lovely Carmela come back to Tampa. jeff is just an afterthought.