Training Camp Party With Josh Freeman

August 12th, 2010’s Jay Glazer learns to drive in a Bay area August afternoon thunderstorm just before he has a sit down with Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman.

3 Responses to “Training Camp Party With Josh Freeman”

  1. KJ Says:

    Who cares what his reaction to Sam Bradford’s contract is? What kind of a question was that? And you could tell Josh was like “WTF do I care?” Why not ask him about Darelle Revis, or Brett Favre, or the Health Care Bill, why he’s at it? Come on Glaze! Other than that, a solid interview.

  2. Joe Says:


    Freeman and Bradford played against each other in college and know each other. Just an icebreaker of a question. Joe sees no harm and clearly Freeman didn’t either.

  3. George C. Costanza Says:

    Glazer must live in the dang ol’ desert. It’s just rain. Good Lord, man.