Time To Turn Winslow Loose

August 6th, 2010

JoeBucsFan.com photo by Kyra Hallett

Watching Kellen Winslow work at practice is just great stuff.

Forgetting about his performance last season, Winslow just looks the part of elite athlete with great hands. 

Today, he caught a TD in traffic and taunted the defense afterwards.

With all the talk of how having continuity at offensive coordinator and quarterback is supposed to help the Bucs this season, Joe can’t help but wonder how much more the Bucs can get out of Winslow in 2010.

Surely the Bucs don’t want to overuse Winslow in order to preserve his health for the late stages of the “lasting contender” plan. However, riding Winslow early in the season might just be the Bucs’ best option for actually winning games.

Joe says the heck with protecting Winslow. He’s already damaged goods, and there are no guarantees. Get him the football.

6 Responses to “Time To Turn Winslow Loose”


    I agree. Especially since we have Stevens to back up K2. I like Winslow way better than Stevens (which I’m sure everyone does), but Stevens is a pretty good back up receiving tight end. One of the few spots on the roster where we have some depth. Olson’s replacement should utilize Winslow as much as possible.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Winslow is on, essentially, a 2 yr deal with a club option for year 3. Take the kid gloves off and let him loose.

  3. Joe Says:

    Olson’s replacement should utilize Winslow as much as possible.


  4. oar Says:

    Sure wish he could block. It would improve our run game better. But do agree, when he’s healthy he is one of the better receiving TEs.

  5. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Sorry , but we have to save him for 2025 , when we are finally ready to contend again.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Turn him loose, he will be open a lot with Mike Williams on the field, and if we find a running game.