The Conundrum Of Greg Olson

August 5th, 2010
All eyes will be on Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson is the Bucs offense sputters this season.

All eyes will be on Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson if the Bucs offense sputters this season.

Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson is not in an enviable position.

Sure, he has a lot of young toys to play with, specifically a franchise quarterback. But if those toys don’t shine, guess who gets the blame?

Then, there’s this little truth: Boss likes to run the ball. Olson likes to pass. Guess who calls the plays?

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune discusses the predicament Olson is in this year in a Bucs Q&A feature.

Q:  Now that the season is almost among us, how much of a pass to rush ratio do you see the Bucs imploring this season? If the Wildcat is used will will we see Josh Johnson run it? I heard the bucs were using the P-word. Do you see playoffs or not this year?

Andrew Morrison, St. Petersburg

A:  Your first question is an interesting one, because we know the Bucs want to run the ball, but we also know that offensive coordinator Greg Olson is a big fan of throwing it. I think they’re going to lean on the run as much as they can but as the season progresses and the receivers develop and Josh Freeman gets more comfortable you could see the pass-run ration go from 40-60 to 50-50 or even 60-40. Playoffs? You’re taking Playoffs? Yeah, the Bucs have mentioned that, which is no surprise. Is it a realistic possibility? I don’t think so. Not this year.

— Woody Cummings

Joe has an uncomfortable feeling that if the Bucs offense is dreadful this year, it may be Olson’s head. It almost appears that the floor is set to cave in on Olson.

If that happens, that is not a good thing for Josh Freeman.

36 Responses to “The Conundrum Of Greg Olson”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Again Joe, why is the sky falling with you?
    It’s obvious that this is not the same 3-13 team from a year ago. We’ll have youthful frustrations, but nothing like last years debacle.

  2. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Roy said “…you could see the pass-run ration go from 40-60 to 50-50 or even 60-40.”

    What a dork.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    So , if the offense sucks, we keep him ? A moot point, I like the scheme, and think the offense will be improved enough, even with the rookies, to keep Mr. Olsen gainfully employed for a while.

  4. eric Says:

    This years debacle could easily surpass last years.

    Don’t underestimate the debacle capabilities of the Dream and his staff. They are struggling with a concept as simple as run v. pass.

    At least there are only two choices.

  5. Jonny Says:

    I trust in Raheem and Dom. The only guy I really do not trust is Greg Olson. For some reason he did not seem creative in play calling last season, it took like 14 weeks to execute a QB sneak? I hated those shotgun passes on 1st downs and at the goal line. I know many say he did not get time to install his offense, but how much of a prep does one need to learn QB sneak? How are you going to confuse defenses by going with Shotgun formation at goal line? Also I hate the fact that he is running Gruden’s scheme again.

  6. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    @Tim you said “…the offense will be improved enough, even with the rookies, to keep Mr. Olsen gainfully employed for a while.”

    What flavor koolaide are YOU drinking today?

    Are you not aware that Olsen is the #1 scapegoat coaching candidate for the 2010 season?

    The apologists are sharpening their axes for this guy when the offense starts to fall apart.

    You just wait buddy.

  7. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    @Johnny “I trust in Raheem and Dom. The only guy I really do not trust is Greg Olson…. I hate the fact that he is running Gruden’s scheme again.”

    And it all adds up. You see Tim?

  8. eric Says:

    Yep, Olson will be the one.

    Can’t fire the defensive coordinator again, since that is Rah this year.

  9. CalicoJack Says:

    @eric, “At least there are only two choices.”

    Hey ?!?!? They drafted a punter!

  10. big007hed Says:

    Speaking of the sky is falling, my god Eric do u do anything but complain???? I mean damn you are depressing as hell!!

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Javier- while I realize that you, and a few other posters here, believe that what you read in these post is relevant, it isn’t! Management is actually pretty happy with Olsen right now, and Raheem! But that could change in a minute! The Glazers don’t care about excuses, from anyone! If this team isn’t improving, Raheem is done. If The offense isn’t improving, Olsen is done! But it won’t have anything to do with anyone who post here. The Glazers only have one philosophy for their Buccaneers- “Win or leave”!! Both coaches inherited a pig last year. If it’s still a pig at the end of this year, it’ll be somebody elses pig!

  12. McBuc Says:

    @Johny…Why do you hate that they are using a Gruden like approach? Just because his offense never had the right talent while he was coaching does not mean it is bad. It worked in Oakland and up and down in tampa. It would be interesting to see what Gruden could do with these young receivers and the young QB. I fully support Morris, and I am fine with Olson basing his offense off of Gruden and Martz.

  13. eric Says:

    Damn, and I thought i had relevance!

    Thanks for bursting my bubble Captain.

  14. oar Says:

    What I find so funny is that Olsen was on the team’s staff when they hired Jagz. I don’t think they even intereviewed him then. They should have just promoted him then and saved a year of wasted offensive scheme/player development. Let’s hope they got it right.

  15. oar Says:

    McBuc, I couldn’t agree more!

  16. McBuc Says:

    oar…I agree, too bad they did not just promote him when they promoted Morris.

  17. eric Says:

    “When they promoted Morris”

    God it hurts to read that………..

  18. thomas Says:

    I love it how the sheep are already setting up another scapegoat and protecting the real problems: HC and GM.

    Jags and Bates have been very successful in the league and college, yet both were scapegoated to by the problem another year.

    Now folks are already preparing to sacrifice Olson but not “the problem.”

    Come on! Just because you advocated to fire Gruden and got your wish, doesnt mean that you have to accept the next guy if he is horrible!

    This should be a bi-partisan issue, this should cross party-lines: “our head coach is horrible and embarrassing and these kids will never be as good as they can be under this loose, disorganized, inexperienced and unprofessional HC! Lets make a play for Cowher or Tomlin or Dungy or anyone but the debacle!

  19. thomas Says:

    . . to buy . .


  20. oar Says:

    McBuc, I’m glad to hear they might possibly use the DTs (big boys) for TE or FBs. It reminds of when Gruden used Sapp and Booger at those positions in goal lie situations. Those were some great outcomes.

  21. oar Says:

    Let’s be honest, Jagz and Bates were not great coordinators, but they aren’t bad ones either. The problem was the zone blocking and defensive schemes they employed. They weren’t going to succeed without the proper players on the team, which we did not have. What was even more strange, is the fact they continued to draft players for the Tampa-2 one gap scheme and not the Bates 2-gap. This years draft was obviously different, since we went back to OUR Tampa-2.

  22. McBuc Says:

    oar…I agree, I used to love when Sapp came out on offense.

    Thomas…You may be right, maybe Morris does not work out, but it is too ealry to tell. I would point out all the rookie coaches that had horrible years, but you would just point out that Morris is not them…but the fact is we do not know if Morris is not one of the great coaches until he has had a more than one year on the job.

  23. Patrick Says:

    I don’t really trust either Raheem or Olsen but Olsen is the one that I feel the most uncomfortable about. I mean, the guy wasn’t even really hired. He was an interim last year because we had no one else to turn to. He did a terrible job and looked clueless. And he’s the guy that we’re trusting to develop Freeman and make sure he doesn’t become a bust?

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    By the way, while I don’t believe ” the floor is falling out” under Olsen, management is planning to retain the Qb coach, in the event of any ” changes”. Just to give Freeman a sense of continuity

  25. oar Says:

    CaptTim, Fly on the wall?

  26. Javier n Wimauma Says:


    How can you feel more uncomfortable with Olsen over Raheem? Of all of our people on the coaching staff, I really believe Raheem, other than being a player coach and a cheerleader, is the glaring problem we have.

    If anything, you can’t give Raheem a pass for a poor offense because of the rookies and young guys, but at the same time blame Olson desipte having the same resources to work with?

    Maybe they should just promote Richy B to HC and let Raheem explore other opportunities at the years end… that would be the safest bet to maintain continuity yet chage the guard.

    I still have no idea what the Glazer boys were thinking when they made inexperienced Raheem the HC? No idea. The Glazers have put themselves inbetween a rock and a hard spot though. Because it will not be easy to let Raheem go without the SAME backlash they had with Dungy, even though Raheem doesn’t deserve Dungy’s respect (as far as being a top tier HC).

  27. thomas Says:




  28. eric Says:

    I am willing to take the continuity risk, and bring Cowher in to chose his own staff.

    And clean out the player personnel department too.

    Drain the swamp.

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- learn to read! They will have the same QB coach , even if they replace Raheem and/ or Olsen. That way Neo has the same position coach- thus, continuity. Oar- even better. If you remember, I named the day they would resign Penn. NOBODY else had even heard they were talking. And there are witnesses to that here! The Captain is in the know!Eric- sorry about your irrelevance, but I’m afraid the Glazers rarely look here for guidance. To every one hating on Raheem- it’s to damn early!! He didn’t make any more rookie mistakes than Jimmy Johnson- and he’s in the Hall of fame. The players all believe in him. That at least warrants a year to salvage the mess he inherited. If he can’t, they can him! I hope it works, I would love to see us with a young, energetic coach that is a deciple of Monte Kiffin! They aren’t using Grudens Offense- it is a west Coast offense with alot of Mike Martz elements! It looks exciting so far! By the way, if everything works this year, and Raheem stays, you may be seeing Rod marinelli back in the red and Pewter!

  30. Jonny Says:

    @McBuc: Lets not imagine what Gruden would have done with young and talented receivers and QB. There is a reason Gruden “liked” to go with old blood, so that the players would pick up things fast. Despite the veterans, Gruden’s offenses were downright terrible in Tampa.

    Then you have the younger ones struggling with verbiage in his playbook, difficulties with learning the pre-snap adjustments (which never fool oppositions).

    I hope Olson has a different philosophy, I actually saw a lot more intermediate passes last season which I liked. I just don’t like hearing the Gruden’s WCO BS again. Sorry it did not work in Tampa and I am no Raider fan, don’t care about what Gruden did there.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yup, Gruden’s offense always sucked here. And all that rediculious pre snap motion dud was get us penalties. Never fooled anyone! No, the new offense looks exciting! Tons of quick gutters to Graham in the Flats, lots of passes to tight ends, and a few that should open up the Defense, and work to Neo’s strengths! If it works, it’s gonna be something we haven’t ever had around here, an Exciting offense!!

  32. Jonny Says:

    Certainly hope so Tim. I like what Gruden did as a coach here and that is all. WCO or Vertical/power run offense, anything that produces well is what I ask for. What I do not like is seeing Olson and Gruden’s name on the same sentence with respect to offensive philosophy. Not really encouraging.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think playoffs are a remote possibility. There’s 32 teams and 12 make the playoffs. So can the Bucs be better than 20 other teams? If the cards fall in place they can do it. Not to say they are the 12’th best team right now, but if top teams like the Saints or Minnesota (without Favre maybe) could lose players to injury and open the door. At least the Bucs are showing some confidence in their young squad, getting them fired up. 53 best, 45 on Sunday. Let’s go baby, let’s rock!

    No blackouts from my section.

    I must say with some of the Characters on this site… going to the Blackout Party with Joe sounds like a blast. Probably drink more beer with Joe too.

    We need some people to buy some tickets. Seriously, 1 or 2 games, WTF?
    You know, actually all of our Home Games are against Sucky teams, except the Saints & Falcons in our Division. Pittsburgh will suck with Sluggo and Carolgina should suck. Actually the Bucs have a good shot at winning many home games.

  34. eric Says:

    I wonder how Gruden had a 1000+ wide receiver every year with a sucky offense?

    And Two QB’s in the pro-bowl?

  35. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Since we are re-writing history, why don’t you go ahead and say Gruden’s offenses were so bad that they paled in comparison to Dungy’s high powered offenses.

    Go ahead, say it.

    They were so bad that Raheem Morris’ offense will re-establish the Buccaneers at the top of the league in offensive efficiency.

    Yeah, it is so easy to claim right?

  36. Jonny Says:

    Nice try Javier. Dungy was a defensive guy in Tampa and he did darn good along with Monte Kiffin here. Dungy was NEVER called an offensive guru. The one with that nickname failed miserably to install an offense that could win games when defense faltered.

    Pittsburgh Steelers offenses in the recent years are the best example of how offense should step up when defense cannot hold the opposition back. If we at least had a decent offense, ever thought how many more playoff wins/championships we could have had?