Recap Of Bucs Training Camp Day 3

August 2nd, 2010

The third day of Bucs training camp is complete and so too is the video report from the proprietor of and fill-in host on WQYK-AM 1010 Derek ‘Old School’ Fournier.

Haven’t heard enough about Bucs rookie wide receiver Arrelious Benn thus far in training camp? “Old School” explains why.

7 Responses to “Recap Of Bucs Training Camp Day 3”

  1. Bob Says:

    Dereck: It’s like I’m at practice when I hear your summary. Excellent job! One website said the combination of Rendrick Taylor and Kareem Huggins was very effective with Taylor blasting linebackers and Kareem blowing by them. Any commentary on that?

  2. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Thanks bob. Taylor is a load. I did not pay as much attention as I should have to the FB combination with the TB. I will pay more attention tomorrow. (Secret practice for dumbasses like me in Club).

  3. ac3 Says:

    great as usual, the mixed signals being sent from the media about benn is annoying though…is he doing a great job or is he being outperformed by clayton/brown etc, which is it? or is it somewhere in between?

  4. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    I think it is tough to tell (if you just watch the results of a play). Benn (and I am no college ball junkie) does not appear to be someone who will pop at practice. He is physically imposing and looks like he will be hard to bring down. What was really impressive today was his route running and cuts. Add those up and he should be a handful.

    Clayton is doing what he always does in camp. Working hard enough and showing just enough that you think this might be the year. Problem is that his problem (IMO) is mental. If games were played in practice uni’s, he might be a probowler. They aren’t and so I have little faith that he will do anything outside of what we have seen. Preseason will have to be impressive as the Bucs have some young guys with better physical upside that they may want to go with. Let Mike get some stats and move him for a ham sandwich.

    Brown is playing well but, again, he is a different type of receiver. We may end up with some good flexibility in the core with only a few of the guys small enough to require special attention to lineup to avoid jams.

  5. troxell8t8 Says:


    Nice work. I’m looking forward to hearing more insight to the nickel corner spot. I believe the nickel corner plays about 40% of the plays or more. I believe Mack plays hard, but just isn’t big or fast enough to compete consistently. I’m sure hoping Lewis or Biggers steps up big time.

  6. The D Says:

    Do you think that Urrutia will make the team? I liked him in college and last pre-season, but he seems to get no love. Hes a huge target and think he could put up good numbers for us.

  7. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    troxell8t8 – I was trying to pay attention to the DB’s today, but not enough 11 on 11.

    The D – I am enamored with Urrutis’s physical presence but he is sloppy on his routes and had some drops on each day. He needs to own that last slot and right now he is not doing it.