Pewter Poobah Says Huggins Could Be No. 2

August 4th, 2010

Joe’s had about enough with all the over-the-top love flowing for Kareem Huggins.

Looks great in practice? Yes. Exciting speed? Yes. Great work ethic? Check.  Savior? No.

Look, Joe sees Huggins’ flash and gets his potential, but the kid hasn’t done anything yet. Nothing. Last year he injured his knee in the second preseason game after 10 carries and 31 yards and didn’t get another carry.

Huggins was out of football in 2008, after not sticking with the Jets following his career at 1-AA Hofstra, and then he became a practice squad icon with the Bucs in ’09.

Joe interviewed Huggins’ college coach last year, and Joe talked to Huggins for a feature Joe wrote for Huggins’ hometown newspaper, the Daily Record in Jersey. So Joe gets how hard a worker Huggins is.

But Joe nearly drove off the road today when he heard Scott Reynolds, the high priest of the cancelled hand held magazine turned Web-only Pewter Report, tell J.P. Peterson that Huggins very well could beat out Derrick Ward and win the backup running back job behind Cadillac Williams.

Has the world gone mad?

Joe wants to see Huggins get a shot in preseason, but Jimminy Christmas, let the man do something first before there’s talk of him beating out a healthy, talented 1,000-yard rusher that the front office wants to see succeed.

32 Responses to “Pewter Poobah Says Huggins Could Be No. 2”

  1. Derrick Ward Says:

    Joe, I couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks!
    D Ward

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Just goes to show that if you throw enough crap against the wall eventually something sticks right….

    Any you wonder why PR isn’t published anymore?

    Hey Joe do you know if Scott Reynolds does palm readings on his “off days”?

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky – Joe had a nice chat with Mr. Reynolds today at One Buc. Joe did not see him reading any palms.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:


    There is a large reason I visit this website over Reynolds site…your stuff is intelligent and thoughtful, and even if I do not always agree with your opinion (rarely), it is always a quality one.

    PR is in the habit of predicting all possible scenarios so that they can claim “As we predicted earlier”. For example, leading up to the draft, they came out with so many predictions, they had to hit paydirt on some of them.

    And now they predict Huggins as a #2? Heh.

    First, he has to prove he’s not the second coming of Caddy where injuries are concerned. I love Caddy but I have no desire to witness another player go through injuries like that again.

    Second, Ward is still here…and he will likely become the number one before season end. People may not agree with me on that right now…that’s fine, but just as with nearly every other player on the team, last year shouldn’t be held against him. The whole team was in flux most of the season.

    The only way I see Huggins getting the nod at #2 is if it is due to someone getting injured. I would hope though, that Peanut would get the nod first, assuming he gets his fumbles under control.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Joe I agree with you. I mean, are our running backs really that bad to where we have to get excited about huggins? I actually consider it a strength of this team. And also I want to see Graham get the freaking ball this year. Our rushing attack was awesome when he got the ball! I really think his disappearence from the offense hurt us and I’m just tired of him being stuck at FB when he could be busting off long runs and TD’s just like he did in 07 and 08.

  6. eric Says:

    We have a very nice stable of running backs. And a good run blocking line.

    Can Rah figure out how to use them?

  7. gt40bear Says:

    I agree Huggins needs to show something before being anointed, but me thinks there is too high an opinion of the Kardashian chaser. Yes he was a 1000 rusher…two years ago with an offensive line much better than the Bucs and before a big contract. I don’t care which one produces as long as at least one does!

  8. Joe Says:


    First, thanks for the compliments.

    Second, in Scott Reynolds’ defense — yeah, you read that right — he may have a point.

    As you likely know, Joe has been highly suspicious of the Bucs running backs. Trueblood, Joesph, Faine and Penn just didn’t all become garbage rush blockers overnight. Yeah, Joe’s factoring in the injuries and the change in coordinators and trying to implement zone blocking. Still, the Bucs were one of the worst rushing teams in the league last year.

    Joe believes that much of the blame lays at the feet of the backs.

    So if Huggins does jump up the depth chart by so much, that to Joe sort of reinforces what he’s been preaching for months: That the Bucs are deep with mediocre backs.

    Joe loves Huggins but let’s not ignore the simple fact that no NFL team wanted him on their 45-man active roster. Huggins was on the Bucs practice squad after the Bucs cut him and the other 31 teams passed on him.

    So Reynolds may very well be onto something.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    About Ward…no one on this team except our premiere tight end did great last year. Ward, along with all the RBs, had little chance of doing much with a Mahan-led line, and a line that was overweight and misused due to coaching.

    Two years ago, yes, but not a fault of his own. Caddy makes a great comeback story, but he should NOT be the starter on this team.

  10. Tom Says:


    I’m just going to smile and nod until the day that you are forced to admit once and for all Derrick Ward was a mistake; an overrated, celebrity-chasing, cashed-in, mistake.

    Is Huggins the second coming? No. But is there any reason to believe that he (and half the league) isn’t better than a washed up Derrick Ward? You bet.

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    Ward doesn’t have a future with this team, he is ridiculously overrated, this will be his last year. Graham is the ultimate team player but he has proven that he can’t carry the full workload and is at that cursed age for RB’s. Caddy, bless his heart, the guy never gives up, but those knees aren’t going to let him be productive for long.
    They absolutely have to find out what Huggins has this year so that they can plan for the future. If he’s not cut out to be at least a moderate contributor then RB becomes a massive need heading into next offseason.

  12. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, another reason the Bucs were a poor rushing team last year is because they were down by two scores or more most of the time. Good running stats come, in part, from playing with the lead.

  13. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – Great running stats also come by gobbling up the yards the defense will give you when you’re behind and not giving up running the ball so early in the game, which peeves your O-lineman and puts your QBs in trouble.

  14. BamBamBuc Says:

    Games we got behind early…

    Buffalo – down 17-0 after 1 quarter – ran the ball 19 times that game
    Giants – man-handled from the first snap – ran the ball 11 times
    Philly – down 21-7 at half – ran the ball 22 times
    Patriots – down 14-0 after 1 quarter – ran 26 times
    @ Saints – down 17-7 at half – ran 23 times
    Jets – down 19-0 at half – ran 20 times

    Games that were close into the mid 3rd or 4th quarter

    Dallas – down 20-14 in the 4th – ran 31 times
    Washington – lost 16-13 – ran 30 times
    Green Bay – down 21-17 at half, won game – ran 25 times
    Miami – lost 25-23 – ran 31 times
    @ Atlanta – winning 17-10 early 3rd – ran 26 times
    Seattle – won 24-7 – ran 34 times

    Looks like the majority of the time, we did have more rushing opportunities in games that were close into the 2nd half.

    There were two real anomalies. The Saints game we were down 17-0, but ran the ball 34 times and won the game. And the Atlanta game we were down 10-3 at half, and tied 10-10 early in the 4th, but only ran 22 times and lost the game.

    Running the ball is (for the most part) tied to not getting behind.

  15. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    @Pete Dutcher

    why shouldn’t Caddy be a starter? because you THINK he could get injured?? he still is the most talented running back on our roster anyway you look at it

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    I am not ready to give up on Ward yet! I think he is a good back, and can help this team. I think our problem last year, in addition to all the scheme/ weight loss things we’ve discussed to death, was Zuttah/Mahan. Neither should have been starting! And losing Sears, meybe the best Run blocker we had, cannot be ignored. Also lost was several years chemistry the line had developed. That negatively impacted the running game more than the issued the Backs had. If there’s an opening, Caddy, Derrick, or Kareem can run three it! First, the line opens the hole! They have NEVER done it consistantly as a unit, and couldn’t do it last year! Still think this group has never lived up to it’s billing- talented players? Inconsistent play. Hope Vincent stabilized this group- and he could! Great size, skills, and major scheme knowledge. Like another coach!

  17. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    FWIW, Ward has looked good in camp. He is showing good instincts and sharp cuts at the line which, when paired with some level of effective blocking, should make for positive carries. I have always been a 4 yd per play guy, so breaking the big run while nice, is not my focus. Pair that with what should be soft hands out of the backfield and I think D.Ward should be a solid #2. Huggins *seems* special. He is noticeably quicker to the hole than anyone else on the roster. Preseason will show is a great deal.

    It is too early for solid depth charts and every one knows that (other than at QB obviously 🙂 )

  18. Jdouble Says:

    Joe you say let him do something first, but if he doesn’t get a chance to play in live games….how exactly will he ever do anything? Why is it so absurd to you that we would give a guy a chance that is a young, hard worker, with great speed, and looks great in practice…..over a 30 year old big slow slack ass that doesn’t even seem like he wants to be here half the time?

    The chances of Huggins being a great game changing HoFer….slim.

    The chances of Huggins bringing more to the team than Ward….very good.

  19. Joe Says:


    Here’s Joe’s question about Huggins: What is it Bucs fans see in the guy that 32 NFL teams didn’t?

    Joe has absolutely nothing against the guy at all. Great guy. He’s the type of guy all Bucs fans can pull for. Just don’t see Huggins being the next Willie Parker (a free agent running back who made a monster splash). If Huggins is the No. 2 back, to Joe, that’s more an indictment on the Bucs corps of running backs then it is a positive for Huggins or the Bucs.

  20. eric Says:

    Here’s the real question:

    How do Caddy and Ward make it to the dynasty?

  21. McBuc Says:

    Joe…everyone likes routing for the underdog, at least that is all I can figure.

  22. lightningbuc Says:

    Ward showed up for camp in a new Lamborghini so I would say he has looked the best so far.

  23. Joe Says:

    Ward showed up for camp in a new Lamborghini so I would say he has looked the best so far.

    Good one!

    Joe strives to stay away from the terribly overused if not vapid training camp phrase “looks good.”

    The cheerleaders look good. That’s it. It’s practice people. Being a beast with a tackling dummy or manhandling some guy who will be a bouncer at The Venue in three weeks doesn’t tell Joe a whole lot.

  24. lightningbuc Says:

    Agree Joe! “Looks good” in training camp is almost always a kiss of death. It basically means spruce up your resume. You rarely hear that “Derrick Brooks looks good in camp” or “Ronde looks good in camp” – it’s always someone on the the bubble of making the team.

  25. Joe Says:

    Agree Joe! “Looks good” in training camp is almost always a kiss of death. It basically means spruce up your resume. You rarely hear that “Derrick Brooks looks good in camp” or “Ronde looks good in camp” – it’s always someone on the the bubble of making the team.

    Or, more accurately, someone well off the bubble who will be delivering Pepsi and Mountain Dew to various Hess gas stations.

  26. Steve From Oregon Says:

    I’m with you Joe…I got really excited about Huggie Bear too last year and then he vanished, I didnt realize that he had gotten hurt.

    Lets hope that he gets a realistic chance this year and let the best men make the squad regardless of how much money they are making or how emotionally attached the fans and coaches are to them. Oh…and all the people who are concerned about Caddie, don’t be….stats show that he is no more at risk for another knee injury then anyone else out there, just look at Frank Gore….he almost had his leg ripped off at the knee and he is fine.

  27. Karl Says:

    How come Joe always sounds envious of Pewter Report? Probably because he should….Joe’s site is practice squad quality compared to PR….at best, you know since where all telling it like it is about Bucs players,coach’s and PR…….but atleast your on the team Joe.

  28. McBuc Says:

    @Karl…I have to disagree. I am a member at PR and I do enjoy the site, but I visit JBF multiple times a day…seven days a week…Joe puts up several articles a day that are great reads. Pewter report site is too busy with crap, and they do not crank out any where near the amount of content Joe does, even with their great contacts within the Bucs. Sometimes PR comes off like a Buc owned machine, so Joe’s site wins in my opinion.

  29. Dave Says:

    I visit both sites. Pewter seems to “report” more and this site seems to have alot more articles on rumor and opinion. I like them both.

    That said, I think Scott Reynolds was simply giving his opinion and after seeing Ward last year, I hope Huggins does supplant him as the number 2. I agree with JoeBuc though, the front office wants to see Ward succeed, therefore Ward will probably be it…….

    unless Huggins gets some chances here and there and makes the most of them and forces them to play him.

    I would imagine most Buc fans visit both sites so PLEASE JOE, don’t start bashing the other site… it will turn some people off.

    Radio Example: Mark B. on 1040 is decent, but he thinks he is God’s gift and hypes himself up while bashing 620 ALL THE TIME. Most fans probably flip between both and the constant bashing has me not even listening to him anymore.

  30. lightningbuc Says:

    What makes you think Joe will bash PR? To my knowledge he (they) never have and highly doubt they ever will. Joe says above he conversed with Reynolds yesterday so they have at least a somewhat cordial relationship it appears. And Joe rarely mentions them, so not sure how he could sound envious of them. Joe reports on what journalists from all media outlets in Tampa Bay are saying about the Bucs, and that is all this was, with his two cents worth regarding Huggins.

  31. tha truth is... Says:

    @ Joe

    Although Ward is a former 1000 yd back, u have 2 weigh a couple things out. Tha G-men had a mammoth line, along with Plaxico 2 keep defenses honest from stuffing tha box 2 play tha run. He also was more of a situational runner, as Brandon Jacobs clobbers tha defense. Tha main thing we need in tha backfield is a RB with speed and can catch. Overall, he brings no special skill set 2 tha unit, therefore we have no change-of-pace RB.

  32. Dave Says:


    “Scott Reynolds, the high priest of the cancelled hand held magazine turned Web-only Pewter Report,…”

    I took that as a jab. No big deal. I have seen Joe jab at other reporters and TV people etc…

    Maybe I am sensitive to it because it got REAL old on Mark B’s show hearing him bash 620WDAE all the time. The way I see it, worry about the other guy behind closed doors because they are your competition, but realize most your customers utilize all of them and probably don’t want to hear them bashing each other.

    That’s just my opinion and it goes for every business. That said, you are right, it wasn’t really bashing in this case.