Peter King Wants Bucs Fans To Heckle Him

August 2nd, 2010

Don’t like Peter King? Think he’s full of it?

Not Joe. In Joe’s eyes there are few better (if any) NFL writers than Peter King. The longtime Sports Illustrated columnist — who periodically sends Joe a direct message via Twitter and has had very nice things to say about Joe — invites any and all Bucs fans who don’t like him to hound him today.

King will be at One Buc Palace this morning when the Bucs begin their third day of training camp and egged on his haters this morning in his must-read Monday Morning Quarterback.

I think if you’d like to come and heckle me at one of my remaining stops, bring it on. My schedule:

• Today: Tampa Bay (but leaving early for NBC “Football Night in America” meeting in New York)

There you go Bucs fans. Head over to One Buc Palace and mock Peter King. You may also badger’s Jay Glazer who will also be there and was rubbing elbows with Bucs players last night at International Plaza.

10 Responses to “Peter King Wants Bucs Fans To Heckle Him”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nah, a friend of Joes is a friend of ours! Besides, heckling isn’t my style. Mr.King has never been “anti- Bucs”, has he?

  2. JDouble Says:

    I think the majority of the time he is pretty non biased and knows what he is talking about….most of the time.

  3. LaughingCat Says:

    Of course, he doesn’t really have haters. Maybe some of the players dont like him because he calls them out for under-performance or rookie mistakes. But they have to love/endure him since he is a big-time ticket to national recognition.

  4. Hatey 80 Says:

    Really, Joe? I have nothing against the guy but I would honestly put him in the top three of my ‘worst NFL pundits’ list. His MMQB column is consistently the worst read of the week! Often factually inaccurate, full of inanities and tired football truisms. Of course, I’m a football junkie so I read the darn thing anyway!

    Sure you aren’t just a little star-struck at the Twitter direct messages?

    Try this exercise some time:

    Print the column off the SI website. Take a black marker, go through MMQB and scratch out:

    1. Tired truisms (“it all starts in the trenches”, “defense wins championships” and so on.
    2. Irrelevant stuff about his family/travels/personal life/coffee
    3. Seemingly bold statements that he immediately hedges (“The Bucs will win 10 games this year. That is, if Freeman is the guy that Morris thinks he is.”)

    Now look at the column – amazingly, the number of words on the page will have dropped from several thousand to just a few hundred.

    This actually works. Try it sometime.

  5. big007hed Says:

    Peter King doesn’t hate on the Bucs b/c he doesn’t say anything about them really…… he says as little as possible about them……

    I emailed him and called him out on that last week and he posted it on his Tuesday Mailbag edition…. Oh well I appreciate some of his insights into league issues and explains it so I can totally understand

  6. Joe Says:

    Hatey 80:

    Joe was hooked on Peter King’s MMQB long before Joe ever heard of Twitter, likely long before Twitter ever existed and certainly a decade before Joe created this site.

    Joe has told Peter King to his face his MMQB is the original football blog. Joe doesn’t always agree with it, often tires of his lust for Brett Favre, thought it was sort of inane how he constantly wrote about his daughter’s softball team, but overall a good and informative read.

  7. Hatey 80 Says:

    OK Joe! They say it’s always best to try and learn from the masters!, so I’ll take a leaf out of King’s proverbial book:

    “MMQB is the best column published each week, except for those weeks when it isn’t.”

  8. Joe Says:


    Very objective comment you had here Travis. Thanks.

    For those who pine for King to write about the Bucs more, consider:

    King writes for a national audience. Why would someone in, say, Fresno or Flagstaff or Youngstown or Omaha, find interesting about the Bucs? Think of it this way, are you running to your computer first thing in the morning to read about the Rams or the Raiders?

    Want media coverage from the big boys? Real simple solution: win games. It’s no more complex than that.

    In this age of multimedia in the early 21st century, Joe finds it amusing — not singling you out at all Travis — when the big boys don’t pay attention to a team some fans freak out. There’s oodles of information on every team all over the place on the net. No fan will go wanting for content or information no matter what BSPN or Sports Illustrated does.

    Does Joe like BSPN? Hell no and that’s why he has it blocked on his DirecTV (along with LOGO, NBA-TV, Golf Channel and all the putrid shopping channels).

    Once college football season returns, BSPN will return to Joe’s TV set.

  9. Joe Says:

    Hatey 80:

    “MMQB is the best column published each week, except for those weeks when it isn’t.”

    Good one! 🙂

  10. BamBamBuc Says:

    The Bucs have NEVER been a major media topic, even when they won the Super Bowl. More media “experts” were talking about the Colts, the Patriots, and other “favorites” than about the Bucs. We only had one Monday Night Football game the year after the big win, and rarely had any even when we made the playoffs in years following. They also rarely get the Sunday Night game or any Thursday games. The only reason they had a national game last year was they were playing in London against the Patriots, and that wasn’t even Prime Time. No one talks about the Bucs… EVER…. except Bucs fans, we love them!!!