Lots Of “The Beast” Tonight

August 14th, 2010

While their cries have lessened, many Bucs fans are miffed that Tampa Bay didn’t make an offseason trade with the Broncos for wide receiver Brandon “The Beast” Marshall.

For some reason, these fans think a 26 year old wide receiver with 307 catches over the past three seasons would do wonders for the Bucs.

Marshall landed in Miami for two second round picks and is expected to see a lot of action in tonight’s preseason opener against the Bucs, per the Miami Herald.

Quarterback Chad Henne is slated to play at least one quarter against the Bucs, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. He could play into the second quarter if the offense isn’t on the field enough in the first, which should please fans for one reason: He’ll have more than a few opportunities to connect with wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Despite a strong start to training camp, Henne and Marshall struggled in the team’s only game-like format — a scrimmage that took place last week. It was no reason to worry, but an exhibition against the Bucs could be the perfect way to prove it. Chemistry will be critical for the pair to flourish. They are getting along great, and Marshall seems to really like the way Henne throws the ball.

With the Bucs thin at cornerback tonight, Marshall shouldn’t have much trouble being effective. Unless, of course, the Bucs revamped defensive line can get to the quarterback.

11 Responses to “Lots Of “The Beast” Tonight”

  1. sensiblefan Says:

    I think an argument can be made that BM would have been too much of a headache and a bad influence on the chemistry of a young team searching for top shelf talented leaders. If he comes in and gets big moola he is immediately expected to lead this team in the next era…I don’t think any rational Buc fan wants that. I’m sure the Org took that into account and preferred to let the leadership on this young team organically. 

    A guy like BM needs an established team. He’s a good fit with the fins because the leadership pecking order is already in place and he just come in and be a guy instead of “the guy”.

  2. eric Says:

    I am a rational fan who wanted it!

  3. McBuc Says:



  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    The brain of a psychotic would say that an irrational act is rational. Not saying you’re psychotic eric, just that we’re all “rational” in our own minds. You and I differ in opinion on many things, and we both feel we’re rational.

    I was one that thought bringing in BM would be an instant upgrade and huge addition, but when he went to the Dolphins the whole situation is forgotten with me. We didn’t get him, I moved on.

    I live in Colorado, have seen BM in Denver, know the things he’s done to be disruptive both on and off the field…. and still think he would have been a HUGE addition to the team. That said, he’s not a Buc… for whatever reason the team chose not to pursue him harder. Trades are always a tricky thing and not always equal between different teams. Who’s to say we’d have gotten the same deal as Miami? Who’s to say BM didn’t have some say in where he went and said no to TB? Too many unknowns involved for me to form a strong opinion against the organization for not getting him (or the other WRs that were traded this offseason).

    Fortunately, we are facing him in a meaningless game.

  5. McBuc Says:

    BamBam, you are correct. I do not understand why people do not get that. Why would BM want to play in Tampa when other teams are in a better position to make it to the SB? Vincent probably loved coming to Tampa because he has a good chance to start, BM would start on any team in the NFL. I am happy we stayed away from him anyway, he may have been an upgrade but he seems to be the new TO.

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    Actually, McBuc, he’s a fairly soft spoken individual. He let’s his play on the field speak for him. His only real issues are with his attitude when he feels he’s not being treated fairly (like when he wanted a new deal last year, or when they traded away the QB that helped him get those great stats). He’s had off-field issues as well, but he’s a great team player and not mouthy like TO or Ocho Cinco.

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Well, he is not on our Team, so I have moved on. Williams ain’t exactly a slouch, and Benn is said to be a real load to bring down, once he gets the ball. I think Tampa will be just fine w/o Marshall.

  8. eric Says:

    Not me, I am all over this all season.

  9. McBuc Says:

    Yeah, I guess TO was a bad example to use. He just seems to cause a distraction. ANyway, Apple Roofing is right, he is not hear so it does not matter anyway.

  10. BamBamBuc Says:

    “Not me, I am all over this all season.”

    The words of a “rational” man…. lol

  11. Jdouble Says:

    No TAlib or Lewis….I’m sure Marshall will have a great 1st quarter.