Kyle Moore Gift Wrapped Starting Job

August 7th, 2010 photo by Kyra Hallett photo by Kyra Hallett

It’s no surprise that Raheem The Dream has second-year, hasn’t-done-squat-yet defensive end Kyle Moore in a starting spot on the left side.

This comes despite Moore literally being a snoozer last season, plus coaches have talked about his inconsistency in training camp.

Moore admitted he’s the guy to Tom Balog, beat writer for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, who penned an interesting feature about Moore and his role.

Moore should have all the incentive he needs — the urgency to keep his starting job.

“I want to keep showing them I have that ‘fire’ in me,” Moore said. “Now that they put me in that position, I’m trying to keep it. I don’t want to give it up.”

Moore is replacing Jimmy Wilkerson, last year’s starter at left end who signed with the New Orleans Saints.

What troubles Joe is that Raheem The Dream is the same head coach who last year, and at times this year, was so in love with competition at every position. Yet he seems to be writing off Tim Crowder or anyone else possibly challenging Moore (asked about D-linemen during his Friday news conference, Raheem The Dream again failed to mention Crowder).

Other than being a mid fourth-round pick in 2009, what exactly has Moore done other than get fat last year, get hurt, fall asleep in meetings, then lose weight, and be labeled by his coaches as a guy who doesn’t practice consistently well?

At least young Crowder led Bucs defensive linemen in solo tackles last year and had 3 1/2 sacks.

On one hand Raheem The Dream is all fired up about having “men” like Brian Price and Roy Miller slugging it out for playing time at nosetackle. And he’s all pumped to have Sean Jones and Sabby The Goat, and Keydrick Vincent and Jeremy Zuttah, sharing No. 1 reps at their positions and battling for jobs.

But not Moore. He’s the anointed one at left defensive end. And for some reason that’s supposed to make sense.

35 Responses to “Kyle Moore Gift Wrapped Starting Job”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Yup – makes perfect sesnse to the guy who let Bates install his crap system last year.

    It makes perfect sense for the management team that signed Michael Clayhands to his HUGE contract…

    Unfortunately for the Bucs and this HC….it makes sense to them – just not us!

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    Completely agree, Joe. I’m really having trouble understanding the logic behind this move.

  3. forunlawfulcarnalknowledge Says:

    Look, placing Moore in a starters position at the beginning of training camp and leaving him there if he doesn’t win the position are two different things. The guy clearly has a lot of talent and a quick first step and is more naturally talented than Crowder, so maybe this was a motivational boost to tell Kyle “Hey, we’re giving you starters reps. Now don’t blow you’re opportunity.”
    What i’m saying is you never know what goes on behind closed doors. If Crowder clearly outplays Moore in training camp, I gotta think Tim will get the start. Why would you have open competition everywhere else, and not at left end? Assumptions and presumptions are just that, but there’s a lot of time before the first game is played. Relax people!

  4. Kennedy Says:

    To the guy with the long name, there’s No legitimate reason to believe Moore is “more naturally talented than Crowder.” You got something to back that up. ..Crowder was a 2nd round pick and is only a year older than Moore, and Crowder is an inch shorter and 10 pounds lighter according to the Bucs website.

    I like Crowder. Good motor. Moore was a fourth-rounder in a crappy draft and hasn’t done squat.

  5. Jdouble Says:

    I think just because he is considered the starter in OTAs and the first week of TC, just means he gets the majority of first team reps. It doesn’t mean the job is his no matter what. I don’t even think Stylez G White is an absolute lock at RE. We have many more weeks of TC and 4 preseason games, alot can happen before opening day. I believe 100% that RE and LE is still an open competition.

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Jdouble – then why doesn’t raheem say so? he was so keen on competition last year right? He’s playing fav’s. Morris may be a good DC but he’s no HC

  7. eric Says:

    In this regard I don’t think Rah is much different than most coaches. They all try that “it’s an open competition” at every position stuff, but it’s a fallacy.

    For example, they damn sure are starting Gerald.

    Now if Clayton gets the nod at wideout, the fix has got to be in and would cause some problems. Bad enough that he is in camp taking reps. Sure as hell can’t be on account of his play on Sundays.

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BTW remember last year’s debacle between McCown and Leftwich? Look how many wasted opportunities Freeman got because Raheem couldn’t make up his mind….plus it cost the Bucs an OC in Jagdozinski.

  9. k_bassuka Says:

    The same could be said about Styles G. White, our DE’s look like garbage this year we might ass well have 4 DT playing than this guys hitting the field, God I hope they get it together.

  10. Kennedy Says:

    You’ve got to be joking, Stylez had 19 sacks over past three seasons as a backup most of that time. He’s legit. Should get 10 if he’s in shape and the middle isn’t garbage.

  11. k_bassuka Says:

    I didn’t say that the middle is garbage, and the past doesnt count, because you come from the bench and rack up your stats doesnt mean that you will do the same or better if you start.

  12. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey how come JoeRay has better looking teeth than JoeBuc?

  13. MOBucs Says:

    You guys have short memories don’t you? Raheem made some mistakes last year for sure. What did he do about it? He did his best to fix the problem. My point is that when Raheem sees something isn’t working, he tries something different! Zuttah wasn’t working so they brought in Vincent. Sabby wasn’t working so they brought in Jones. I think your hatred for Raheem blinds you from having any logical thoughts. Also, every other website regarding the Bucs has had positive things to say about Moore. Maybe they are Kool-aid drinkers like myself, or they actually see positive progression from a young, developing DE.

  14. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Mr. Lucky
    Hate much?

    I agree with you…I also agree with Joe. I don’t think Moore should be handed the starting job, but I also think it’s like you said…only for OTAs right now.

    It could be that, because of Moore’s first season (injured) Raheem just wants to give him enough reps to be sure he has a fiar chance to see what the kid has to offer. Who knows? Maybe Kyle Moore, who has shown flashes at least, can turn a corner. I know that’s hard to see right now, but it’s possible.

    Personally, I like Kyle Moore, although I’m not totally sold on him being a starter. I’m hoping he earns it though…heck, I’m hoping everyone at every position plays like a starter.

  15. k_bassuka Says:

    I just want open fair competition and not just give the guys the starting position type of stuff. It’s not a knock on RAH, oh and by the way if Moore played anything like last year he should be off the team the only thing he can do is improve. It shouldn’t be about how much he improves but how much he produces and so far in camp he isn’t done much to be fair the same could be said about White.

  16. Ash Says:

    Let’s not freak out about the depth chart before they even play a preseason game! Seems very premature

  17. BamBamBuc Says:

    Sometimes, by declaring a starter, you can actually promote more competition that stating “it’s an open competition”.

    Different people are motivated in different ways to compete. Some need to have a direct competitor (Zuttah/Vincent, Sabby/Jones). Others may be motivated to compete by being told there is a “starter”. In this case, I think it’s to get Moore concentrating on keeping the spot, improving, playing with the ones… while Crowder is in a position where he has to “take the job away” from him. This is motivation to Crowder to step up. This is motivation to Moore to keep it, earn it, prove it…. it may just be how these two men are best motivated. Some people push too hard and make mistakes if it’s a “direct competition”, some “shut down” if they feel they aren’t making the progress required in a “direct competition”

    I don’t work with any of these guys on a daily basis, so don’t know what the best way to motivate any of these individuals is. But I do work with lots of different people all the time, and it’s my job to find what way works best to motivate them. Nothing works the same for everyone. Let’s let the coaching staff do their job and we’ll know when play starts if they’re making the right decisions.

  18. Ledge Says:

    To Mr Carnal Knowledge, who I assume is a VH Fan as well, as an educated Buc Fan.

    “What i’m saying is you never know what goes on behind closed doors.”

    You said all there is to say right there.


  19. TJ Says:

    thank you done nothing. Did I say nothing and his senior year at USC he really did nothing 6 sacks in a pass happy pac 10 loaded team in USC is not impressive will sleep on moore until his play wakes me up

  20. ZeroExpectations Says:

    Move McCoy or Price to left end.

  21. Jordan Says:

    imo, crowder gets respect and he had a great year in a limited kind of role last year, but i think hes better suited to backup white and rush the passer, i think the guy could reach the 8-10 sack plateau in a full time role for a few years, the guy had a great rookie season too, i think 5 maybe 5 and a half sacks with denver

    moore is more of our run stopping, more powerful end, where white is our pass rusher, and i think moore’s competition for the starting role is not against crowder unless moore just sucks this offseason and i would hope raheem would start the better man then, i think crowder though is a rotational guy at both ends but more whites backup until we establish a backup for moore, maybe ruffin, or johnson or gilbeaux

    i think ruffin makes this team and eventually backs up moore

  22. MOBucs Says:

    K Bassuka… I’m all for competition, but someone needs to get starter reps in practice. Moore is getting them because, in my opinion, he has more versatility than the other DEs. They have him lined up inside on some downs. Let’s also remember that it’s a week into training camp and nothing is etched in stone regarding the DEs.

  23. MOBucs Says:

    Well said bambambuc!

  24. thomas Says:

    One thing that we know for sure is going on behind closed doors is: inconsistent messages from incomprehensible mouth, i.e., the mouth of of Rah “mixed-messages” Morris, in addition to the jovial, low-tempo, no urgency training camp that I witnessed!

    BTW – who saw on PFT today that the word “bust” was used in association with A. Benn?

  25. trguy12 Says:

    I read that comment on PFT….referring to Benn’s slowness in grasping the offense and a banged up ankle in the spring. I’ve also heard he came on very strongly this week in learning the offense by the Bucs coaches. Using the word “bust” after a week of training camp is ridiculous and not consistent with what everyone else is saying at camp about Benn. I think Mike Williams is probably just stealing the spotlight right now..Way early..

  26. Jonny Says:

    Not sure how true the reports are, but not having a good work ethic and being handed the starting DE job sounds trouble to me. Raheem better pull his head out of the sand and let the guys compete for starting position.

    Any news on how our punter is doing? He was drafted in 6th round after all, I hope he is doing better than expected.

  27. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Who has room for competition at Defensive End when you have twenty Undertackles duking it out??

    Maybe we can draft another undertackle with our 1st rounder next year.

  28. eric Says:

    I dunno how you pick starters at some of these positions, untill you see how some of them perform in the regular season.

    Which, is a completely different kettle of fish than training camp or pre-season. This is especially true at wideout, where they react to different blitz and coverage packages.

    Conflicting reports on Benn, some that he has struggled, others that he came through well of late. Apparently it is true that Mo is running first team with Mike.

  29. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Evan Silva of is an idiot. He’s an embarrassment to rational thinking human beings.

    He stated “It’s too early to declare Benn a bust just yet”…

    Really, Evan? You mean that it’s unfair to call a man’s professional career a failure before it has even began? This is what you get when the Todd McShay’s of the world take over the Sports Journalism world….

  30. Patrick Says:

    I agree that Crowder is better than Moore but that’s not saying much. He’s garbage too. He was a second round pick by the Bronvos in 2007 and was cut after 2 seasons! Sounds like a bust to me. Yeah maybe he showed POTENTIAL (I hate hearing that word). the guy had 3 sacks last season. Wow so great!! And he was already in his 3rd pro season so you can’t use the young excuse.

    Why the hell did we even get rid of Wilkerson? He was a pretty decent DE with 6 sacks last year and would’ve only been better with the improvements on the D.

  31. The D Says:


    Crowder was cut because Denver switched to a 3-4 which Crowder doesnt fit at all. Also, we got rid of Wilkerson because he knee is still messed up. The Saints cut Bobby McCray, then signed Wilk. They realized his knee wont be healed in time so they re-signed McCray.

  32. Jordan Says:

    crowder isnt garbage, hes hasnt proven hes good or garbage yet, but he does have potential, he had 4 sacks in his rookie year and 3 and a half last year in a limited role with no help from the interior line and scheme changes, if he got a full time role he could get 8-10 sacks, which is not too shabby

    and wilkerson was a free agent who was getting old and coming off of the knee injury at the end of the season last year, he was pretty good though

  33. bucs#1fan Says:

    Obviously no body watched the usc games from the previous years. Yes moore wasn’t very productive every game but he is coming from a linebacker scheme defense @ usc. The defense was designed for the linebacker to make plays while moore took on 2 to 3 offensive linemen while the linebackers( clay matthews 1st rd, brian cushing 1st rd and ap defensive rookie of the yr, and ray malagua 2nd rd ) made plays off of his butt. Tim crowder is not as talented as the 2nd year moore and raheem obviously knows best that’s why he is the hc. This is a breakout year for moore coming from the star studded team from usc #1 defense in the land who now has 5 projected starters different players starting for an nfl team.

  34. bucs#1fan Says:

    Btw moore led the #1 defense in the land in 2008 in sacks and tackles for loss. Sophomore season is only going to solidify that he is a markee player for the buccaneers!!! Competition is great but moore doesn’t shy away from competitors. Pete carrol is big on competition and made moore work everyday for his starting role @ SC.

  35. drdneast Says:

    Jusr more verbal vomit from Morris. He hasn’t learned anything from last year. His mouth is a mystery surrounded by a rumor wrapped up in an enigma.