Is There A Grimm Future For Sabby?

August 10th, 2010

Just hours after watching his father inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Bucs rookie safety Cody Grimm was given an honor of sorts himself. Raheem the Dream has the seventh round draft pick working on the second team.

Which brings Joe to a question: Is Bucs general manager Mark Dominik trying to light another fire under Sabby the Goat?

No one, not even Sabby the Goat, will deny the Bucs starting safety last year struggled. Others may use more pointed, colorful words Joe doesn’t like to use without suffering ugly flashbacks of nuns and rulers. Sabby the Goat struggled so much last year that Dominik wasted little time in the offseason to sign a free agent strong safety to battle Sabby the Goat this summer, Sean Jones.

So if Jones and Sabby the Goat are getting equal reps on the first team, as Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune documents, and Grimm is planted on the second team, well, Joe’s not a math major but that’s three strong safeties on the first two teams.

Dominik has been no less than effusive for Grimm, waxing poetic with Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 while deftly dodging any reference to Sabby the Goat and/or Sean Jones. Later, Dominik was equally giddy over Grimm in an article by The Mad Twitterer of the St. Petersburg Times.

And while Raheem the Dream spread some love Sabby the Goat’s way Monday (though not answering a question if Jones is pushing him), is Dominik trying to send a strong message to Sabby the Goat (and too, perhaps Jones) that he really needs to show marked improvement in this month’s preseason games, or could Grimm actually supplant Sabby the Goat on the Bucs roster?

19 Responses to “Is There A Grimm Future For Sabby?”

  1. Gary Says:

    Bring it hard or go home Sabby! I think he will turn it around and win the starting spot, jones 2nd and grimm goes back to 3rd. Seems like some motivational move for Sabby to me.

  2. Jordan Says:

    i was just thinking about this safety position yesterday and thought some of the same things, although not this year, but i do grimm as our possible starting ssin the future. the kid is astute

    and gary that would just make grimm a second stringer too, because if jackson or piscitelli got hurt grimm would fill in the rotational spot like jones or piscitelli will this year, this battle is kind of anticlimatic because it doesnt matter who starts between jones and piscitelli, they are both going to play a fair amount as starters w tjax

    but if you look at the end of the year last year, and people look at our biggest weaknesses, we have provided at the very least new and exciting talent wether through the draft or free agency, we shored up our safety spot and now with jones and grimm and sabby the goat playing well so far, and we defininitly amped up our dline and wr corps with draft picks and picking up brown in the offseason as well

    our next biggest weakness possibly the o line after last year, we add vincent which i think really provides some pop and depth, eveyone was bashing them for not exploring over priced older free agents, but we really did a fine job this year, i know its early to say that, but it sure seems that way and like i said at the very least, its some new and exciting faces and some much need competiion, jones, vincent, and brown (even alston with his special teams prowess was a nice find) were pickups our team needed and could be bargains and the draft imo was solid

    and joe i havent heard someone use effusive in forever, nice one

  3. The D Says:

    So how many safeties are we going to have on the team this year? Right now, the guys who have a chance are Jones, Sabby, Jackson, Grimm, and Lynch. Are we going to keep 5 safeties on the team or is Lynch going to be cut? Do you know joe?

  4. Gary Says:

    Lynch def. gone, doesnt feel right cutting a safety named lynch, but it will happen. we have to create extra roster spots at RB and WR.

  5. McBuc Says:

    It will be the second time we cut a safety named Lynch, and you are right…it does not feel right cutting J Lynch’s little brother either.

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think the Grimm Reapers first pathetic victim will be – poor Sabby. The first of Many!

  7. lightningbuc Says:


    I’m sure you saw it, but I loved Rah’s quote in Cummings’ Piscitelli column today: “Once the lights go on, you have to go out there and put your face on people.” Why in the hell does he keep using that phraseology?

  8. Jordan Says:

    because hes trying to get it to stick in their memory that they need to be physical and violent all the time, thats my guess, i can see where people would hate the way the guy talks, but i love it, hes way more interesting to listen to than most, and hes pretty funny sometimes

  9. Jimmy Says:

    Why in the hell does he keep using that phraseology?

    That’s Rah!

  10. eric Says:

    With or without underwear?

  11. Gary Says:

    Seriously guys, you cant think of any methaphor or turn of phrase that could explain “putting your face on people” involving a violent game in which defenders hurl themselves at other players hoping to take them down?

    I know its funny, but you have to be stupid to not understand Rah at this point. We all know how he talks, and I personally like it.

    Putting your face on people means going up and tackling. They cant lead with their helmets, but its basically the same thing. Put your face in the chest of the opposing player and knock his ass out! Whats so heard about that?

  12. bucfan Says:

    I like the depth at saftey. I see lynch makeing the practice squad at least. but it will be grimm, sabby,, sean jones and T-jax. Sean jones and T-jax get the start. Grimm will take two years before hes ever pushing for a starting role at saftey.

  13. McBuc Says:

    I am pretty sure I have heard Gruden use the “put your face on somebody” phrase as well. I think it is used by allot of coaches, but maybe Morris got it from Gruden. I really do not think it matters one way or another, Gary is right…you all know what it means…I will add that Morris probablky added the underwear part, OI have never heard anyone say that.

  14. bucfan Says:

    And why is sabby the goat? if anyone should be the goat it should be Clayton. he has had more dissapointments than Sabby.

  15. McBuc Says:

    But not the beard, Clayton does not have a scruffy beard.

  16. oar Says:

    Planting face or face planting? No thanks, urban speak! Sounds like some sort of high school course or viral video site.
    How about? I don’t want to see any good tackles, I want to hear them!

  17. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    “”Jimmy Says:

    August 10th, 2010 at 1:27 pm
    Why in the hell does he keep using that phraseology?

    That’s Rah!””

    Because , in case you haven’t noticed , he has a VERY limited phraseology.

  18. eric Says:

    Well I guess it isn’t a Rah invented phrase:

    Tackling is fundamental,” Barber said. “You can’t coach it. You can work on it, but if you don’t want to put your face on somebody and bring them to the ground, you’re not going to be a good tackler.”

    Ronde after a loss to the Saints back in 06.

  19. McBuc Says:

    Eric, great find. I was trying to find a quote from someone, but did not have much luck. I have heard it in the past, but at least he has left the underwear part out as of late.