“I Mean, He Was Awful Against Miami”

August 21st, 2010

The media can be a very confusing animal at times.

Early this week, ESPN NFC South super expert Pat Yasinskas wrote about how Derrick Ward looked good at times against Miami.

Speaking of Ward, who’s fighting to earn more carries, he looked good at times. He even was having a nice run on a third-down draw play, until he fumbled. Turning the ball over probably will wipe out the rest of the good stuff he did Saturday. The Bucs aren’t going to be a team with a big margin for error, so they’re not going to give a lot of carries to a guy who puts the ball on the ground.

A lone wolf with that positive assessment of Ward, who had 12 carries for 20 yards and two fumbles against Miami, Yasinskas went full circle with his in-depth analysis on Friday during a chat on ESPN.com.

Chat participant: Is Derrick Ward’s job in Tampa really in jeopardy? He did awful in the first week @ Miami, but I have a hard time believing he will slide down on the depth chart or worse.

Yasinskas: Somewhat. I mean, he was awful against Miami, didn’t have a good camp and wasn’t anything much last year. They’ve got some young guys that have been impressive. But not sure any of them are ready to be Caddy’s backup. Bucs might have to keep Ward just as insurance because of Caddy’s injury history.

Hmm. Joe hasn’t seen such an about face since he once asked a Bucs cheeleader for her phone number.

Hang in there, Joe will always be here to navigate the media for you.

5 Responses to ““I Mean, He Was Awful Against Miami””

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    If this is true, this is one of the worst cases of hypocrisy I have ever seen in sports commentating.

  2. lightningbuc Says:


    So now instead of “Vacation Man” to describe Yasinskas we are going to be subjected to “ESPN NFC South super expert “? And no Kardashian reference with Ward?


  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    lightningbuc – Joe has noted your feedback and appreciates it.

  4. Hatey 80 Says:

    Yasinskas ain’t the greatest. I’ve emailed him calling him out on his errors many times. To his credit, he has often responded personally, which I appreciate, but he has never redacted from whatever BS he has been spouting. His responses are usually “Hey, thanks for the email man, I guess we’ll agree to disagree!”

    I don’t understand the “Ward completely sucks but the Bucs need to keep him due to Caddy’s health issues” argument. I mean, if Caddy goes down, why would we want to throw a known scrub into the starting lineup? Better an unproven youngblood like Huggins or someone plucked from a practice squad. At least that way there’s a tiny outside chance we might find a guy with upside.

    But, hey, whatever Yasinskas. *shakes head*.

  5. Eric S Says:

    Pat does make some curious statements in his chat. Every chat he always seems to post a question from someone praising the Glazers and their miserly ways. I am fascinated by that.

    He and others seem to routinely mess up the Bucs HOF members. Steve Young played for the freakin Bucs!!!! He was the MVP of the team in ’86. Lee Roy Selmon is not the sole member of the HOF from the Bucs. Randall McDaniel just got elected last year, so now the Bucs have 3 members. I am not going to count Anthony Munoz because he did not play a regular season game for the Bucs. The commentators could cover themselves if they say Selmon is the only Bucs HOF who played his entire career in TB. They never say that and I just know that they are forgetting about Young and definitely forgetting about McDaniel. Idiots. I am just tired of people saying Selmon is the lone Bucs rep.