“He’s The Heartbeat Of Our Football Team”

August 20th, 2010

Looking exceptionally content and at peace yesterday, Raheem Morris shared stories of his end of training camp Wednesday night with the team.

Mr. Morris told the gathered media it was one big, happy bonding session with the rookies doing all kinds of silliness.

In that conversation, Mr. Morris got talking about Cadillac Williams and his presence, “He’s the heartbeat of our football team. He’s the character of our football team. He’s just fun and dynamic to watch on and off the field,” coach said.

Multiple Bucs have told Joe how inspiring it is to play with Cadillac. So Joe is not surprised.

But Joe wishes someone else — someone healthier — was the heartbeat. As much as Joe tries, Joe just can’t get those heinous visuals of Cadillac’s injuries out of his head.

Joe still gets sick to his stomach knowing how much the Bucs are relying on Williams to help provide the running game Josh Freeman needs to be successful, no matter how healthy Cadillac appears.

Joe hopes Caddy can hang in there strong until the Bucs snatch a running back with a high 2011 draft pick.

16 Responses to ““He’s The Heartbeat Of Our Football Team””

  1. Tommy Boy Says:

    Joe I love your site. Read it everyday several times a day. However, your cynicism in just about every feel good story is a downer. Let them be what they are intended for. We Buc fans need all the hope that is out there.

  2. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Joe should get their stomach issues looked at…


    I’ve said the same exact thing about Caddy ’round here.

  3. REALbucsfan4ever Says:

    Anyone selling their tickets cheap for the game saturday against the cheifs?

  4. Travis Says:

    Joe i agree with you on this one.

    Caddy is about as inspirational as you can get, but wear and tear on his knees has limited his explosive cuts he had early before injuries.

    I think we need to grab a good Rb in r2 of the 2011 draft. Rb’s i have my eye on are…

    Ryan Williams (probably wont be there in the 2nd – we would have to trade up in the 1st to get him)

    Evan Royster – complete back, but a PSU rb, how many of those work out?
    John Clay – love this guy, just a battering ram
    Daniel Thomas – huge back with good vision and agility
    Allen Bradford – all around good back, not great @ anything

  5. eric Says:

    We have been reduced to thinking about the 2011 draft before the 2010 season has started.

    And folks wonder why the fanbase is skeptical?

  6. Mike Lang Says:

    So here’s my take: Caddy played in all 16 games last year. He never got hurt. Our atrocious QB play last year helped teams decide to stack the box with 8 or 9 guys all the time to stop the run. And he still managed to average almost 4 yards per carry. Not amazing but certainly respectable under those circumstances.

    He’s been saying all preseason how great he feels and how awesome it’s been for him to just focus on football and not rehab. He swears he’s as strong as he’s ever been if not stronger. Also, my understanding is that after those surgeries on his knees they are actually stronger than before. Buy how much, I certainly don’t know.

    This guy has everything it takes to be a great back in this league…Unbelievable drive, a solid O-Line, a full speed, bruising, punch you in the mouth, never stop moving my legs approach to running the ball, and a entire team who seems to be genuinely behind him.

    Any player can get injured at any time so that’s always a concern. But I love that this guy totes the ball for my team!

    If Benn and Williams turn out to be the threat they’re supposed to be combined with Stroughter and Winslow, that should help our running game quite a bit. I think it’s highly likely that Caddy will break a 1000 yards this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go well beyond that.

  7. Will the Beast Says:

    The Buccaneers are going to be alright no need to talk about 2011 draft picks Huggins is going to be the next Warrick Dunn if given the chance to show and prove. Caddi is going to be alright things are in the making let them be made. This is the beginning of something special just like 1996 the rebirth of the Pewter Pirates. The D line was the only major factor in quite a few losses last year which has been addressed emphatically with McCoy and Price. Plug up those holes and free up a man to get to the qb someone is going to end up looking like Simeon Rice in the future

  8. Blackmagic00 Says:

    @Mike Lane, you took my words right out of my mouth. Also should anything happen to Caddy, we have some other backs who are ok at least till the draft. Besides, you never know, if given the opportunity maybe Ward would step up. Big maybe I know. But, my faith is in Caddy, I think he stays healthy and hits 1000.

  9. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    If Caddy is our heartbeat, then we could very well be on the verge of a catastrophic heart failure with his high injury risk.

  10. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    Joe, i wish we could get this issue about Caddy’s knees figured out. From what I have read on other sites is that he had some kind of “genetic” defect in his knees and now that they are repaired they are stronger than before, is this true? If so why is everyone acting like he is running on toothpicks?

  11. Irony Says:

    Caddy’s back. He’ll be fine

  12. safety Says:

    The thing that makes me sick is remembering the way he landed all wrong after being horsecollared in that Panthers game.
    I absolutely love this guy. And I can not wait to see him break a thousand rushing yards for us this year.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Let’s take the Caddy out for a spin !!! Donuts in the End Zone.

  14. Rican Says:

    lol amen Mac!

  15. Vince Says:

    I’m wth you Joe…Caddy is truly inspirational but the visuals of him screaming and grabbing his knees will never leave me and I cringe whenever he cuts now. Also, did someone just compare Huggins to Warrick Dunn??? Major foul brother.

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    Right on ,Big Mac! Caddy is healthy and looking good