Doug Williams Is Very, Very Down On The Bucs

August 11th, 2010

While Doug Williams has yet to give the media his on-the-record thoughts about his departure from the Bucs this offseason, Pat “Vacation Man” Yasinskas, of BSPN, says Williams is treating the Bucs like a back-stabbling uncle he never wants to see again.

Today, on his NFC South blog, Vacation Man details some of Williams’ Bucs-loathing activities in Tampa.

But the Bucs have also botched a lot of other departures throughout their history. It took years after Doug Williams’ original departure for the wounds to heal. The team accomplished that when they brought Williams back as a personnel guy. Then, they absolutely blew that bridge up again when they pushed Williams out the door a few months back.

I live in Tampa and I know this for a fact. Williams walked into a Tampa barber shop recently and was giving away the last of his Buccaneers’ golf shirts and saying he’ll never wear them again. That’s a shame and it probably never should have come to that point. But it has and it’s too late to repair the latest Williams fiasco.

Now Joe is a bit skeptical of Vacation Man’s story. If Vacation Man actually was in the barber shop (the only way he could “know for a fact,” then surely he would have just said so.

But if Vacation Man wasn’t there, perhaps he got word from Williams himself.

Joe just hopes the Bucs haven’t completely bungled their relationship with Williams, a true franchise icon.

[UPDATE, 2:53 p.m.: As pointed out by Steve White, the last paragraph Joe cited in the Yasinskas item has mysteriously vanished from his NFC South blog. Wouldn’t be the first time the Stalinists in Bristol censored one of its own.]

65 Responses to “Doug Williams Is Very, Very Down On The Bucs”

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    God i hope not..But maybe..IDK..WTF is going on…

  2. Honky Says:

    Williams was let go from his position because he wasn’t good at it. That’s pretty clear. Just because he took us to the NFCCG in 79 doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed a job for life. The bucs are in the spot they are right now because of poor scouting and poor drafts.

    And remind me again what Doug’s duties were while he was here, please. Personnel?

    Yeah, good one.

  3. Honky Says:

    Isn’t Doug Williams the guy who was so high on Josh Johnson? Our “career backup”? The guy who’s having to fight off Rudy Carpenter for the backup QB spot? Give me a break, Doug.

  4. sgw94 Says:

    That last paragraph is no longer in Yasinkas article. Guess someone complained.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    He was a good QB, not a good exec.
    So this begs the question, will he wear Bucs apparel when he’s inducted into the ring of honor? Surely, he will, his day is coming.

  6. Joe Says:

    That last paragraph is no longer in Yasinkas article. Guess someone complained.

    “Damned unethical bloggers… never been in a locker room… who the hell do they think they are… don’t know the first thing about journalism… ”

    Oh, wait…

  7. Honky Says:

    Boo-hoo, Dougie. Maybe if you were better at your job, you’d still be in Tampa.

  8. thomas Says:

    The line of scapegoats keeps getting longer and longer and . . . .

    Do you idiots really think that Gruden, Allen, Jagodzinski, Bates, Richard Mann, Doug Williams were all problems?

    Yet Rah and Dom are the solution. Get real. What this franchise is doing is running off the dissenters which makes for potentially a horrible situation beacuse nobody, yes including me, in the subjective world of pro football is right all the time so you need differing viewpoints to tell you that!

    When you lack confidence b/c you have no experience and feel less qualified than your employees – you run-off people who disagree with you.

  9. oar Says:

    Honky, Why not tell us how you feel about Doug Williams? You can even have 3 posts to do it in.

  10. sensiblefan Says:

    “Do you idiots really think that Gruden, Allen, Jagodzinski, Bates, Richard Mann, Doug Williams were all problems?”

    I answer your question with a leading question: Do you believe that these men could have been part of a long-term successful rebuilding plan?

  11. Honky Says:

    Well, some of us don’t label someone a “bust” after one season. I’m not saying Rah and Dom are the Saviors. But at least I don’t have to watch a 40 year old QB throw to a 40 year old WR every week anymore. Nor do I have to watch a defense with 11 guys who are all 35+.

    All you people who are so sick of the Bucs… Why don’t you find a team you actually ENJOY following and watching?

  12. thomas Says:

    @ Sensible Fan:

    “Do you believe that these men could have been part of a long-term successful rebuilding plan?”

    My Answer: Without any doubt, with 100% confidence, without any hesitation or equivocation, I AM ASTRONOMICALLY MORE CONFIDENT THAT ANY OF THOSE MEN WOULD DO A BETTER JOB THAN THE DISASTROUS DUO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thomas Says:


    Do you really care how old your players are if they are winning football games? Of course you dont. Were Minnesotans pissed that Favre was/is the QB last year when he took them to the NFC Championship game. What would you do – dump Manning and Brady b/c they are in their mid 30’s for Josh Freeman? Again, of course not.

    What wins is a mixture of talented young players and vets! It doesnt take 3 -4 years to create the right mixture – you fools have just been tricked into believing that! It can happen faster but it cost $!!

  14. eric Says:

    Don’t blame you one little bit Doug.

    These guys in charge have absolutely no class.

    55, 12

    It makes me disgusted, totally disgusted.

  15. Honky Says:


    So now we’re comparing Garcia to Favre, Manning and Brady?

    Good one, buddy.

    I’ve forgotten… Can you name some players Gruden actually developed HIMSELF? Or can you only name guys he picked up off the street because no one else wanted them?

    The offensive “genius” is a sham. Face it.

    You are right though. Winning does cost money. The Glazers were willing to bring Favre here and almost did. So if they were willing to spend for Favre, why didn’t Gruden and Allen get other players here?

    And you’re also right about it not taking 3-4 years to create the right mixture of players. So tell me, what were Gruden and Allen doing from 2003 to 2008? That’s 6 years. And all we had at the end of those 6 years was a bunch of over the hill vets and draft pick busts.

  16. Honky Says:

    If things went so poorly with Brooks, then why is he having a press conference at One Buc tomorrow? If he’s at peace with the Bucs, then that’s all that matters.

  17. eric Says:


    2003-2008 Two Division Championships and thre winning seasons.

    And I love how you leave out the Super Bowl Year!


    As for Brooks, he is having a press conference at One Buc because he is 100 times a better and classier guy than those jerks in charge.

  18. McBuc Says:

    Yep, it sucked when they cut Lynch and let Sapp go too. The only way the Bucs could have done things different is offer a retirment for Brooks, but he was not ready to retire. I am not sure what kind of warning you guys are talking about. I personally would have hung on to him last year, but they are not paying me to make decisions. Remember when A Train took a pay cut, maybe that copuld have been an option, than again, maybe it was and Brooks declined. None of us were there, but the Bucs better throw one hell of a party for number 55, otherwise they are going to look like bigger jack asses than they already do. Brooks day would probably sell out the stadium as well.

  19. The D Says:

    Williams was a great QB for us, but he wasnt very good at being a front office person. What was his job again?

  20. oar Says:

    Honky, So you want us fans that are not in your agreement to go out and find another team? Is that what you did, when Gruden was coaching our Bucs? By the way you post, it seems like you would have. Sorry you had to go through those years and a SuperBowl as a Buc fan, with Gruden at the helm. Give me a break!

  21. McBuc Says:

    The article also said Brooks tried to visit One Buc Place, and was denied from high up the food chain. If this is true is awful.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t have anything against Williams and understand his position, but right now all I care about is the Bucs, their coaches and players, and turning this ship around. Williams is gone and I hope things work out for him, but he is the least of my concerns including his ideas and opinions.

  23. The D Says:

    And Eric, you always bring up the division championships and winning seasons, but aside from the superbowl team, how many playoff wins did we have from 2003-2008? Thats how a coach should be judged. In that case, Gruden failed miserably.

  24. eric Says:

    The D Says,

    And how many Super Bowl Championships do the Bucs have?

    And who was the coach for that Super Bowl Championship?

    “Aside from the Superbowl team……………………………….”


  25. Honky Says:

    Yeah, I left out the Super Bowl. And you STILL haven’t said what Gruden did AFTER that. A “division championship”?? You mean that thing you win because you’re better than THREE other teams? Wow. How many playoff wins did Gruden have after milking a Super Bowl out of Dungy’s Defense?

    NONE. That’s right, NONE. Pathetic actually. I have higher standards than being better than 3 other teams. Sorry. But that’s just me.

    Are you the guy who buys those “NFC South Division Champs” T-shirts? What a joke.

    I’m sorry your man love for Chucky the cartoon character has blinded you. I bet you LOVE watching Jonny Gumdrops on MNF.

  26. Honky Says:

    Good to know that a Super Bowl title buys you at least 6 more years before you need to win another playoff game. What’s the limit? 10 years? 15 years? 20?

  27. oar Says:

    Honky, Yep, that’s what I thought. About my question to you, Im sure you enjoyed cheering/watching for the Patriots those 6 years.

  28. Honky Says:

    3 division titles!!! Wooo!!!

    Instead of “we’re number one”, its:

    “We’re better than 3 other teams!”

    But you guys are right. I do miss Gruden’s offense. Especially that one from the ’05 and ’07 playoff games.

    If we could only duplicate that today!!!

  29. eric Says:


    And your expecting Rah to win the Division this year, since it is such an easy accomplishment?

    And I suppose you ignore the other playoff appearances with the Raiders?

    Do you have a “we were 3-13 and I am happy” t-shirt?

    Or maybe “were 30th, were 30th”

  30. oar Says:

    Honk if you are 30th!

  31. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Thomas

    “My Answer: Without any doubt, with 100% confidence, without any hesitation or equivocation, I AM ASTRONOMICALLY MORE CONFIDENT THAT ANY OF THOSE MEN WOULD DO A BETTER JOB THAN THE DISASTROUS DUO!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Let’s focus solely on the GruAllen regime: I believe the prevailing view of the fanbase is that he would not or could not develop young talent. Would you agree or do you have evidence to the contrary?

  32. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Doug was the only guy in the entire front office that knows a damn thing about football , so it stands to reason we would have run him out of town.

  33. McBuc Says:

    Now now…Gruden is gone but you can not say the guy is not a good coach. Gruden did not have the picks he needed. I would love to see what gruden would do with this team Morris and Dom are putting together. He was short on picks and hindered by the salary cap. Now, I am also in support of giving Morris this year to trun this thing around, and Joe is right about all the young guys. It can happen though. The future is looking bright for te young Bucs, and I am sure some team will pick Gruden up when he is done collecting the Bucs money. I hope that team is not in the NFC.

  34. The D Says:

    Lol Eric, for someone who lives in the present as much as you, you really cant let it go that we won the superbowl 8 freaking years ago. He did nothing since. That is why hes gone so get over it. Hell, the Patriots won 2 superbowls and went to a third since we won it in ’02. And you never actually made a rebuttle to why we didnt win any playoff games since ’02.

  35. Honky Says:

    Yeah, because Gruden was well on his way to a division title in 09 had he not been fired…

    And thank you for proving my point. That 3-13 tshirt would be about as silly as touting Gruden’s two other Division titles in 05 and 07 which you just did.

    I love how you Gruden lovers AUTOMATICALLY think that if someone doesn’t love Gruden as much as you that they’re deeply in love with Rah. That’s not the case.

    I just want PROGRESS. I could care less who the coach is and what cool faces he makes on the sidelines.

    Gruden was the furthest thing from PROGRESS. Super Bowl. Then 2 losing seasons. Then 1 winning season. Then another losing season. Then 2 more winning seasons ending with a CATASTHROPHIC late season collapse. It got old. Period.

    None of you Gruden lovers have yet to acknowledge the TERRIBLE drafting that took place here under Gruden and Allen. Did that not happen? You wonder why this team sucked in 09…. It was because Gruden left the cupboard BARE. Open your eyes.

  36. McBuc Says:

    Hey Radio, Shelton knows about football.

  37. The D Says:

    Radio, what proof do you have that Williams did anything for us?

  38. eric Says:

    If 2008 was a collapse what was 2009?

    Thermonuclear collapse?

    And you didnt asnwer my question, Is Rah going to have a winning season this year and win the NFC South, since it is sooooooooooooo easy with only four teams?

  39. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    D , the fact that he was never on the same page as the two idiots that took a 9-7 team and turned them in to a 3-13 piece of crap overnight , is proof that he TRIED to do soemthing for us…he got fired for it.

  40. McBuc Says:

    @Honky…I am not usually on these jokerts side, but gruden had his hands tied with all the picks given up for him and Key…We also have some young guys that are starting to show some life, that were drafted prior to the 09 draft. Geno Hays looks good, Black is turning into a beast, Rudd will be in form this year, C Williams was a great draft no one knew his knees would go, Stoval is coming on it seems. The offense line was built by gruden. There is no way he could have none Sears would go koo koo for coa coa puffs. We had such great vets that sometimes it was hard to put the young guys in, but now we are seeing it. I like the last two drafts better than the previous years under Allen and Gruden, but to say we never picked any good players is wrong.

    Now, that being said. Raheem is on his way to a new season, so let’s al;l cheer for him and our Bucs to win some games. Hopefully if they do, in 2011 Gruden can call a game that the Bucs are in.

  41. McBuc Says:

    Radio, I think he was on board with them. He never said anything about not agreeing with them. He had worked with them both in the past anyway. Sometimes organizations go in a different direction and let you go. I think Joe wrote about the agents not liking to deal with Williams, so maybe he was difficult.

  42. The D Says:

    But half of that 9-7 team never played again because they were too old. The fact that there was no talent to replace them isnt Rah and Dom’s fault. I agree that they did a lousy job last year (specifically Rah, I like Dom) but its not like they took a dominating superbowl team, then led it to a 7-9 record the next year and then a 5-11 record the year after.

  43. Bucnjim Says:

    Doug Williams took a job as GM of the UFL team from Norfolk Virgina. It was only 1 month after he and the Bucs parted ways! His contract was up and he had a better offer; simple as that. Even in his interview with a Norfolk news station he was quoted as saying he wanted to explore other opportunities after the Bucs and that he wanted to pursue being a GM. Sounds like he had this GM job lined up before his contract was up with the Buccaneers. In my opinion; when the GM job went to Mark Dominik Doug decided there was no room to move up in the organization and started looking else where.

  44. Honky Says:

    Rah could have a winning season.

    Why not?

    Did anyone predict the 2008 Falcons doing what they did with a rookie QB, a free agent RB who had never been a number 1 starter, only 1 proven WR, and a mediocre defense?

    Nope. Falcons fans in the summer of 08 probably sounded a lot like you whiners.

    Besides, even if Rah DID win the division and then lose in the 1st round like Gruden did, you’d still be mocking him.

  45. oar Says:

    McBuc, Took the words right out of my mouth. Exactly some of these guys starting are those draft picks. I think some blame/props should go to Kiffin for those defensive picks and the blunder of letting Sapp go. Kiffin thought Booger could take his place.
    BTW What cracks me up is you guys think the drafts last year and this year were great(we hope but lets get real). Let’s see how this years and last years drafts pan out on the field, shall we. Our scouting department hasn’t changed(except Dominik coming off it) since Dungy era, so I’m suspect of it.

  46. goodfellajay Says:


  47. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Eric 

    The Super Bowl win and division titles are a compelling argument for keeping GruAllen. The wins are undeniable…but they don’t trump the elephant in the room: Gruden could never deliver the promised high scoring offense or inspire confidence that he could build a true “lasting contender”. 

    Gru was brought in to fix the O and failed; it’s as simple as that. Season in and season out we needed a Herculean effort on defense to even get us to the playoffs…and when we made the playoffs we had to hope for the ball to bounce our way to win. Our offense was always mediocre and our stud defenders were aging. After that Super bowl we stopped dictating terms to our opponents defensively and we couldn’t even really play ball control anymore on O. Gru failed on the coaching end because he, like Brian Billick, was a genius in name only and that’s ultimately why he was canned. 

    Next, the consensus of the people is that the talent base began to erode after the Super bowl run and GruAllen failed in their attempts to replenish aging talent with long term building blocks. I don’t fully blame him. He was always going to be hamstrung by the deal we made to get him. He had to make moves that hurt the short term success of the team to get out from under the cap hell we were in. But he signed off on the Tim Browns and Chuck Garners and Steussies and Pettigouts of the world instead of taking his lumps to develop some young talent (which he ultimately proved he didn’t have an eye for or xouldnt develop). He failed on the personnel end which is why he was canned. 

  48. oar Says:

    Honky, “Did anyone predict the 2008 Falcons doing what they did with a rookie QB, a free agent RB who had never been a number 1 starter, only 1 proven WR, and a mediocre defense?” Wow sounds exactly like our 3-13 Bucs last year, hmm wonder why Rah couldn’t do it then?

    “Besides, even if Rah DID win the division and then lose in the 1st round like Gruden did, you’d still be mocking him.” First, you must not have faith in Rah either with your “even if Rah DID” statement. Second, if he does I will stop mocking him. Until then he needs to prove it and quit giving us ammo.

  49. Honky Says:

    I wish Gruden had more picks like Michael Clayton.

  50. eric Says:


    “could have a winning season”

    What a ringing endorsement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought the Division Title was a piece of cake?

  51. oar Says:

    Yeah, Gruden found out what a turd Clayton turned out to be and put him in his doghouse. Too bad Dominik and Raheem didn’t see it and re-signed him to more big money. Unfortunately he’s talented, see his rookie year and training camps. It’s not Grudens fault he can’t catch in a game, when it’s on the line and for real anymore.

  52. Honky Says:

    Does it matter?

    Afterall, its all GLOOM and DOOM for you.

    Are you even going to watch the games this year? Why even bother? Afterall, its hopeless with Rah, right?

    Looks like you just freed up all of your Sundays this fall!!!

  53. oar Says:

    BTW Clayton isn’t the “1 proven WR” I was refering to in your post, when I said they were exactly like the Bucs last year. No, that would have been Antonio.

  54. oar Says:

    Honky, Nope. I will be watching my Bucs AGAIN! Unlike you, when Gruden was our coach. How bout them Patriots or were you a Cowgirl then?

  55. Honky Says:


    Doghouse? He was on the roster for 4 more years with Gruden after his rookie season. Why didn’t Gruden cut him? Oh yeah, because he had nothing better. Says a lot about Gruden and his rosters.

    Clayton won’t be on the roster this season. Amazing how that works. If you go out and get better players, you can cut your crappy ones.

  56. Honky Says:

    Oar: are you aware your posts don’t even make any sense?

    Why wasn’t I watching the Bucs when Gruden was here? Can you explain your moron logic?

    Sorry if I wasn’t blinded for 6 years without a playoff win. You really love Jonny Gumdrops, don’t you?

  57. Honky Says:


    I’ll walk you thru this slowly… Ready? Try to keep up. Re-read if you need to.

    My point in bringing up the 08 Falcons is this: I didn’t say they’re exactly like the Bucs. But it illustrates to gloom and doomers like you how a young team that NO ONE predicted anything but LAST PLACE for, can surprise you and do well.

    And I’ll ask you again ….. If you really don’t have hope for the Bucs this season, then why watch?

  58. BigMacAttack Says:


    What kinda $hit is that? You can do better. Why not “White Racist Cracker”? That’s the kinda $hit that keeps racism going. C’mon man!

    And for the record, OAR is no hater. I know he was Gruden fan like me and many others, but he is very post positive and Everybody cracks jokes.

  59. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    How did an article about Doug Williams turn into The Honks Hate for Chucky episode?

    Oh the Raheem apologist Honk will stop at nothing to ensure all weird decisions being made by the Glazer brats are protected for somehow it reinforces the grand ‘plan’ implemented by Dom and Rah.

    Doug Williams pretty much called the organization out and we are expected to listen to Honky’s delusions of why Doug Williams is the bad guy and the Glazer brats and doofy GM Marky D are the good guys.

    I mean there has GOT TO BE AN EXPLANATION to why Williams would trash the Bucs org… the Organization Can’t be WRONG! So therefore Doug Williams is a bad guy.

    So quick to defend those Glazers huh honky?

  60. Honky Says:

    Javier: Not quite pal. Hate much?

    The article was about Doug Williams. He sucked at his job. Which is why he was let go. No one here could say anything otherwise. His biggest joke of all is the “career backup” Josh Johnson who Doug Williams thought so highly of. Nice work, Doug.

    And thanks for proving my point. Like I said earlier, Gruden lovers can’t stand anyone saying anything bad about their “offensive genius”. And when they do, all they’ve got left to counter with is calling people “Rah Apologists”.

    Instead of countering with why Gruden was unable to win a playoff game in 6 years, they choose instead to bash the current regime which I couldn’t care less about. Fact is, when I bash Gruden I know it hurts your feeling. When you bash Rah, I actually agree with you. Difference is, I don’t have to worry about Michael Clayton making this team. At least this regime realizes its mistake and will cut the POS. Gruden, on the other hand, couldn’t find anyone better to replace him.

    Think about that for a moment. That’s how bad it was under Gruden toward the end…. HE COULDN’T FIND A REPLACEMENT FOR MICHAEL CLAYTON!!!!


  61. Bucnjim Says:

    I’ve seen Doug Williams with current coaches, players, ex players, and other members of the Buccaneer organization. Never have I heard him trash the organization in any way shape or form. First of all he’s a class guy and it’s not in his nature to trash anyone. Doug was in a situation where there wasn’t much room to move up in the organization and he wanted the chance to run a football team either pro or college. It’s no different then one of us being stuck in a job that has no room for advancement. He’s been public about his desire to head up a program for some time now so there is no conspiracy to complain about.

  62. oar Says:

    Honky, I imagine Gruden thought Clayton would get his head out of his ass and get back to his rookie form/play. That’s why Gruden still had him on the roster. Besides, he is Mr August WR. Clayton does have some talent.
    You haters crack me up! You guys have been excessively bitching about him for two years now. Quit bitching and bashing a good head coach and maybe us non-haters wouldn’t. You haters are the ones with the man crushes. You can’t post without bringing him up.

    “Why wasn’t I watching the Bucs when Gruden was here? Can you explain your moron logic?
    Sorry if I wasn’t blinded for 6 years without a playoff win.”
    Thanks for finally answering my question with that post. So you didn’t watch them back when Gruden was coach, I figured as much. What with all that hate festering. Get over it man he’s gone! Now you can watch them again this year. BTW you telling us to go find another team, cause we don’t like/agree with the head coach is EXACTLY why I asked you about “when Gruden coached if you watched them?” But, Im the moron? Again, thanks for answering that question.

  63. oar Says:

    Honky, “Difference is, I don’t have to worry about Michael Clayton making this team. At least this regime realizes its mistake and will cut the POS.” Please! Where was this extremely fine thinking/logic of yours last year, when they RE-SIGNED him? It wasn’t. Like you said you could care less about the new regime, right? You just want to hate Gruden, which is fine. I’m done replying to you. With your last few posts, it doesn’t even sound like you care about the team? Probably don’t even watch every game. Pffft!

  64. oar Says:

    BigMac, Thanks, but it’s ok. I just figured out who he is and will be ignoring his posts. Dang it, I need to practice what I preach sometimes.

  65. tampa2 Says:

    1st, your moniker offends me. 2nd Unlike Morris, Gruden’s draft picks weren’t very high up. 3rd, During those 6 years you seem to be infatuated with, Papa Glazer was in a coma and the 3 idiont offspring held the purse strings so tight that Gruden had to get old or troubled veterans to come in here and play for him. “And they still won!” Do you think that your precious Morris could get veterans to come play for him cheaply, like Gruden was able to do? And 4th, Yes, Gruden could develop and teach these young players much better than the amateur Morris can. 5th Maybe you were too busy hating somewhere, but Gruden sat Clayton arse on the bench and let everyone know that Clayton would be cut at the end of his contract! But your “Dream Team” resigned his sorry arse to a 25mil contract. Very Intelligent move, huh! 6th I’d just like to see if this idiot has learned to have the ability to make a mid-game adjustment, much less learned enough to call himself a head coach.