Don’t Overreact To Derrick Ward

August 17th, 2010

It seems all but one person who watched the Bucs lose to the Dolphins Saturday night came away outraged at the play (or lack thereof) of Kardashian-chasing Bucs running back Derrick Ward. In this St. Petersburg Times video, comrades The Mad Twitterer and good guy Stephen Holder debate Ward’s predicament. Holder believes people may be overreacting to Ward’s subpar play Saturday.

11 Responses to “Don’t Overreact To Derrick Ward”

  1. the_buc_realist Says:

    Maybe it was more than the poor showing from Saturday night. Maybe it was the lethargic egg he laid last year.

  2. Gary Says:

    The realist is right on. Ward has less slack because his performance from last year carries onto this preseason in our minds.

    Well, now Ward guarantees that he will have a big game this week. Atleast he knows he better put up now, so we will see what he is made of. The mud wont be an excuse this time.

  3. Jdouble Says:

    I don’t get the excuses for Ward. The line did no better for Caddie or Huggins. They were just able to make people miss and hit the hole fast enough to pick up yards. Ward was slow as molasses and fumbled three times. There’s no need for over analyzing or excuses. Ward sucked last year and he was horrible last Saturday.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    It was more (to me) than not hitting holes with quickness like Caddy and Huggins. It was the complete lack of effort to fight for yardage once contact was made. He looked like he was back at One Buc practice playing two hand touch. Both Caddy and Huggins were fighting for yardage and coming up fired up when the got it. They showed drive and desire, fight, they wanted it more than Ward did and it showed.

  5. ZeroExpectations Says:

    I agree with Holder, but as judgement as a whole, not just Ward.

    Look guys, it was ONE pre-season game on a wet baseball field. Come on. There are 3 more pre-season games.

    If anything, Josh Freeman looked pretty good and the running game looked pretty good with Caddy behind tye starting o-line. Mike Williams, Sammie our new slot WR Stroughter looked good. I really want to see Spurlock make the team, guy deserves it (and maybe he shouls practic a little as tye 4th QB/ Wildcat HB). Huggins looking good is a bonus.

    But as far as pointing out, the sky is fallling negatives so early, making players out to be failures so early is beyond ridiculous.

    Lets see if the two villians of JBF Ward and Clayton make the first and second cut, THEN you all can throw man tantrums, okay?

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    Of course they’ll be around another week, maybe two. Clayton and Ward are probably safe until the final cuts. Of course then it’s anybody’s guess if they’re on the roster. But I can’t make excuses for Ward not hitting holes or fighting for yardage when Caddy and Huggins were, even in preseason game one. I can’t make excuses for Clayton, when Spurlock made a beautiful catch keeping both feet in bounds in wet conditions, Williams… same thing, Stovall had a nice catch too. I might give Brooks a pass on the fumble late, at least he made the catch (actually 3 catches for 50 yards, which wasn’t bad), not that I think Brooks will make the team, probably just the practice squad.

    The sky is not falling, but preseason games is where players step up or step out. Ward stepped out. He’ll have another chance to step up, we’ll see if he does.


    Derrick Ward is a good football player. I understand that he has never gotten into a rhythm since he has gotten to Tampa, but like I’ve stated before Ward was just as productive with his carries last year as Cadillac was.

    Cadillac (who got banged up Sat Night) is one snap away from not playing for the rest of the year. I like Huggins, but you don’t want him to be the starter with Peanut as the third down back (in the likely scenario that Caddy goes down). Ward and Huggins provide good depth at RB, which we WILL need at some point this season..

    I completely understand everyone’s displeasure with Ward (most especially his piss-poor body language on the field/sidelines). He looks like a malcontent. However, I think if he gets the right opportunity, he will be invaluable to us.

  8. eric Says:

    Fire Greg Olson:

    Excellent point sir, where the hell would we be if caddy goes down and we have gotten rid of Ward?

    World of hurt.

    Still have Graham, but he’s all bulked up for fullback.

  9. Gary Says:


    I didnt know Caddy was banged up? Where did you hear that?

  10. McBuc Says:

    Hey Zero, I agree with you, but I do have to point out that you have been one of the most outspoken neg fans on here with all you “I hhave zero expectat5ions” crap. I am happy to you have seen a glimmer of hope with our beloved Bucs.

  11. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Ward came out and proclaimed he would be a 1000/1000 RB in the offseason (one that he missed training in). He then went out in bad conditions and showed no burst and no power (other than that he was solid!). Add ot that his whining and bitching (that he did last year as well) and it equals a pile of crap. I like Derrick but he needs to perform and stop being a PITA.

    This is not about 1 game. It is about his body of work in Tampa and his apparent me first attitude.