Caddy Is Just Fine

August 2nd, 2010

Mingling around training camp today, Joe was looking to see if Cadillac Williams would be around.

Yesterday, Raheeem The Dream reported that Williams had a minor ankle sprain and would miss practice.

Well, Joe found Cadillac wearing his jersey and walking around the practice field. He wasn’t limping at all.

Later, Cadillac told Joe that “I’m just fine.”

In the meantime, Kareem Huggins continues to impress with his speed, although Joe can’t get all excited about that without seeing him get it done in the preseason games.

4 Responses to “Caddy Is Just Fine”

  1. Steve From Oregon Says:


    Didnt Kareem light it up last year in the preseason and he still didnt get a chance to crack the lineup?

  2. Joe Says:

    Steve From Oregon:

    You are correct but here is why Joe isn’t singing hosannas yet for Kareem — who Joe likes a great deal.

    You may remember that last year Kareem was cut by the Bucs. All 31 other teams also took a pass on him as well so the Bucs were able to pick him up for the practice squad.

    What did all 32 teams not see in Kareem that a lot of fans want to see in him?

  3. Steve From Oregon Says:

    I hear you, im wondering what is happening behind the scenes that is turning the coaching staff off (or did last year)…..hopefully he turns out to be a feel good story for this season…time will tell.

  4. topdoggie Says:

    The reason most of training camp is closed to the public is the Bucs are going to instill a massive amount of wildcat formations for Josh Johnson. They want to keep it top secrete. I hope it works. As Sam Wyche used to say if you can’t beat them trick them.