Buddy Ryan To Father Dungy: Stop Yer Preachin’

August 18th, 2010

Yesterday Joe brought you news that Father Dungy was upset when he heard that Jets coach Rex Ryan likes to use the F-word, as detailed in the NFL Films/HBO series Hard Knocks.

Father Dungy came to this conclusion despite not even seeing the show, he just heard about it. Then, he goes on the Dull Patrick Show and the smarmy empty head Patrick fanned the flames with Father Dungy.

Father Dungy even had the nerve to suggest NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell should go after Ryan, if you can imagine such a thing. Apparently, Father Dungy believes the CBA, an 18-game schedule, players becoming vegetables and invalids in their 60s and quarterbacks who get way too handsy with women in college bars are a bit too trivial and Goodell should become some dime store FCC commissioner and wash out coaches’ mouths with soap.

This is just unbelievable to Joe.

Seems as though Ryan’s father, former NFL coach Buddy Ryan, has had enough of Father Dungy sticking his nose into places it doesn’t need to be.

Speaking on WPEN-FM in Philadelphia on Tuesday (via ProFootballTalk.com), Ryan had a great blast at Father Dungy when Ryan was told Father Dungy would not hire his son as an assistant because of his colorful vernacular.

“I don’t think he had applied for a job with what’s his name, either.”

Beautiful! But the elder Ryan wasn’t finished. When Ryan was told that Dungy wanted to sick Goodell after his son, Ryan had the following retort:

“Well, it’s none of Dungy’s business.”

Voila! This whole issue to Joe is a non-story, only brought to the surface that moussehead Dull Patrick.

Memo to Dull Patrick: Will ya’ just stick to that wretched non-basketball association and leave football to the men, OK?

48 Responses to “Buddy Ryan To Father Dungy: Stop Yer Preachin’”

  1. Greg Says:

    Im sooo tired of Dungy and his comments. If you want to sell your book keep it to your books. Why does bspn think people care about Dungys take on everything anyway? Hes full of himself and a liar. This is a guy who said on draft day he wouldnt draft Randy Moss because of charactor issues but then tells everyone to give Michael Vick a chance! Why is it the more religious a person is the more they think its there job to push their beliefs on the rest of the world? Heres an idea…If ya wanna preach go to church, if ya dont lets play some dam football!

  2. k_bassuka Says:

    Did he say he would’ve drafted Vick or not to give Moss a second chance. If u looking for some dirt on Dungy at least don’t make sh!t up to make u @ss look smart.

  3. eric Says:

    I guess I am of poor moral character, but I thought Ryan was hilarious on that hardknocks show.

    The guy was just breaking the ice with his team and admitting the Reves situation wasnt good. “He’s pretty f’ing good”.

    Ryan also joked around with his staff, and humiliated himself trying a field goal.

    All to keep his team loose.

    The whole thing is silly. I came away from the show with the thought that Ryan would be a fun guy to play for.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Eric – That first half of your first sentence may be enough to suck JimBuc back in. I’m sure he’s itching for a one-liner with that one.

  5. oar Says:

    F-ck moral character! LOL!

  6. d-money Says:

    I don’t agree with Dungy on this one,. I think most people who watch a show on HBO expect to hear that type of language.

    That being said Rex and Buddy Ryan are both no class dirtbags.

  7. Ozzie the Sports JUnkie Says:

    I think the “Holy Underachiever” should keep his piehole shut..Are you kidding me?Goddell somehow governing coaches droppin F-bombs??!!!
    If thats the case Chucky would be on death row…stick to “spending time” with yer family Friar Dungy..And guiding Mike vICK to all his club shennanigans….

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Buddy Ryan was a badass and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Rex kicks ass and again I wish he was our coach.

  9. Eric S Says:

    I am going to guess that most coaches curse and curse quite a bit. So Dungy really should not put his nose into a place where it doesn’t belong.

    Still not completely convinced that Rex is a good head coach. The Jets only got into the playoffs because a couple of teams lay down for them and the schedule was cup cake down the stretch. He may be just like his father. A great defensive coordinator, but just a mediocre head coach.

  10. Dave Says:

    Look, most around here love Dungy and I think he is a great man and has done a lot of good, but over the past 2 years he does seem to be sticking his nose more and more where it doesn’t belong.

    If he was an analyst giving opinions, that is fine, but he isn’t, he just shows up now and then and spouts off.

    Go be with the family Dungy

  11. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Dungy is partially right though. Dungy’s message is basically, is this how the NFL wants to represent one of it’s franchises on tv? I mean, kids and family’s watch the show too, even if it is on HBO.

    Look, if the NFL is gonna stop end zone celebrations, then Roger should at least step in and say, idiots, you are on television, stop dropping f-bombs left and right, kids may watch the show, because fans young and old want to see everything braodcasted about their football team.

    I think that was Dungy’s approach.

    HOWEVER, Dungy should have just called Roger and not went out inthe media and preach his stuff. But, Dungy isn’t exactly trying to make friends on this subject, so maybe it needs to be re-thought. Maybe a ruling by the NFL should disallow cursing in front of a TV camera.

  12. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Javier

    “Look, if the NFL is gonna stop end zone celebrations, then Roger should at least step in and say, idiots, you are on television, stop dropping f-bombs left and right, kids may watch the show, because fans young and old want to see everything broadcasted about their football team.”

    RIGHT ON JAVIER! Completely agree!

  13. oar Says:

    Well in Dungy’s world, they would have to eliminate any sideline shots(coaches, players, etc) during games, cause you can sure read them lips too! Shoot, sometimes they allow those poetic verbiages to air!

  14. oar Says:

    BTW It is the NEW YORK Jets were talking about. I’m sure those f-bombs are part of thier daily vocabulary. Que New Yorkers to be pissed in 3, 2, 1.

  15. MrGone Says:

    HBO is a premium channel. We expect to hear and see things not allowed on broadcast TV. We pay extra for this. People can and do lock out premium channels so their children cannot hear and see these things.
    I’d guess HBO would lose viewers if they censored language.

  16. sensiblefan Says:


    “Well in Dungy’s world, they would have to eliminate any sideline shots(coaches, players, etc) during games, cause you can sure read them lips too! Shoot, sometimes they allow those poetic verbiages to air!”

    That’s not a fair comparison. Rex knew the cameras were on him because they were in his face.

  17. sensiblefan Says:

    @Mr. Gone

    “HBO is a premium channel. We expect to hear and see things not allowed on broadcast TV. We pay extra for this. People can and do lock out premium channels so their children cannot hear and see these things.”

    HBO is the not problem. The NFL has a vested interest in protecting its image (hence the crackdown on player celebrations) and Hard Knocks is part of that image.

    Bottom line: Goodell needs to tell Rex to tone it down and I think most of the criticism would go away.

  18. oar Says:

    Sensible, “That’s not a fair comparison.” Alright, now were talkin’! Is that gonna get me re-instated back in the “bad boy” gang? My wife really wants me in there!
    Seriously, so you think Rex Ryan doesn’t speak like that normally? Just on HBO? I highly doubt that. My point is, that language is out there and part of the game. No way you can enforce that in this league! There would be no coaches or players left!

  19. Patrick Says:

    I really respect Tony Dungy for the good person that he is, but I think he’s going a little overboard here. All coaches in the NFL curse. Gruden was an expert at it. Raheem even cusses.

  20. McBuc Says:

    Guys…I do not think Dungy wants the NFL to ban cussing. I think he is saying when you put a show on TV you should think of the image of the company (league). When I managed sales people I always reminded them at trade shows they represented our company the entire time they were there, and I expected them to be on their best behavior. Some of them did not get it, but most of them did. I have no problem with the cussing, the show was on HBO and it warned about language. As Joe said, this is a nonissue…of course we at JBF will talk anything remotely related to football, so I guess it is an issue to a small extent…

  21. oar Says:

    McBuc, I know Dungy doesn’t want it banned from the league. It was an attempt at seeing the humor in the whole stupid story!

    BTW I have HBO and have never seen the show. Probablly, cause it was with the Dallass Cowgirls. Which, I’m sure was all good clean fun too!

  22. McBuc Says:

    OAR, right on. I have watched pieces of it, last year I think was the bangals, or maybe that was the year before. I have little interest in it, unless of course the f%$ing Bucs are on it!

  23. oar Says:

    McBuc, You might be right about the Bungals. And I know, our Bucs are never shown any f%&#ing respect as a franchise.

  24. McBuc Says:

    oar, LOL…I also have to say. Every Bucs fan should stop ripping on Dungy and Gruden. Is is sacralidge! Dungy brought us out of the dessert, and Gruden showed us the holy land. These are two coaches that NO Bucs fan should hold malcontempt for.

    oar is correct…NO F$%KING Respect shown to our Bucs.

  25. McBuc Says:

    or sacrilege if you prefer!

  26. Rican Says:

    Still going on about this lol? The guy was asked his opinion and he gave it, period. People are constantly giving their opinions in the NFL, hell that’s all media is. People just like to act like it’s ‘preachin’ when it’s not what secular belief is. ‘Preachin’ is a terrible word to use, its called an opinion.

  27. Rican Says:

    He’s not forcing anything down anyone’s throat. He’s not on a witch hunt, don’t act it.

  28. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    For those who haven’t read it, here is the original story.

    Ryan says Dungy ‘unfairly judged me’

    CORTLAND, N.Y. (AP)—Rex Ryan wants Tony Dungy to know he’s more than just a foul-mouthed coach.

    Dungy criticized the New York Jets coach earlier this week for his Rex-pletive-filled appearance on the premiere episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

    “The thing is, I’ve been a big admirer of Tony Dungy, and I’m sure a lot of people are,” Ryan said Wednesday. “I felt that he unfairly judged me, and that was disappointing to me.”

    Dungy, a devout Christian, told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Monday that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should talk to Ryan about his excessive cursing because, “I just don’t think the league needs that.” Dungy, who won a Super Bowl with Indianapolis, is an NFL analyst for NBC.

    Ryan said he called Dungy and left a message that included his telephone number, and anticipated hearing back from him.

    “I’ve invited him to come to camp or any time to spend the day with me and the organization,” Ryan said. “I think maybe he’ll have a different take on it.”

    Ryan said last week he only cared that he disappointed his mother, Doris, but apologized if he offended “more people than I usually offend.”

    NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said there is no chat planned between Goodell and Ryan.

    “No, Rex’s mother delivered the message,” Aiello told The Associated Press.

    Ryan was asked if he was surprised Dungy suggested that the commissioner get involved.

    “I think I was more surprised that he judged me,” Ryan said.

    Ryan was criticized by some fans and media for what they thought was an excessive use of profanity during the show, which first airs at 10 p.m. EDT on Wednesdays. The five-part “Hard Knocks” series chronicles the team through training camp.

    In the premiere, Ryan is shown using profanity during a team meeting and while talking to players and coaches. HBO posts warnings to viewers about the language contained in the program, and replays have profanity bleeped out during the day.

    He also reiterated Wednesday that he will always be himself—colorful language and all.

    “I’m a good person,” Ryan said. “Just because somebody cusses or whatever doesn’t make them a bad person. Just because a guy doesn’t cuss doesn’t make him a good person. So, I’ll stand by my merits.”

    Ryan said he had “no idea” if there would be less profanity in the second episode. Then he was informed that HBO’s preview indicated sharp-tongued special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff would be featured.

    “Then,” he said with a grin, “there could be more.”

  29. Rican Says:

    Lol people are being judged everyday especially in the NFL by the media. The only difference is that Dungy is Christian, isn’t afraid to talk about his convictions when he’s asked, and his opinion goes against the grain.

  30. Rican Says:

    I guarantee if it was any other man, a man whom was not a devout Christian it wouldn’t be this big of a deal.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Tony D, but I think he would have been a little wiser to keep his mouth shut when Patrick asked the question.

    Patrick should have saved the question for the other Buc Coach, Jon Gruden.

    How would Gruden have responded???

    People that throw stones shouldn’t live in Stained Glass Churches.

  32. Rican Says:

    lol Get off it, Why should he keep his mouth shut because he has a different opinion? That’s idiotic. Are you trying to say that someone who believes in God doesn’t have the right to answer a question because they believe in God? lol stupidest thing i’ve ever heard Mac. But hey Christian persecution has always had its part in history.

  33. Irony Says:

    Seems to me that the stones are aimed at Dungy for stating what he believes.
    Very ironic indeed lol. “People that throw stones shouldn’t live in stained glass churches”. Oh that’s right that’s, that right is reserved for everyone else?? Or maybe for ‘everyone else’ to throw at them…. Pathetic.

  34. eric Says:

    Dungy has every right to state his beliefs.

    Just as others have the right to disagree. I happen to believe his opinion is silly cause were talking about a football coach.

    Both are opinions, not “persecutions”.

  35. Irony Says:

    1. To oppress or harass with ill-treatment, especially because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs.
    I hear u Eric there is alot of opinion, but isnt there alot of people trying to ‘shut him up’ because of his beliefs?? Just a thought.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    No, that is completely stupid to say or think that about Christianity. No you moronrican. This is a non issue, that became an issue, as Joe said before, because dumbass Dan Patrick asked a question to stir the pot. Now Tony D is in the middle of it, and he is entitled to his opinion, that I do agree with in many ways, but(keyword) if he would have just said “You know what Dan, to each his own, and I’m not going to touch that question with a ten foot pole” it would have been the end of it. Tony chose the low road. He not only answered the question, but he said the Warden should counsel Rex about it, and stepped in Patrick’s pile of $hit with both feet instead of just one. It’s not about Tony’s ideas, it’s about controversy and starting crap when there is no need. Do the Jets really need this distraction and Rex Ryan worrying about Tony Dungy? He needs to worry about his team. If Tony took exception to Rex’s language, he should have called Rex on the phone and handled it in private, with class, and not in the National Sprts Media. Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t start no $hit, and there won’t be none.”???

    Rican, it’s people just like you that start crap, like racism, anti semitism, or Anti-Christian crap. Read what it says, and not what you think it says or what you want it to say. ANd you probably think it’s a good idea to build that stupid mosque 500′ from ground zero. Again, they can do it, but they are starting $hit when they don’t need to.

    You’re an idiot, and should go back to your PR site where you came from.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    PR = Pewter Report in case you have reading problems again. What are you JimBuc in disguise with a new Screen name????? OMG, $hit for brains, don’t go to the bathroom.

  38. drdneast Says:

    Have to agree with the crusty Ryan. Although I admire Dungy for not using foul language and believe the use of a lot of curse words is an example of an undeucated mind, it’s still none of his business

  39. Rican Says:

    Lol Am i supposed to be offended by you? Your quite humerous. I haven’t started anything or created anything it’s the truth. Once again, he chose the low road because he held to his convictions and beliefs? Cmon now, i understand i hit a nerve hence your personal attacks but hey. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  40. Rican Says:

    And what exactly did I say against or about Christianity thats got your panties in a wad??

  41. eric Says:

    Whether Tony’s opinion is based upon a religious concern or secular ethics, I still think it is silly.

    A Muslim might be even more offended! Or a jew for that matter.

    So, IMO Chrstianity has got nuttin to do with it or even cross my mind in stating my opinion about his remarks. His faith is to be admired.

    Swearing on the football field is happening all over the Country, and they probably swear at soccer practice too! No harm in it. Ryan was not being vindictive with it, but humorous.

  42. Rican Says:

    I see your point Eric, I guess I feel as if in many peoples eyes hence the “stained glass church” comment it is and that’s where my problem lies. However I believe that there are many people who are Christians and just don’t have that conviction, that just disagree and that’s cool. Once again my problem lies in people judging Dungy about his comment just because he is Christian.

  43. Irony Says:

    Mac I think you must have misread something Rican wrote lol. I wasn’t able to find one thing in what he wrote that suggests he is rascist, an anti Christian, or an anti-semitist. Clearly, he’s been defending Dungy’s right to state his ‘christian’ beliefs lol. If anything aren’t u indicating that if people have beliefs(Dungy) or ideas based on beliefs(such as the mosque) that are against the popular belief they should just shut up(accept oppression). Lol

  44. BigMacAttack Says:

    No, just use common sense. We all say stuff here and it doesn’t matter, but when you’re in the public eye, think about the consequences before you take action. Just because you can say it or do it, because it is allowed, that doesn’t mean that you should.

    Also keep in mind the fact that I was just stating my opinion as everyone else here does. I did not call anyone out except Dungy, who put himself in the position he is in. Rican @ 8:43 PM said Mac that is the stupidest thing he ever heard. He also brought up Christian Persecution. It seems like too often lately, everything ends up about race (Raheem if someone doesn’t like him) or now Dungy and Christianity. There are continuous conversations on this blog, and have been ongoing for years now (way to go Joe). My point is, if you want to call me out, or anyone else on this blog, then be prepared for that which you may receive, and feel fortunate that it is only a blog. Now on the other hand, I too could have taken the high road and just allowed Rican’s unfortunate remarks to just pass me by and not say anything. Now look where I am. I chose poorly, just like Tony.

  45. Irony Says:

    It is what it is Mac. Just because it bothers you doesn’t mean rican is wrong lol. Also he said what you said was the stupidest thing he’s ever heard he didn’t insult you personally. What your incorrect about is your comparison to Dungy.

  46. Irony Says:

    Dungy stood his ground w/ honor and held to his convictions. Who gives a crap if it bothers others. He’s not a fake. You my friend resort to personal attack, not very honorable…Big difference.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    Irony, you just don’t get it. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it. Rex gets it, Buddy gets it, The Jets get it, but you don’t get it. No one is questioning Tony’s convictions or his beliefs. I am only questioning the Forum he chose to use and how could Rex defend it. I don’t think you know me well enough to say that I have no honor. You have been coming to this site for what? 1 week? 2 maybe? Rican, he’s been here a month or two? and you think you know me, all about me, my opinions on football and everyone else. Honestly, I don’t know squat about you 2, but I will say that it is tacky to say something, and then say LOL about your own statement. It looks a little fake. Did you ignore what Eric said or Dr D? Go back and read my initial comment. I don’t think it was stupid. Sarcastic, yea sure. To all you devout (so called)Christians out there, practice what you preach, turn the other cheek, and please shut the F@*k up, and may God Bless all you Holier than Thou Hypocrites.

    “And when I get to Heaven, St Peter I will tell……

  48. Irony Says:

    Lol True colors always do show, and don’t put words in my mouth please. I don’t think I ever claimed to know anything about u and frankly I don’t care. I don’t have to know every detail about you to see you don’t think twice before you get personal and act dishonorbaly. But enough with this meaningless conversation, Im not gonna continue on this road. Time to take that good ole high road you know so much about lol. Have the last word cause I know you must ;). Just don’t expect the satisfaction of a response.