Benn Thriving On Special Teams

August 22nd, 2010

Arrelious Benn was the 39th overall pick in April’s NFL Draft, which was dubbed the deepest draft in recent memory.

Joe knows that Benn is in Tampa to be a starting wide receiver, except Benn is down on the Bucs’ depth chart.

Joe has heard all about how Benn is supposed to be a YAC star (yards after catch). But to show those skills he’s going to have to get the ball. That ain’t happening.

It might not show up on TV today, but Benn looks like a standout on various aspects of special teams. Joe could see how physical he his and how he gets after it.

He looks comfortable, a level of comfort he’s not showing running routes. 

48 Responses to “Benn Thriving On Special Teams”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    So we traded up in the 2nd round and tossed away a 5th rounder in order to draft a gunner on special teams. Awesome !

    Sabby is good only on special teams also.

    It’s nice to see the goats are forming a herd !

    Not saying this guy should be a polished starter already , but when Ryan Purvis and CHris Brooks are outperforming you , it’s not a good sign. I will be watching eagerly this morning…

  2. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

    I sure hope he’s not another Maurice Stovall

  3. eric Says:

    Meantime, BM is rounding into beast form, who we coulda had instead of Benn.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Benn looked good on the field. A few punts ended in a faircatch, with Benn staring the guy in the face. Would have made for a nice hit. Benn blocks well and is big and strong, more so than Clayhands. I saw him catch one pass. I think it may take a while, but I like this guy and see his upside. It is only his 2’nd game so give him time. Spurlock played very well, and Mike Williams plays like Brandon Marshall or one of the Elites. Our defense had more bad plays than good ones early on, but that also is Cassel. He’s good.

  5. McBuc Says:

    Benn will be fine Radio.


    “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling” – Radio MushMouth and Eric

  7. nick Says:

    Mike Williams looks like the real deal

  8. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Sometimes it just takes guys a little longer than other’s to adjust to the NFL. So, I’m not gonna throw in the towel on him just yet.

  9. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Joe is right about one thing ; any decent play by Arrelious Bust the Goat is definitely nOT showing up on TV….

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    I am so tired of reading the negative crap from those four Gruden lusting Fags! They have been wrong about everything they’ve cried about! It’s just so nauseating reading their gay manhunger that it makes it hard to keep posting here! Think I’m following in JimBucs footsteps and taking s break from here. I love this site, Joe, but having those ” people” with the same bitching over and over is just getting monotonous!

  11. McBuc Says:

    Hey Capt…Do not worrie about Radio. Anyone who calls a 2nd round pick a bust after 2 preseason games does not follow football anyway. Just skip over their comments.

    I just watched the first half of the game and I thought they looked pretty good. Idd that the O looks a little better than the D, but all and all I was pretty happy. Sammie and Williams both look fantastic.

  12. Joe Says:

    Sabby is good only on special teams also.

    It’s nice to see the goats are forming a herd !

    That’s a beautiful one-liner.

  13. Trguy12 Says:

    Don’t worry about Mushmouth…he’s just mad
    because his mom didn’t let let him watch the game on her computer last night. Behave yourself mush and maybe you won’t get sent to bed early!

  14. goodfellajay Says:

    Hey Capt…when we win they still be mad

  15. eric Says:

    “Special Teams Icon”

  16. Trguy12 Says:

    Benn just ran a good looking route and made a nice catch.
    He also just blasted the safety on a running play.
    I wish they gave this guy more touches. Don’t really get why you throw the ball to your 2nd round draft pick once.

  17. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Eric – Not sure you have a future in the nickname business. 😉
    Benn needs a lot more balls thrown his way before we can judge too much.

  18. McBuc Says:

    Eric and Mush, you guys should give Benn a break. Eric, you favorate receiver did not have a 1000 yard year his rookie season either. I beleive BM had somwhere around 20 catches and something like 400 yards. I may bw off a little, I do not feel like looking it up for you two tools.

  19. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Arrelious Bust is horrible right now , that’s why he isn’t seeing the ball. He’s a joke, and despite all your best efforts, no excuses can be made for how completely unprepared he is to play at this level . I mean Dexter Jackson had more skills than this guy …at least Dexter returned a kick for a TD in his 1st preseason…

    He looks like a smaller slower version of Micheal Clayton, let’s be honest.

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    I’d probably take Mushmouth and the rest of the douche troop a little more seriously if they ever saw anything positive in this team. But they never will so I’ll just continue to shake my head every time I read one of their posts and try to imagine how much it must suck to live such pathetic lives that they sit and comment about a team that they hate.

  21. McBuc Says:

    Radio…You are a fool. Benn wil be fine. Most receivewrs take a year or two to develope. You seem to prove how little you know when you make posts like the one above.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    They’re just messing with you guys to get under your skin, and you fools are buying into it.

  23. eric Says:


    How about Arrelious Bustilous?


  24. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    How about Arreallylousy Bust , or the Invisible “Z” ??

  25. McBuc Says:

    @Bigmac..You are right. Best to ignore them. I hate when they sucker me like that.

  26. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    I don’t like Raheem, but I do like Benn.

    And I agree, no way in hell can you even think about calling a 2nd rounder a bust in his first year.

    The only bust noticed so early in his career was that Dexter Jackson #2 (little WR) we drafted in the 2nd round. He fell down one to many times to be even considered a good pick.

    But Benn, the guy is a nice sized WR. I am Happy that our 4th rounder Williams is showing up and looking beastly. Stroughter is looking to be an excellent slot WR. Benn will be fighting for a starting spot. He will get to hang around on the roster for many years to come.

    So yeah, stop hating on your own players. That is beyond terrible.

    Hate on Raheem, or the glazers, or CaptTim, but not the players.

  27. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Hating on players is off-limits in my book.

    Not one player on the Bucs team do I hate or even dislike.

    Not one.

    I even like Raheem Morris as a person.

    I just despise the fact that the sorry ass glazers rushed him into the head coaching role. Dumb ass owners.

  28. eric Says:

    Not hating on Benn, just having a little nickname fun.

    Can’t judge the rookies till they play in the regular season.

    As for all the negativity, I think the barely over 30K crowd at the big stadium is pretty strong evidence there are quite a few out there that are understandably skeptical.

  29. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Javier , you said Dexter was a bust right away , but Dexter returned a kick for a TD in a preseason game. What has Arreallylousy Benn done??

  30. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Benn just started man. How can you hate on your own Buc player, so soon?

    Jackson was considered a bust when he couldn’t stop falling down on kick returns. It was a reach to get him in round 2 anyway.

    But Benn, although I think Dom was stupid for trading a 5th to move up a couple spots for Benn, I think Benn is just a rookie. We have only player 2 pre-season games.

    Unless the QB throws Benn the ball then how can you say he sucks?

    Come on. That’s over doing it.

    Pick on the Rah-bvious issues with the Bucs. Not a rookie.

  31. eric Says:

    Actually, Dexter has three catches this pre-season for Carolina. He may make their team after spending a year on the practice squad.

  32. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Javier , they don’t throw him the ball because he sucks . He’s slow and runs crappy routes , so he can’t get open.

    Eric , that is the 3 times the catches that Areallylousy Bust has .

  33. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Yet another reason Benn reminds me of Stovall.

    I really don’t see why we cannot cut Stovall and Clayton. We have a great bunch of Wrs. Even Spurlock seems to coming into his own a little more.

    If we’re stuck with a learning QB, might as well have learning QBs.

  34. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “If we’re stuck with a learning QB, might as well have learning QBs.”


    If we’re stuck with a learning QB, might as well have learning WRs.

    (really wish we could edit these posts)

  35. Pete Dutcher Says:

    As to Benn, no one can accurately say he’s a bust yet. And anyone that tries is simply showing total ignorance and low morality.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    Stovall is better at covering kicks than any player on the team….if he doesn’t break his arm, wrist, elbow, finger, toe, ankle, whatever.

  37. ZeroExpectations Says:

    A Benn being a bust in his rookie year is aiken to Vincent coming in as a starter over Zutah.

    It’s pretty much a ‘manufactured’ story in my book.

    Who else has a story about Benn not doing anything?

    Heck, I’d rather you guys keep picking on Sabby rather than villanize a newly drafted rookie. I mean come on! Where’s the love?

  38. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    You guys are missing the point . It’s not that Benn needs to be a polished starter already( even though Mike Williams already is, go figure ), he just needs to show he’s a 2nd round caliber athlete with potential…hell , I’m still even willing to give Sabby a chance because I can see he is physically talented.

    Not Benn. Areallylousy looks like a 7th round caliber athlete ; he’s slow and small and has no instincts for the position . These are things you can’t coach and he will never have . Like I said , he looks like a poor man’s Mario Urritia.

  39. Gary Says:


    Please just stick to your one liners rather than football analysis. At least that way we are entertained.

    Old School has said repeatedly that Benn runs good routes, and I would take his opinion over yours anyday.

    The fact that you are dogging him already when he hasn’t even had that many opportunities shows how much of a fool you really are.

  40. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    bwahahaha , his route running sucks.

    Straight from his scouting report:
    “Route running: Struggles some in his route running. Not very crisp into and out of his cuts. Ran a lot of simple routes – 10-yard digs, simple crossing patterns and short posts. At his best against the zone where he can just find a hole and sit in it. Gets good separation using a head fakes.”

    He sucks Gary , get over it .

  41. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    You can’t say he sucks so early. You are just speculating that he will not turn into an NFL WR… he hasn’t even had the opportunity yet.

    So now I suppose you will hound him until he proves you right?

    Stick with calling out Raheem.

    I’d like to see what Cowher could do with Benn anyway.

  42. eric Says:

    Benn had poor production in college, but the reason given was poor QB play and Zook’s Offense.

    So, he is a “potential” type pick vs. a “production” pick. Those can be risky.

    I suppose it is not suprising he would take more time to develop.

    As Joe has stated if we get either Williams or Benn to snag 30 balls and a couple of touchdowns in their rookie season, thats good.

    Why the hell we didn’t bring in a good vet for the mix continues to vex me.

  43. trguy12 Says:

    Obviously Benn is not small..6’2″ 220 lbs…..mushtard you need to come up with comments that are at least debatable to provoke people with your silliness.

  44. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    “As Joe has stated if we get either Williams or Benn to snag 30 balls and a couple of touchdowns in their rookie season, thats good.”

    30 ?? Eric , at this point, if we can get Bennie the Goat to catch 3 balls , not only will it be “good” , it will be a miracle.

    The guy is a complete garbage can. He makes Larry Brackins look polished.

  45. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    …and yes i meant to say 3 balls . 3 balls would be a great season for this bum.

  46. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Bennie the Goat looks about the same size as Micheal Spurlock on the field , which is not very big . Despite what he is listed as….

  47. ZeroExpectations Says:

    Well, well, well… as it turns out, I have ZeroExpectations for Radio Mush’s credibility.

  48. Trguy12 Says:

    Mushtard the carnival dunk tank clown..get back to work and stop messing with everyone.