Barrett Ruud Continues To Sulk

August 1st, 2010

Last year Bucs middle linebacker Barrett Ruud held out of offseason workouts, much like offensive tackle Donald Penn did this year, in an effort to get a new contract with the Bucs.

It didn’t work.

So Ruud, whose contract is up after the season, was likely as surprised as anyone when Penn was re-upped to a new, significant deal.

As a result, it appears Ruud is peeved. He wouldn’t talk to reporters yesterday after the first day of training and he pulled the same stunt today, so reports Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times.

Always-accessible LB Barrett Ruud blew off reporters for a second straight day today as the Bucs completed their single practice this afternoon.

Ruud has been requested by media who wish to ask his reaction to the Bucs’ decision to sign LT Donald Penn to a long-term contract, but Ruud continues to decline those requests. Today, he ran off the field, responding to me and another reporter by simply saying, “I don’t got anything today, guys.”

Asked if Ruud was upset about his lack of a contract extension — he is playing on a one-year restricted free agent tender for $3.168 million — coach Raheem Morris said, “You guys know Barrett. We’re not going to manufacture drama.” Morris said Ruud has been professional about the matter and hasn’t shown any lack of effort on the field.

Whatever the hell is eating at Ruud, Joe certainly hopes he puts it behind him by the time the regular season begins. Last thing the Bucs need is for a starting middle linebacker to be so hacked off his head is elsewhere than the game at hand.

18 Responses to “Barrett Ruud Continues To Sulk”

  1. Blackmagic00 Says:

    I hope Ruud just lights it up this year and gets more than he could imagine. Not so much that it breaks the bank, but more than he expects. Get em’ Ruud.

  2. ZeroExpectations Says:

    Yeah, I’d like to see him play it hard nosed, pissed off about the raw deal. Then force the Bucs to franchise him or he walks.

    Bottom line, he’ll be playing sideline to sideline LIKE HE IS SUPPOSED TO.

  3. eric Says:

    Im sure Rah the great motivator will easily take care of this. All the players love him.

  4. Bucfanjeff Says:

    Pay him.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I wonder…is it possible a behind-the-scenes deal for Ruud is being worked on now that the picks are signed? I realized he’s signed tender, but does that mean by rule they cannot put something together?

    If so, it could also explain why he’s avoiding media…not wanting to say anything to mess up the deal before it’s a done deal.

    Not saying this is the case…just wondering.

    If this isn’t the case, with the refusal to do a deal with him, could Raheem feel Ruud needs to be replaced soon due to:

    1) Compared to the rest of the team, is he aging? Could Raheem want younger because Ruud is approaching the “slow-down” age in a couple years?

    2) Could Raheem want a different type of MLB in his defense, and since Ruud is so good, Morris just hasn’t made it a top Priority? Could he have already drafted the heir apparent, or plan to next year?

  6. drdneast Says:

    Rudd is the consumate professional. Maybe he got tired of the hacks that say he should make up for the defensive lines inequities by tackling players in the backfield.

  7. BamBamBuc Says:

    It is possible they are working on a deal for Ruud, but the likelihood is small. If they give him an extension this year, it probably won’t happen until October or November. They may look at trade options before week 6 if they aren’t making headway or if his “head isn’t in the game”. If there are no takers, they’ll probably look to get a deal done before he becomes unrestricted and they have to franchise him.

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    The Bucs need a leader on defense and he’s not it. Who ever fills that void needs to do it soon though.

  9. Bucnjim Says:


    I would take anything; a tackle in the backfield, a sack, a fumble recover, an interception, ever a pass batted down. How about a crushing hit? Any type of game changing play I’ll take! Even by accident! If they are depending on him to be the team leader on defense then these are the plays he needs to be making. It’s funny because they have him as a top 10 middle linebacker and there is only about 10 teams still using a 4-3 base D still. How about we list him against all linebackers!

  10. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Ruud says “no comment” in an effort to NOT stir the pot and the media says “Ruud is sulking cause he won’t answer our questions…”. That’s ridiculous.

  11. JDouble Says:

    I wish the media would just get off his back. He isn’t happy about the situation and he doesn’t wanna talk to reporters. What’s the big deal? Just leave the dude alone and let him play football.

  12. George C. Costanza Says:

    Don’t worry, Joe. This just means Ruud will play very angry this year. (I hope)

  13. hefferyjansen Says:

    I’m still sulking over last season

  14. tampa2 Says:

    with a little help at the line of scrimage Ruud will be much better this year. So will Sabby if he is given the chance. But I have a feeling Sabby & Ruud are not our all-pro amateur coach’s favorites. Be ready for another McCown/Leftwich rigged battle for Sabby.

  15. Pete Dutcher Says:

    If all that anger is directed at Ruud, you should probably re-evaluate your stance. Last year was a horrible year, yes, but it was also a bad year to judge anyones performance on.

    With the schemes changing, the suspension of T-Jack, the poor defensive line play (which I believe the coaches telling them to put on weight slowed them down), and more, it’s not really fair to judge the players too harshly based on last year.

    The organization was a total disaster, and the players were obeying a coach that was feeling things out, learning and adapting. The players themselves all new the Tampa 2 should have remained…but what could they do? They took what Raheem gave them and tried to adjust, but it didn’t work out.

    This is why I believe the media, other teams and yes, a lot of fans, are underestimating the Bucs this year. We are back to the Tampa 2, we have a rebuilt DT rotation (which will improve the play of the DEs), and hopefully no one gets suspended or hurt. Couple all that with the lighter schedule, and we could well go 8-8 or better for the season. I personally think we’ll go 9-7 and tease with a wildcard spot for a couple weeks.

    But as to Ruud, let’s just wait and see this year. With a revamped D-line, maybe we’ll see his results improve. His play is already top-notch in my book…he just needs to make plays sooner. If the D-line does its job, they will hold up the run long enough for him to build up steam and hit hard behind the line of scrimage.

    I hope Sabby has been working on his tackling skills in the off season…because if not, I’d rather have a rookie playing in his spot.

  16. Bucfan 593 Says:

    Hopefully after a few good games now that this whole rookie deal is done they will start working on something for him. He is a solid middle linebacker better than any rookie we could get unless we draft one in the top ten next year but then we will be paying him more than we would end up giving ruud. We need to lock him up and use the picks on different needs the same as we did with penn.

  17. BucnJim Says:

    Pete Dutcher,

    It’s not anger; it’s frustration! I used to really dog Ruud, but like I said in another post I was going to limit my comments and just wait and see. The problem I have is some fans think he is a super star pro bowl LB. He is a good player who has coverage skills and can cover a lot of ground when in persuit. The problem is; (not just last year) is he gets easily handled at the point of attack. No one is going to win every battle, but you have to win some of the one on one battles at the line of scrimmage. Shed blocks then stuff the runner at the line! The Defensive line is doing there job #1 if they make the tackle, but #2 if the funnel the play to force the RB to the LB waiting to make the play.

  18. snook Says:

    Wow, all of this support for Ruud is wonderful. It’s also misguided. The Bucs have not re-signed Ruud for a reason. The guy is a good athlete with wonderful instincts, but he lacks the physical approach needed in a Mike linebacker. If the Bucs are to become special, it will be with a fire-breathing, intimidating hitter at the spot. Ruud’s a drag-down tackler who fades versus physical lead blockers. You might not like the truth, but it is what it is.