Adam Schein And The Bucs

August 24th, 2010

You know him. You love him. He’s Adam Schein of and Sirius NFL Radio. In this video, Schein takes a look at the Bucs in 2010. Hint: Schein likes what Mark Dominik did in the draft. 

27 Responses to “Adam Schein And The Bucs”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think that Adam will not have the balls to eat his own words when the Bucs prove him wrong. That’s what I think.

  2. WESTAMPA Says:

    I wonder what he thinks of the GM’s first seasons moves? Clayton / Ward.

  3. MichiganBucsFan Says:


    agreed 100%

  4. factoidboy Says:

    What a freaking douche. “Is that a receiving corp or a witness protection program?” Are you serious? People get paid for that oral diarrhea? Has he even watched Mike Williams for a single snap? Guy’s got his head up his ass. Maybe drinking whatever Vacation Man was drinking while watching DWard against Miami.

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I guess the truth hurts huh Kids! Look if Tampa some how wins some games. You can call up Schein on his show and he would eat his words. He has done it with other surprise teams. But you can’t say he is out of his mind When Williams has not played 1 play in a Nfl Game.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Schein is Jewish for “D!ck Head”.

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hehehehehe…nothing like a common enemy to unit the troops right Joe?

    It’s funny how this guy hasn’t even looked at Williams while his buddies think that Mike is a ‘steal’ for fantasy football….

  8. Posey99 Says:

    Joe, what purpose does Schein’s report serve? I mean, #1 Bucs fan’s don’t want to hear a report about how bad their team is going to be. #2 Non-bucs fans certainly don’t care. #3 The NFL and glazers want fans to be opomistic about their team to make $. #4 His report served no value for fantasy football leagues… So who is his report useful to? or does schein just like being negative and having nothing nice to say?

  9. Joe Says:


    Joe brings Bucs news and insight from various sources both local and national. It is up to the reader to decide if he/she thinks its worthy of consumption or not.

    Joe’s not a Bucs hater, nor a Bucs cheerleader, but he would certainly like to find one under his Christmas tree… or Labor Day 12-pack.

  10. nick Says:

    This guy gives no analysis of anything…ever. “I’m not buying it” is his only analysis. I don’t have any reason to pay attention to this guy

  11. Joe Says:


    Just remember this: Last year Bucs fans wanted to skin Adam Schein for having the nerve to claim the Bucs would win only four games.

  12. Ozzie the Sports JUnkie Says:

    I didnt know Ron Burgandy had a brother who did sports?? What a douchebag…….He must have researched literally seconds for this report

  13. nick Says:

    Joe, I said they would only win 4 games last year. Should I too be an NFL analyst for Fox sports? I don’t have a problem with him saying what he says. He just sounds like a fan and a douche while saying it. He gives no reason as to why he’s not buying Freeman. He just plays it safe which keeps his job.

  14. Posey99 Says:

    Joe, I agree with you 100% and love that you bring all media/news together. But my question is more so directed at FOX’s adam schiens reporting. My question is: The goal of television and News/ media in general is to bring things that appeal to a large group of people right? who is this appealing to? The guy is reporting stuff that nobody wants to hear IMO. Ok, we suck, DUH. Now give some fantasy owners an outlook on what they might find on the team i.e. Mike Williams, kellen winslow, etc. Last two times I heard this guy speak about the bucs it was all garbage. doesnt make sence to me.

  15. Joe Says:


    The goal of television and News/ media in general is to bring things that appeal to a large group of people right?

    If that was the case, Joe would have no reason to have a radio, TV or internet. It would all be a broken record. “The Bucs running backs of Cadillac Williams and Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward make Jim Brown, Gayle Sayers and Barry Sanders look like Larry, Curly and Moe.”

    Adam Schein is an analyst paid to give his opinion. He gave his opinion.

    Joe has to confess, fantasy football is off his radar. Joe is confident you’ve read Joe’s philosophy of fantasy football.

  16. Joe Says:


    He gives no reason as to why he’s not buying Freeman. He just plays it safe which keeps his job.

    You have to remember Schein is limited to a specific amount of time in the video. He explains his views on his Sirius NFL Radio show.

  17. Gary Says:

    How can you not hate this guy no matter where you stand on the Bucs? Just the way he talks firstly is incredibly annoying. Then he says one dumb thing after another. He disagrees with the opinions of many other experts. Notice that smile he cracked at the end right after saying we and the Rams would be wretched? What a POS.

  18. Jonny Says:

    @Joe: “You know him. You love him.”

    And you’re being delusional lol.

  19. Blackmagic00 Says:

    What a DOUCHE!

  20. Posey99 Says:

    Sorry Joe I don’t agree will you. If you don’t have SOMETHING nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Adam may have been close to right last year, but then it was obvious then. The Bucs were changing schemes in both offense and defense, Faine was injured, Tanard was suspended and the possibility of Talib being suspended for hitting a cabbie was out there. Not to mention a rookie coach and rookie GM, and the instructed weight gain on both lines.

    The thing is, people are missing the important positives this year. Aside from a huge draft, we have both of the old schemes back in place, and both lines are in much, much better shape.

    We actually have WRs who can catch the ball now. Certain players have developed more. The coach has improved. Freeman has improved.

    It’s easy to look at last year and make dire predictions, but the truth is this team has crossed back over to the good side. It’s just a matter of games before the lights come on now.

    And as far as negative articles…consider this. People can only handle the negative just so long before they start to avoid it.

  22. eric Says:

    People around here were not predicting a bad season last year. Even Rah was saying all the team had to do was finish, etc.

    Only when the disaster ensued did manchild Dom proclaim “we knew that would happen”.

    I distinctly recall the very loud radio personality proclaiming that the bucs would beat Dallas, and even after that game saying the bucs would win a lot of games cause the offense played well that day.

    Lots of revisionists out there. I predict after the pending atrocity it will be viewed as “painful re-building” that everybody knew would happen or some other such nonsense. Stay tuned for the excusses.

  23. Sebring Smitty Says:

    Even though most “experts” say that Freeman is a keeper, this yoyo is still dissing him. And it does get old listening to the same old drivel coming out of this guys mouth. He may be spot on ! I do not care! Like when I’m wearing one of my Bucs jerseys down the street and a voice comes from a passing “The Bucs Suck !!” I always whisper to myself’ Then go back to Jersey asshole..”

  24. Sebring Smitty Says:

    oops , left out car. it should have read, a passing car.

  25. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    With a name like Adam Schein, I thought he was a Ambulance Chaser, instead of an expert on the Tampa Bay Bucs. One look at his hair, and we know what BP did with the oil it skimmed from the Gulf. Kind of like a Football Version of Barry Melrose, EH ?
    But Melrose has some credibility to me, this idiot does not. Tampa played well the last 3 games last year, and we have vastly improved. The NFC South is a tough division to be sure, but I think we will be far from the worst team in the NFL.

  26. BuzzSaw Says:

    I’m starting to lose a lot of respect for you and your website. You’re using a lot of tabloid headlines lately (think Enquirer) that say one thing (Come On – Read Me) and then, when read, say something else entirely. The recent post on Mike Florio’s take on trhe Bucs (Mr. Clueless – 7 wins in the next 3 years) comes to mind. Do we need this? REALLY? I don’t expect Drink the Kool-Aid articles on the Bucs but seriously, Dude, your shtick is getting a little too Promote This Site! cynical. You obviously didn’t live through the Culverhouse era. The next few years look like roses compared to that pile of $hit.

  27. NickinMelbourne Says:

    For some strange reason I have found a little optimism heading into this year. Don’t get me wrong, I think the injury to Freemans thumb could be a huge disruption and linger throughout the year but I also think Mike Williams is one of the steals of the draft and Arrelious Benn can definitely outplay the blocking icon. Regardless we should be better than last year because we can finally stretch the field. If we can backup Caddy with Huggins then I am hoping for 6 or7 wins and that will make Shein eat his words. He obviously doesn’t watch much football to slam Mike Williams. I am predicting unless he implodes will be one of the best wide receivers we have ever drafted and I am giving that nod to Kevin House.