Williams Burns Barber; Benn Impresses

July 31st, 2010

Everything about training camp on the field is fun for Joe. It’s all football. All the glorious nuances of the game.

But, admittedly, Joe gets a little more fired up to see the Bucs line up 11-on-11 and throw the ball in full pads, rather than watching Barrett Ruud today in an intense coaching session with new linbackers coach Joe Baker, in which the two were demonstrating/discussing (disagreeing?) on technique.

So the fun picked up a notch late when Mike Williams, who had already made a couple of impressive athletic catches earlier in the day, lined up one-on-one with Ronde Barber in the flat.

It was pretty — for Williams.

Williams juked Barber and got wide open (the crowd oooohed), but Williams dropped the pass, which was slightly underthrown by Josh Freeman.

Fun stuff.

Joe was quite impressed with Arrelious Benn. The dude is strong. Joe know understands all that gay-sounding talk about his impressive lower body by Bucs coaches after the draft. Benn clearly is a guy who will be tough to bring down after the catch at the NFL level.

Benn didn’t have any drops – that Joe witnessed – and had what would have been a long-gainer on an out route, courtesy of a foolish gamble in man coverage by cornerback Derrick Roberson.

As for the other receivers, Sammie Stroughter had a bad drop, which he agonized over for a while. Terrance Nunn showed some sure hands, as did Micheal Spurlock, who seems to be just that little extra focused than others to make the team.

Reggie Brown didn’t stand out for Joe — good or bad. Although he apparently has befriended Michael Clayton, which can’t help his odds of making the team.

On a side note, Aqib Talib displays such incredible hands and body control in secondary drills, sometimes Joe wonders whether he should have been a receiver.

8 Responses to “Williams Burns Barber; Benn Impresses”

  1. jason Says:

    I think this is the start of a new era in Tampa. I might be an optimist about this but i think we can make a run at a playoff spot this year. How did Freeman look Joe? I think we have a very young and exciting team and when we do turn it around all the haters here can shut there mouth! GO BUCS! Keep up the great work Joe

  2. Gary Says:

    yes, finally we hear good things about Benn. wish mike would have held onto the ball. Finally football is here! I am so happy.

  3. Dew Says:

    Great coverage Joe. I was there for practice and came away with some of the same thoughts. Thanks.

  4. Bob Says:

    Let’s hope Aquib is a receiver when the ball is thrown to the guy he is covering.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “Terrance Nunn showed some sure hands, as did Micheal Spurlock, who seems to be just that little extra focused than others to make the team.”

    I wish to state, for the record…I have always felt Michael Spurlock should have stayed on hte roster last year, and been given at least a chance to develop as a true WR.

    I’m not just saying this now because of the above statement, but it did remind me. Too soon to get a true accurate picture, but considering he broke the kick return streak, I felt he earned at least a fair chance.

    I hope he earns a spot on the team. It won’t be easy. Nunn is pretty much an obvious cut (at this point). Benn reminds me a little of Maurice, except maybe…maybe…more talent.

  6. Gary Says:


    Benn has “maybe” more talent than Stovall!! He better be more talented or we are trouble.

  7. Joe Says:


    Joe hates to talk about who/who doesn’t “look good.” It’s the first day of training camp. Joe looks more for plays made then who “looks good.”

    Joe, however, can confirm the Bucs cheerleaders did in fact look good.

  8. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    That’s good, as long as the cheerleaders are up to snuff there will never be an unhappy man in the stands