Warm Front For Raheem The Dream

July 20th, 2010

Joe has been scouring the interwebs looking for Bucs stuff (in between e-mailing and calling out of town writers for interviews), as it seems many of the local pen and mic club are taking a siesta.

Joe takes no siesta, unless Rachel Watson comes calling, of course.

In his research, Joe came across rather inflammatory accusations about Raheem the Dream’s job status by Todd L. Frank of RealFootball365.com. There, in a column written earlier this month, Frank suggests that Team Glazer regretted hiring Raheem the Dream and the Bucs were going to jettison Raheem the Dream this offseason.

Just came off his first year, but the Bucs were showing signs of remorse and considered canning him earlier this offseason. If Morris and the team don’t show improvement, they could pull the trigger.

This is simply an outrageous statement by any measure. Of course, Raheem the Dream could be let go if the Bucs win, say, two games this year. And Joe could also find himself in the embrace of Rachel Watson someday as well.

But Frank never attributes his source nor even hints he has a source in claiming Raheem the Dream was about to be fired. Exactly who is feeding him this information? Or is Frank just throwing feces against the wall?

Now if Frank somehow mistook Team Glazer waiting a few days after the regular season to give Raheem the Dream another year, well, OK, Joe can see where Frank may have connected two-and-two and came up with five. But to not attribute where he obtained such explosive information is beyond the pale.

30 Responses to “Warm Front For Raheem The Dream”

  1. eric Says:

    Sadly, probably inaccurate.

    However, I will go on record that Raheem the Dream will not be the head coach by sesons end. Someone will have the dreaded “interim” title.

    Perhaps Olsen or the special teams coach.

  2. thedeej3000 Says:

    We can only hope he knows something the rest of us don’t…

  3. RustyRhino Says:

    At it again with your opinions Eric?
    Hey, how about giving us the next two weeks lottery numbers while your foretelling the future. Just so we can all believe that you can foretell the future… On the Record I promise i will believe every opinion you post if i win!!!!!

    We hear that the owners take some time after every season is complete to asses the season and the players and the coaching staff.
    Would this fall into this timetable being spoken about??

  4. thomas Says:

    How could you not have considered canning him after that disaster? he looked overwhelmed, overmatched and embarrassing week in and week out.

    BTW – to all of you sheep who think that the draft was a slam dunk:

    Please review PFT’s analysis of the 2007 draft, which concluded “17 of 31 (first-round) picks can be seen as net positives.” They choose 31 b/c Gaines Adams died.

    So nearly 50% of first round picks have proven disappointing. Do you still want to rebuild solely through the draft which is far from a science?

    Not me. Not the Jets. Not the Patriots. Not the Saints. Not the Ravens. Not the Dolphins – and on and on. Don’t say the 1996 Bucs were built solely through the draft b/c the engine of their defense was Nickerson a FA, so was Mayhew, Marts and Culpepper. In 1997 Dungy brought in 2 guys A. Parker and C. Mincy who started a lot of games in secondary.

    Also, trivia question – since 2002 which NFC South teams has won the most division titles? Answer: Bucs 3 under Gruden.

  5. Gary Says:

    Ok, Frank knows the status of many other coaches around the league. Either this guy is one of the most connected NFL sports journalists, or he is pulling stuff out of his a$$. I think its the latter.

    Eric, I will go on record and say you are dead wrong yet again. Rah will be our coach at the end of the season just like we will win more than the 2 games you predicted as well.

    Where has the capt. gone? Haven’t heard from him since Joe said his pirate speak was annoying. Hope he didn’t walk the plank over that! lol.

  6. Gary Says:

    Thomas Thomas Thomas…. what about the plan don’t you understand? No one ever said build EXCLUSIVELY through the draft. FA is used to augment the draft in terms of acquiring talent. But that only makes sense when you have a solid core. That core is what you need the draft for, and thats what we are working on now.

    In the next year or 2, we will need FA.

    I have a trivia question for you: in those years when we won those division titles, was there ever any hope we would go farther than the wildcard game? No never, and I’m a sheep as you say, so thats saying something.

  7. eric Says:

    The Glazer’s arent stupid, when they see those blackouts and half filled stadium after the 1-7 start. they will start scurrying like cockroaches in a dark room after the light switch is flipped.

    After all these guys fired Wyche, Dungy and Gruden. Morris will be a snap.

    They won’t even need the gutless move of asking Allen to do it.

  8. eric Says:


    Your telling me the bucs had no chance of beating the skins in 05? Did you even watch the game?

  9. Gary Says:


    trust me I remember that game very well because I was the only one in a DC bar with a Bucs jersey on. I almost fought someone when taylor spit in pittmans face because no one saw that he spit on on him, they just saw pittman retaliate and went crazy.

    They won that game setting the record for the fewest yds on offense. So what does that mean? Our offense was even WORSE!!! Our D did their job, like always, but the O sucked balls, like always. I won’t even get into who the coach was.

  10. eric Says:

    Ok Gary,,

    If you think the Bucs had “no chance” to win that game, thats your opinion.

    Seemed very close to me, almost tied at the end except for a bobble in the endzone on a great pass from Chris.

    Ill concede the bucs werent competitive against the Giants in 07.

  11. Gary Says:

    I get your point Eric. I will give you that skins game. But my thoughts are that it should have never come down to a last second game tying play with the other team handing us the win on a silver platter only gaining 120 yds. on offense. I mean, what else could our D possible do?

    This is bringing back too many bad memories. But your right, we did have a chance in that one. If only our D scored a TD for us.

  12. eric Says:

    Ok Gary, fair enough.

    Wonder if we will ever live to see the day when rah loses a home playoff game, after winning the NFC South with an 11-5 record.

    Will the criticism be so harsh?

  13. Louie the HATER! Says:

    “Team Glazer regretted hiring Raheem the Dream”

    You think???!!!

    If they wanted to hire from within, they should have named Rich Bisaccia the head coach. He’s probably gone after this season and he was/is far more qualified for the job then The Dream.

  14. Louie the HATER! Says:

    “Wonder if we will ever live to see the day when rah loses a home playoff game, after winning the NFC South with an 11-5 record.”

    I’ll be happy if we can just get back to the playoffs again, much less win one.

  15. Patrick Says:

    If Raheem starts off with a poor record, and i mean really poor (1-7, or 0-8) then maybe we should go ahead and demote him to DC, name Bisaccia the interim coach for the rest of the year and see what he can do.

  16. oar Says:

    Gary, Granted 243 yards isn’t very good at all, but thier 120 was LAME. We had double the offensive yards that the Redskins had. How were we worse offensively that game? It wasn’t like the Redskins didn’t have a good defense. We lost that game due do a horrible non-catch call. I Remember ole Edell Sheppard layed out in the endzone like it was yesterday. Take away that 50 yard fumble(fumbled twice on the same play) return by Sean Taylor and they would have only scored 1 td.

  17. eric Says:

    “if” Rah starts out with a poor record?

    Is the sun gonna rise tomorrow?

  18. RustyRhino Says:

    Still waiting on next weeks Numbers Eric…..

  19. eric Says:

    Here ya go Rusty,


  20. RustyRhino Says:


  21. JimBuc Says:

    It really does not matter what the article is about, Eric will spout off about how much he loves Gruden and hates Morris and Thomas will spout off about how much he loves Gruden and hates everything else.

    Oops, Thomas will also make up stuff that no one has ever said just so that he can argue against an invisible opponent.

    Just another day at JBF. Joe, put up an article about the 76 Bucs so that Eric and Thomas can argue that Gruden would have won the SB with the 76 Bucs (and Thomas can argue that there was a free agent on the 76 Bucs who made all the difference)

  22. JimBuc Says:

    Eric said:

    “Wonder if we will ever live to see the day when rah loses a home playoff game, after winning the NFC South with an 11-5 record.”

    Eric, you said I always bring up Gruden, but then you go and . . . bring up Gruden? Hmmm . . .

    By the way, if it is a question of Morris going 11-5 with a home playoff loss doesn’t that means he gets to have a losing season this year? Twolosing seasons before 11-5, right? Maybe Morris gets 3 losing seasons because he did not start with the Super Bowl championship team, right?

  23. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Ok, ok I admit it.

    I called Todd L. Frank and “leaked” the story.

    A guy can hope can’t he?

  24. Mr. Lucky Says:

    JimBuc wrote, “Maybe Morris gets 3 losing seasons because he did not start with the Super Bowl championship team, right?”


  25. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Louie wrote: I’ll be happy if we can just get back to the playoffs again, much less win one.”

    Should asked for Cowher…or better yet just kept Gruden…

  26. JimBuc Says:

    Tough to argue with Eric’s logic isn’t it Mr. Lucky. That Eric is a wise man.

  27. Mr. Lucky Says:

    JimBuc wrote: Tough to argue with Eric’s logic isn’t it Mr. Lucky. That Eric is a wise man.”


    I leave for a few weeks and I read THAT?

    I’m not in Kansas anymore!!!!!

  28. eric Says:

    ok Jimbuc, you got me, I brought up Gruden.

    Can’t help myself, I suppose.

  29. JimBuc Says:

    Mr. Lucky: If Eric says Morris should get three years before having to go 11-5 then Morris gets three years. No tougher critic than Eric.

  30. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Eric – stop swilling the Caybrew and magic mushrooms….