July 13th, 2010

Each day Joe reads the anger, venom and frustration fans have towards the Bucs.

Fans got used to paying top dollar for a top team. Good things cost good money.

But when Team Glazer decided to go to the youth movement, canned Super Bowl-winning Chucky, jettisoned future Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks, and what was left was a hideous display of football, many fans erupted.

One such fan is Englewood resident Jim Hinck. Doug Fernandes of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune writes how Hinck is so incensed at watching last year’s train wreck, highlighted by the heinous Jim Bates Experiment, that a scantily-clad, well-perfumed Rachel Watson cooing in his ear wouldn’t be able to lure him back to the CITS.

“I don’t believe in what they’re doing.”

It started right after last season, when the long-time Buc fan decided to forgo the tickets he’s had since 1998 by ignoring his bill for 2011, close to $2,000.

The Bucs phoned Hinck, who said thanks but no thanks. They called again and again, even leaving messages at his work.

“I wasn’t harassed,” Hinck said, “but it’s almost like a debt collector… It’s hard to watch them. It’s not an NFL product. How do you watch that?”

Joe can understand Hinck’s frustration. In some ways it’s possible Bucs fans got spoiled. Sometimes in the NFL, you have to hit the valleys before rising back to the peaks.

Hinck, and perhaps thousands of other Bucs fans, will be content watching only Bucs road games on their HDTVs at home. In the air conditioning. With $6 six-packs as opposed to $8 beers.

68 Responses to “Outrage!”

  1. john Says:

    seriously? what a bunch of bitch fans we have. WAAAAAAAAAAAA were not winning! give me a break.. its a rebuilding process that takes time.. I hate our fans such baby know it all’s

  2. Larry Says:

    I wonder if Glazer’s giving up a home game to play in London last season soured many people as well? It really was a bad year to do that.

  3. nick Says:

    Hinck got season tickets a year after we made the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Now he gives up his tickets at the first sign of adversity. Definition of fair weather. Hinck, keep your sorry ass away from the stadium. I’m afraid you’ll be back in two years. That’s right two years.

  4. T in Orlando Says:

    If the team wants to win back some season ticket hoders, why not offer a “locked-in” price for people buying tickets this year? Something along the lines of “if you buy your tickets this year, we’ll keep them at the same price for the next 5 years (you must renew each year of course), even if the team turns it around and we jack up ticket prices again, you’ll be paying the same as you paid today”.

    Personally, I think every team for every sport should do that kind of thing anyways. I know it’s a business and that teams are trying to maximize their dollars, but a good business model can’t soley be based on getting every last cent possilble. Sometimes going above and beyond is necessary to maintain customer loyalty.

  5. Not a Rocket Surgeon Says:

    What Nick said… Hinck is the definition of a fairweather fan.

    and they’ll be back to fill up the BW soon enough…

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    I realize that as a fan I have to experience some valleys, but when a team goes on the cheap under the guise of “rebuilding” and “youth movement” is when it becomes troublesome. The Bucs continue to lower their payroll but they have yet to offer me my season tickets at a lower price.

  7. CalicoJack Says:

    Hinck is a fan. You Uberfans need to get over yourselves. Especially if you watch the games in your livingroom…

  8. Louie the HATER! Says:

    I’m with Hinck. Why should fans spend their hard-earned money on a sub-par (awful?) product? It’s not like the Glazerhouse’s have tried to hide what they are doing. They aren’t investing in the team and their number one priority is the almighty dollar — not winning. Maybe it’s because of the economy, maybe it’s because of their Man-U debt — whatever the reason, I don’t give a damn. I only care about winning OR the reasonable probability of winning. This team IMHO doesn’t have a reasonable chance to win now or in the near future.

  9. james from dunedin Says:

    I was a season ticket holder for ten years, after the SB victory tickets, parking, beers, and food prices went through the roof. What did Bucs fans get in return? A team consistently at the bottom of spending every year. After the purchase of MU the Bucs have been run on the cheap at the expense of season ticket holders. Thats why everyone near my seats left, we were tired of financing MU!!

  10. eric Says:

    The real “spoiled” fans were the idiots who raised hell over 11-5/9-7 seasons, division titles, and home playoff games. Now the same morons say “oh don’t complain we are rebuilding”.

    Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

    Being a buc fan does not mean slurping down whatever stupid “plan” the Glazer boys throw our way, and further ignore the fact that it is being implemented by complete buffoons.

    Any buc fan not horrified by this disaster is of a highly questionable level of intelligence.

    I say viva la Hinck!

    BTW, can you imagine what they would do in Philly if they fired Andy Reed and replaced him with “Rah”? Thats the kind of passion we need here!

  11. tampa2 Says:

    If we had season tix throughout the 0-26 and beyond, would that qualify as a fan in you kool-aid drinker’s eyes? Were you even born yet? I have some news for you, this isn’t a valley. “it’s an abyss!” How can you blame Hinck? We fans have watched our team grow over the years. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But we “always” felt like we had a chance to win! Over the years we have had valleys & peaks with our team. Even to the Superbowl! Since Malcom Glazer’s stroke his kids have done nothing but take money from the Bucs. Gruden was experienced & respected enough to have the old guard players come in and play for him. But since Gruden’s firing what is to keep us optimistic about winning on game day? There are thousands of “Hinck’s” In Tampa Bay, myself included. You guys can be as optimistic as you want to be and believe what you want to believe. But thousands of us aren’t buying the snake oil the Glazer’s are selling! And that is a fact!

  12. Matt Says:

    Man do we have a lot of whiny fans. Where were they in the 80s when we sucked for a whole decade?

    Oh, that’s right, they weren’t fans then. They didn’t become fans until we started winning in 1997.

  13. eric Says:

    Where were we in the 80’s?

    Right on those cold steel seats buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Louie the HATER! Says:

    @Matt: In Tampa Stadium – section O, Row 33, seats 10 & 11. That’s where smart guy.

  15. Matt Says:

    “Why should fans spend their hard-earned money on a sub-par (awful?) product?”

    So, to be clear, you’re advocating that fans not buy a bad product when you just admitted that you bought a bad product for around 15 years straight?

  16. Clayton's Moving Van Says:

    BTW, can you imagine what they would do in Philly if they fired Andy Reed and replaced him with “Rah”? Thats the kind of passion we need here! – eric

    Yeah we need to be more like Philly, WITH NO SUPER BOWL RINGS!!!!

    LOL, you’re a joke Eric…

  17. Louie the HATER! Says:

    @Matt, I’m not advocating anything. I’m just saying I’m not spending good money on a crap team (unlike earlier in my life when I was young and dumb) and I understand completely how Hinck feels. Those who want to spend the money, go for it. In fact, I want them to spend the money so the games won’t be blacked out. I’m just not going to do it myself and there are countless others who feel the same way.

  18. Matt Says:

    @Louie Okay, in that case, I completely agree with you.

    But my larger point was that we have lost a LOT of fans because they don’t want to deal with losing. We don’t have the fan base here to support a losing team, and probably never will.

  19. The D Says:

    Ever since the superbowl season, I have never felt that we could win it all again. Sure, we might win enough to get a wildcard spot, but to say that we were superbowl contenders in any season after we won it all is ridiculous. All we had after that were mediocore teams, besides the 11-5 team of ’05 that, as usual, lost in the first round.

  20. Matt Says:

    @Louie One more point.

    I understand that a lot of people like yourself are just trying to get their message across that you’re not happy with the team’s direction.

    But, seriously, we’ve had ONE bad season so far and everyone is acting like it’s the apocalypse.

    Did you guys rail on Culverhouse this hard, non-stop for 15 years straight? (Serious question.)

    If so, do you think it got you anywhere? Was it worth it? Weren’t you miserable for the entirety of it? Did you even enjoy watching the games?

    If not, why are you holding the Glazers to a different standard?

  21. eric Says:

    11-5 and a first round loss is looking pretty good right now.

    “Rah” will never come close to that achievement, unless the league changes the rules and starts awarding victories for “close” losses.

    What the hell, people are on their knees praying for a 6 win season!


  22. Not a Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Can someone provide me with the lottery numbers?

    I really want them. Really.

  23. Matt Says:

    @eric You know the argument and yet you choose to ignore it.

    The argument is that under Gruden we were constantly a ~.500 team, one that had no long-term plan and one that was always patchwork.

    The new plan is to start from scratch, put the pieces together and field a long-term contender.

    Now, whether or not you agree with how well we’re doing that is one thing, but don’t try and argue that continually doing okay but never actually winning any titles is better than THE PLAN of rebuilding from the ground up.

    No one is excited over the prospect of a 6-10 season. People are excited over the potential of a franchise QB. The potential of a new group of good WRS. The potential of a once-again stout middle of the d-line. The potential of a team that can win for years to come. The potential of 2011 being the year where we can actually make some noise.

    The POTENTIAL is something we haven’t had in eight years.

  24. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Potential , Matt??

    The only potential this team has is to earn the 1st overall pick in next year’s draft.

    Funny , “building for the future” was always the battle-cry of the Culverhouses also, not to mention every other cheap owner in the history of sports.

    It’s simply a ruse to used to fool useful idiots like yourself. Keep buying the Glazers $8.00 beers and watching bad football , you moron . The Glazers will need every penny.

  25. Matt Says:

    I didn’t expect any less Radio 🙂

    Say what you want, but I would rather have today’s roster than any roster we’ve had in the past 5 years. There is a lot of talent on this roster. Whether or not we can succeed with them is another question.

    Ultimately, the fate of this franchise for the next five years lays in the following:
    1) Whether or not Raheem can be a good coach. I agree this is a question mark.
    2) Whether or not Freeman is a franchise QB. Completely up in the air.
    3) (Assuming there is a season next year.) Whether or not the Glazers open up their pocketbook next season to re-sign about half of our key players.

    If you have no faith in Raheem, Freeman, or the Glazers, then, yes, I’d suggest you stop watching this team for the next five years, because it wouldn’t be pretty.

  26. Louie the HATER! Says:

    I’d be OK with the rebuilding plan IF it was being implemented by people who know what they’re doing. Based on last year’s abortion of a season, these guys are CLUELESS. I have no confidence in this front office and head coaching staff.

    Last season, they wouldn’t use the “R” word, now that’s all they talk about. They say whatever they need to say to keep the sheep in line.

  27. eric Says:

    ” continually doing okay but never actually winning any titles is better than THE PLAN of rebuilding from the ground up”.

    NFC South doesn’t count?

    Cmon, you guys know you would be dancing in the streets in multiple Orahisms if that ever happened.

    Hell, Rah was bragging about 3-13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hate away, boys, in 2014, you’ll really be hating. The Bucs will be in LA, and you’ll be bitching about the Dolphins or the Jaguars. Difference is, they won’t be YOUR team, and it’ll be awhile before the next franchise gets awarded here. Guess you can take yer kids to a Tuskers game. Minor league fans get minor league teams. It’s a business. And they can move to where they’re wanted.

  29. Matt Says:

    @Louie I agree that last season was a disaster. However, Bates was the biggest part of the disaster and I don’t think Raheem had any part in his hiring. And of course they didn’t use the “R” word, no one wants to hear that from a team coming off a winning season, but we all knew it was coming.

    @eric No, winning the NFC South in a weak season doesn’t count. And there is no chance we would have won the NFC South last season if Gruden was here. I’m more excited in knowing that we could be competitive over a long period of time than watching Garica to Galloway squeak out a win whenever their bodies can hold up.

  30. Louie the HATER! Says:

    They’re not going anywhere, the Glazerhouse’s can’t afford a damn moving van! 🙂

  31. Matt Says:

    @Capt. I know I’m supposed to be on your side…but saying the Bucs will be moving to LA is just clueless. This team isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

  32. eric Says:

    I kinda liked Garcia to AB………………….1200 yards worth of like.

    I also woulda liked an AB/BM combo. Deadly!

    But, ill check in after game 8 and see how your enjoying the “growing”.

  33. CalicoJack Says:

    Didn’t Ray Perkins have a five year plan?

  34. Matt Says:

    @eric AB/BM combo would indeed have been deadly…for chemistry 😉

    But yes, I’ll be here after 8 games. And no, I’m not expecting 6-2 😛

  35. pete Says:

    “So, to be clear, you’re advocating that fans not buy a bad product when you just admitted that you bought a bad product for around 15 years straight?”

    Back then the ticket price to watch the Bucs in Tampa Stadium was $15-18 dollars.

    Today I get the same opportunity for $65-$75 for the top row of the stadium. Or I can use the new $35 ticket and be at the top in one section that gets sun all day long. I guess that’s something.

  36. Matt Says:

    @pete Well money is always a good reason not to buy something. My point was that it seemed like he wasn’t buying based on *principle*, which didn’t make sense if he did before.

  37. pete Says:

    I did not renew this year because of $ only. I simply can’t afford $75 tickets to take my family. Sell me my tickets for $35 each where I had them (not in the blazing sun sections only) and I would renew but that offer will not this year be forthcoming.

    I am a Bucs fan! I was born and raised in the area and I remember when the only pro team in Tampa was the Rowdies…the original version. My first Bucs game in person was opening day 1978. So losing is not a problem, its not fun, but you know been there done that.

    I will still go to the games, I just don’t want to be on the hook for $75 tickets when I feel tickets will be avaialble at lesser amounts and stuck with tickets I can’t sell. My deposit that is left is a donation to the Bucs for the many years both good and bad they have given me.

    Go Bucs!

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    It’s already in the works

  39. thomas Says:

    Capt Dim is hitting the sauce real early this week. The Bucs can’t and won’t move b/c their stadium deal and contract prohibit it. Further – why buy and build one buc palace if you have any intention of hightailing it.

    Now, I completely support Hinck – I have made my feelings known about the Glazer boys, Rah and Dom; however, I want this team to win, and will supprt this team this year. I would never abandon this team for another.

    Where I differ from many of you is when I believe that ownership/management are not fully committed to winning, that we should utilize appropriate methods of expressing dissatisfaction and applying pressure.

    I thank Joe and his staff for this forum which allows us to do that. Before, i only had radio.

    Understand and entertain this perspective: the fan supports the players on the field but has no allegiance to ownership. so if the fan thinks ownership is not fully committed to fielding the best team, express your outrage publicly against ownership and management, while rooting for the team on Sundays. I want the players to succeed, I hope that I am wrong and they play competitively – but I cant in all objectivity see this team being competitive within its division much less the league.

    Many of you feel this weird defensive connection to ownership and management, one can only think that is b/c you supported the decision to fire Gruden and feel that you must defend that decision against all reason.

    Guys and Gals – you can make a convinving argument that gruden should have been fired, that doesn’t mean that you have to take the next step and defend the hiring of Rah and Dom – you can’t make a credible argument that those guys were hired b/c they were the best available. They were only hired b/c of $, they were horrible last year and should have been fired. If the players were the same but credible leadership in place – we wouldnt be as pessimistic.

    Completely blaming Jags, Olson and Bates for last year is ridiculuous – everywhere else the Buc stops with the HC – ours is an embarrassment.

  40. eric Says:

    You know a few times in my life I have left a woman, for another. Always looks like a good decision at the time, till the second one turns out to be a skank ass witch.

    Then, the first one starts looking better and better.

    Sadly, its too late.

    Can’t look back, but we can get rid of the skank and move on.

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    Repeat after me” second largest media market in america, doesn’t have an NFL team” the NFL was going to put a new team there, but the economy has made them decide against any more expansion teams. Plus, 32 is a real workable number for scheduling, dividing into divisions,etc. Nope, a few years of low fan support, and I present ” The Los Angelis Buccaneers”. Ta da!

  42. Heath Says:

    I would support the move if they actually named the team “The Los Angelis Buccaneers”

  43. Louie the HATER! Says:

    There’s a reason LA doesn’t have a team. The Rams and the Raiders tried it and it didn’t work out too well. Keep smoking what you’re smoking Capt. Tim.

  44. thomas Says:

    Capt Morgan – you are hilarious buddy. If you can’t make a sensible argument supported by facts and reasonable inferences – just say something outlandish right – it will provoke discussion – but at the same time it makes you look like an idiot.

    There are many other more likely options for LA than Tampa you idiot. One prime one is about 200 miles north east – Jax. There are fewer legal and financial obstacles with Jax and that has been discussed at length. This has actually been covered nationally on many occasions.

    Earlier this year there was a lot written about San Diego moving 1 hour north or to a destination in the middle.

    If you would research beyond your drunken stupor, you would learn that there is a MAJOR obstacle to LA’s hopes for any today – the lack of viable stadium. Lawmakers have discussed a “built it first” possibility – but that seems not to have public support.

    So, Jimbuc – again you are completely clueless. BTW – how dumb to believe that negative comments on this site could contribute to the Glazers decision to take the team from the area.

  45. thomas Says:

    Profootballtalk.com also strongly argued that Minnesota is a real option for LA.

  46. Patrick Says:

    I’m with Hinck.

    Joe, you said: “In some ways it’s possible Bucs fans got spoiled”

    C’mon Joe give me a break. We’re not spoiled at all. Any fan of the other 31 NFL teams would be bitching too if they were in the situation the Bucs were in right now. Completely normal thing for fans to complain.

    We just don’t want to be the Bucco Bruce creamiscle Bucs again that’s all, especially for being a pretty successful team for over 10 years. We’re tired of being laughed at and made fun of by the media, tired of never being given a chance by anyone, tired of having no respect. Having Raheem as the coach and things being done such as giving Clayton a pro bowl contract have given this team quite a embarrassing reputation. Things like that. The Bucs could be doing this “rebuilding” thing a lot different and make the progress a lot faster, but they choose not too.

    Hinck is right. It’s hardly even an NFL product on that team. Most of our starters wouldn’t even start on other teams and at the most would be backups. The team has a bunch of cheap, low cost, unproven nobodies on it. Players that really don’t even earn their jobs either, they just start no matter what. Raheem and co. expect ALL these rookies and unprovens to work out, when realistically, many of them are not. I mean, where’s the optimism?? Has the team really provided a spark, or any real excitement to the city yet??

    We were 9-7 in 08 and through two years we’re only gonna get to 5 or 6 wins. Wow, how amazing!! Sorry, but our owners should be trying to make the fans happy, not pissed off! When they fired Gruden after being so close to the playoffs, I can’t believe they expect the fans to be happy with all this. You try to win, that’s the bottomline!

  47. thomas Says:


    Very reasonable, I am glad that you get it! Maybe others will begin to entertain reason!

  48. Jonny Says:

    @Eric: AB/BM combo would have been deadly, but BM that had problems with Josh McD would never want to play for Gruden. Even if he was traded to us, he would have hundreds of ego-battles in 1 season with Mr. Gruden and just not perform to his level.

    After all, Gruden was 2nd on “do not want to play for this Head Coach” list according to a survey by CBS 2 years back.

  49. thomas Says:

    Rah is probably first on the “do want to play for this HC list,” so you see what the value of that is.

    Most GREAT HC’s HAVE AN EGO! Especially, Bellichick, Parcells, Lombardi, even Shula. I dont consider Dungy great but he may not have much of an ego, Landry probably not.

  50. BamBamBuc Says:

    Morris and Dom had pretty pitiful first years. Of course, so did some first year players. Josh Freeman threw 18 picks in 9 starts. He was horrible. I think we should get rid of him too. Stroughter is too small and injury prone as is obvious from his first year going on IR. He should probably go too. And I’m thinking if McCoy, Price, Benn, and Williams don’t come in and take us to the playoffs this year, they’re busts and should be gone before next season begins.

    This is what I’ve been hearing about Morris and Dom. They had horrible first years, and will NEVER be any good at what they do. It’s ok for first year players to make mistakes, learn and grow, and we shouldn’t expect too much from them their first year, but it’s NOT ok for a first year HC or GM to make mistakes, learn and grow, and we should expect more from them in their first year than we should from a player. Why? Why should we have expected more from them as “rookie” HC and GM? Why can’t they learn and grow into their positions like players do? Why is it impossible for them to EVER come close to 11-5 and a first round playoff loss?

    We don’t know what we have in this HC or GM. They may be a whole lot better than their first year showed. I’m glad players are not judged the same way HCs and GMs are. Rookie DTs would never make it in the NFL and we’d run out of veterans due to age and they’d have to do away with the position altogether (as is evidenced by the fact that rookie DTs never make the Pro Bowl). This is absolutely ludicrous.

    Gruden was a good coach for us. Dungy was a good coach for us. Cowher could be a good coach for us. But we don’t know what kind of coach Morris could turn out to be, he was a rookie and is getting blasted for making mistakes. I’m sure, like most players, he’ll ignore the comments and continue to grow and do his job. Hopefully he’ll turn out ok. He may be the worst HC ever, he may be pretty good. We won’t know until he’s had some time to prove it.

  51. Big Bri Says:

    Hmmm, let’s see, I had season tickets since 1994. I had great seats in the Sombrero, $35/ea, 16oz beers $3/ea, parking $5, watching the Bucs lose, no big deal, I spent $100 for a day in the sun. Now my good seats are $99/ea, beers $8/ea, parking $25, watching the Bucs lose now costs me $275. I called it quits this year, I’ll watch in my a/c living room. . .etc, still a fan, just not a sucker.

  52. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas said:

    “So, Jimbuc – again you are completely clueless. BTW – how dumb to believe that negative comments on this site could contribute to the Glazers decision to take the team from the area”

    Thomas, WTF! You are freaking me out. I don’t even post a comment and you are calling me out? What are you doing? Man, get a life.

  53. sensiblefan Says:

    @ thomas and eric, etc.

    I admire your passion for our team and want to win just as much as you guys want to and just as fast as you guys want to. Furthermore, you have EVERY right as a paying customer to question each and every move of the organization…but you guys have to take a step back from the ledge! It’s going to be OK! lol

    “Many of you feel this weird defensive connection to ownership and management, one can only think that is b/c you supported the decision to fire Gruden and feel that you must defend that decision against all reason.”

    I agree with that sentiment (minus the “you must defend that decision against all reason” part of course) with a bit more in addition….

    1) The Glazers gave the people what what they wanted so of course they’d be willing to give the Organization some time. People wanted to rebuild, people were tired of mediocrity, people were tired of the re-tread FAs, the Gru Coach Speak/non-answers, etc.

    2) The Glazers brought Tampa its first taste of winning and championship football…ever. They brought in Dungy and Rich McKay (I think), they MASSIVELY overpaid to get GruAllen and Keyshawn when Dungy couldnt get us over the hump, they allowed GruAllen to bring in graying vets like Garner, Tim Brown, Todd Steussie, etc. thinking that somehow they could buy another championship, etc. I think most people remember this history, past and recent, and are inclined to give the Glazers some rope. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

    Bottom line: Gruden had to go despite what Gruden backers, like myself, wanted to hear.

    “Guys and Gals – you can make a convinving argument that gruden should have been fired, that doesn’t mean that you have to take the next step and defend the hiring of Rah and Dom – you can’t make a credible argument that those guys were hired b/c they were the best available. They were only hired b/c of $, they were horrible last year and should have been fired.”

    You’re mischaracterizing the opposition of this issue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone argue that Dream/Dom was the People’s choice to succeed Gruden. Most people wanted Shanahan or Cowher but we decided to promote from within. I think most people who oppose you and Eric, etc. are people who believe that despite his youth and articulation skills, the Dream can develop into a good HC if given time and players because he has coaching talent, an infectious personality, and an aggressive and attacking style.

    Rah and Dom need more than one year for me to give up on them. Who was Tony Dungy before he was hired here? Who was John Harbaugh?

  54. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Guys, back from vacation and I can see nothing has changed 😉

    I just found it funny that Joe says a team has to go into a valley to appreciate the hills – the problem is that that Raheem hasn’t lead the Bus into a valley – they’re in a freaking tunnel.

  55. The D Says:

    I say just give them another year. If they win less than 6 games, at the bare minimum, then we can start calling for their heads. I mean, there wasnt much to work with last year-I find it hard to believe Gruden would have won more than 6 or 7 games max- , but with a rookie coach, it was an especially a rough year. Also, another reason I think fans are really down on the Bucs is because of the lack of star power on the team. Even during the rough Gruden years, fans were out in force because of names like Jon Gruden, Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, etc. Once all of the big name guys were gone (which I believe was the right thing to do in getting rid of them all), the casual fans (most of Tampa) seemed to lose interest in the team. I think next offseason will be very telling about management, if they go and get FAs or not. There werent any worth getting this year, but if they dont spend next offseason, ill finally buy that the Glazers are actually cheap.

  56. Matt Says:

    Just so it’s clear (and Mr. Lawyer will back me up I’m sure):

    It is almost legally impossible for the Bucs to move away from the area unless the County lets them go. It isn’t going to happen, not in this decade.

  57. drdneast Says:

    This guys is your typical band wagon fasn. He didn’t start buying toickets until 1996. Where were you Mr. Diehard from 1976 to 1996 or just from 1982 to 1996. I was in the stands. Season ticket holder since 1981. Typical band wagon fan. One losing season and he wants to park his fat butt on the barcalounger. Doug Fernandez is not only a terrible writer and has always been extremely biased against the Bucs for some reason. They probably make him sit in the stands instead of letting him sit in the press box with the adults. I’m not happy about the way things have gone and have been highly critical of Rah, but every Sunday I park my butt in the stands and root for Rah and the Bucs to win and I drive up from Sarasota to do it. Kiss off Fernandez and you bandwagon fans. If I ever catch Fernandez out in public I’ll get in his grill and tell him exactly how I feel about his cheesy writing. Funny thing, I have lived here over 25 years and have never bumped into the sniveling little runt in public once. He’s a genuine toad.

  58. sensiblefan Says:

    @ drdneast

    Ahahahaha!!! Wow.

  59. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @ Drdneast

    Can you tell me how the Bucs Kook-aid tastes?

    When did it get written that being a fan meant you fork over boatloads of $ to a team owner for an inferior product?

    I guess you are a big GM fan as well?

  60. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    “Mr. Lucky Says:

    July 13th, 2010 at 9:52 pm
    Hey Guys, back from vacation and I can see nothing has changed

    I just found it funny that Joe says a team has to go into a valley to appreciate the hills – the problem is that that Raheem hasn’t lead the Bus into a valley – they’re in a freaking tunnel”

    No ,worse: he’s leading us into a grave, and then the Glazerhouses are throwing dirt on top of us.

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas, yes, they were also discussing Minnesota as an option for LA. Now that the NFL has vetoed expansion for the next eight years, they have decided to relocate a franchise to the LA market. That market is to large to leave alone any longer( 2nd largest in USA). They are going to use ” economic impact from recession” as their way to do so. Apparently, most teams have a clause in their contracts regarding loss of profits due to unforeseen economic distress in a geographic region. You notice how several national articles keep mentioning how “hard hit” Florida is by the recession? That’s not a coincidence, it’s a strategy! 2014 will be our third year of declining ticket sales, if things procede as predicted(directed?). That will be enough to make their case. You can write me of if you want, but I’ve been pretty accurate about signings, releases, etc. So buy up yer Buc merchandise, and store it away. May be a collectors item soon! By the way, this is an NFL mandate. The Glazers do not want to move the team. Big business at it’s finest

  62. Capt.Tim Says:

    Minnesota was rejected, due to “entrenched and time honored Fan base”. Ain’t that a kicker!

  63. Not a Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Thank god for fairweather fans. Let the team prove themselves and they’ll be back. Fairweathers are important – they help avoid blackouts for the locals. 😉

  64. tampa2 Says:

    In anticipation of the 2010 “blackout” season I just went out and purchased a new Radio so that I could listen to the Bucs games while I am out fishing on Sundays. I figure that it will be a win win situation! May as well make use of all that money I am saving on Bucs tix! And hauling in that Big One will counter my dejection as I listen to us lose again & again this year.

  65. Capt.Tim Says:

    We’ll all be out fishing every Sunday, soon enough

  66. Capt.Tim Says:

    Meybe we can change it to”Joebait”, then the slow squad can bitch that the fish are too cheap to bite! We’ll all be out there, floating around BP bay, catching “petrols”, and “Oilys”, friggin listening to the Jags play!

  67. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I’m glad you’ve purchased a new radio for Sundays , Tampa 2.

    I’ve purchased the movie “Old Yeller” . I figured I can watch THAT every Sunday , and it will be less depressing than watching the Bucs play.

  68. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn you Mushmouth! That was actually pretty funny! I didn’t think any of the haters had it in ’em!