Harsh Criticism Of Bucs’ Training Camp Plan

July 3rd, 2010
Jimminy Christmas! How am I supposed to lead a bunch of #@$%$ men to win nine games with all these piss poor fans hovering over them every day.

"Jimminy Christmas! You want to know why I went to Orlando? How am I supposed to lead a bunch of #@$%$ men to win nine games with a pile of piss poor fans hovering over them every day."

Esteemed Tampa Tribune Bucs writer Woody Cummings dropped a pretty powerful hammer down yesterday on the Buccaneers’ decision to limit fan access to training camp in 2010, when compared with the rather all-encompassing access fans had last year.

Instead of limiting the number of open practices so that fans won’t be disappointed by what they see, the Bucs would have done better by opening all the workouts and increasing the information available about each one.

By opening every workout and providing greater detail on Web sites, in newspapers and at the training facility itself about what will happen during each workouts, the Bucs could have greatly reduced any chance of fan disappointment.

By initially limiting the number of open workouts, though, the Bucs have greatly limited fans’ ability to see their team. And this at a time when they are supposed to be rebuilding – not only their team, but their seemingly dwindling fan base.

Cummings had many more strong opinions, too.

It’s hard to argue with Cummings’ logic. Access is always better than no access. Communication is critical. And you can’t please everybody, but you can surely try.

But Joe doesn’t lose sight of the fact that even limited access to training camp right in the team’s home city is a blessing, especially the way the Bucs invite fans practically on the field at One Buc Palace.  That’s not the norm in the NFL.

And Joe wouldn’t be surprised if Raheem The Dream requested fewer distractions (no fans) during some of these sessions, especially with a painfully young team. Perhaps Raheem The Dream is planning on some very tough love not suited for young onlookers.

Joe can’t clobber the Bucs on this one. But Joe sure hopes the fans do get additional dates to watch practice.

17 Responses to “Harsh Criticism Of Bucs’ Training Camp Plan”

  1. Bucfanjeff Says:

    You can’t have every practice open. They will want to practice things that they don’t want everyone else seeing. Why give away secrets when they are still installing offense.

  2. eric Says:

    Joe, you used the term “communication” and Raheem Morris in the same post.

    I am afraid you are going to have to stand in the corner for one hour and then clean the erasers.

    “Secret” dream practices? Yeah, I am sure the rest of the NFL coaches are sending lots of spies to see what “Rah” might be up to.


  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Woody sucks. Complain complain complain. Last year people complained about boring practices and being too far from the action. In an effort to improve the Fan experience, they make sure every public practice will be catered to the fans. Quality over quantity, and this highly esteemed dumb@$$ criticizes them for it.

    There are plenty of good reasons to criticize the Bucs. This isn’t one of them and this is why TBO has the poorest Bucs’ coverage and no one goes to their Hack Site anymore.

  4. Outside01 Says:

    What’s more important? Allowing fans to watch practice? or having closed off focused practices that make us a better team?

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Allen Iverson wonders what the big deal is.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    They don’t start actual game planning until camp breaks anyway. One Buc place is a poor set up for watching practice. Why they have trainging camp there is beyond me. Training camp is supposed to help players get in game shape and practice the basics; snap counts, routes, schemes, formations, etc…. Should have stayed at Disney, but I’ll bet money had something to do with it. Actual training camp is only like three weeks anyway; isn’t it?

  7. JimBuc Says:

    Probably a fair criticism

  8. Eric S Says:

    It doesn’t matter to me about these practices. I went to one a few years ago and it was one of the most boring things to watch. It was also boiling hot, so it was miserable beyond belief. I always love it when people say so and so looked so great in practice. It’s practice!!! I just don’t hold any weight on what people say about practice. It’s even hard to form an opinion on preseason games. Michael Morton looked like a world beater every preseason, but he did nothing in the regular season.

  9. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Eric-what are you going to do if Raheem turns the Bucs things around and they start winning?I know you think there’s no way in hell it will ever happen,but what if it does.Are you going to root against the Bucs because you want Raheem to fall on his ass or are you going to suck it up and admit you were a asshole for not giving the man a chance?

  10. Joe Says:

    Eric S:

    You are so right. The two most dreaded words to Joe in the month of August is (insert player) “looked good.” Joe dismisses those comments right away.

  11. eric Says:


    I am already a confessed asshole!

    Hell, I am a lawyer, need I say more!

    I have never rooted against the bucs a single game since 1976, and I never will, no matter who the head coach is. Id be first in line to shake the man’s hand if he turns it around.

    Im ready for game one, vs. the Browns and for that 60 minutes nuttin but yelling for my team. But, if they get beat by the damn Browns I will be pissed and may have a few things to say about it…………….

  12. Louie Says:

    “Perhaps Raheem The Dream is planning on some very tough love not suited for young onlookers.”

    And Gruden’s practices were G rated??? That’s not a valid excuse.

    This move is just one of the many DUMB moves the team has made in the last year and a half that can be linked to an unwillingness (or inability) to spend money. Way to go Bucs — further alienate your fans!!!

  13. Lakeland Bob Says:

    That’s a damn good answer Eric.I can’t even argue with that logic.Just a little hard to see you as a die hard Buc fan with your normal comments.Another year like last one and I will probably be a Raheem hater.But I drink the kool-aid and expect a far better showing this year.

  14. drdneast Says:

    Good observation, Joe. I know how you are freinds with all the media types in the Bay area, but most of them think like hayseeds. Cummings is one of them.

  15. buckeyebob Says:

    Good idea to limit the access. The players need to work on their skills not show off for us. They have made it easy for us to watch them, no road trip, just check the times and dates and show up. They are out there to work. See you at camp !!

  16. Ðaddydaddydaddy Says:

    Coming from NY the Jets used to have open practices every day at Hofstra University and over the years it significantly dwindled and there more and more closed practices on a field out of view of the public. Additionally, there were scouts from other AFC teams sitting in the bleachers which the assistant coaches would point out. Open is nice but at the end of the day it’s about limiting distractions and not sharing info on personnel and strategy. Want to see them play then wait until September and buy a ticket to a game…and maybe prevent a blackout in the process.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Amen, Pops.