Clueless Fan: Exhibit A

July 31st, 2010

The Bucs weren’t tackling this morning. Oh, they were battling hard at the line of scrimmage and in coverage with their pads on, no question about it.

But there was just that goofy-looking fake tackling after the play went past the line, as is done during spring practices in shorts.

Joe should have known that some fans would not be aware of such a practice. And there were several.

Joe particularly got a kick out of one guy who routinely was angrily screaming at players to “wrap up, c’mon, wrap up.” Poor guy probably went home thinking the Bucs will have the worst defense in the history of football.

But that guy got Joe thinking. Perhaps the Bucs should have had Sabby The Goat be the only guy on defense approved to tackle this morning?

4 Responses to “Clueless Fan: Exhibit A”

  1. big007hed Says:

    LMAO that was too funny….. Even my wife got a kick out of that story and she could give 2 sh!ts about football lol

  2. TJ Says:

    LOL wow so true so true sabby should have been the only one.

  3. TheWhiteTiger Says:

    Funny, but I must admit that I am a rabid fan of Buc football – going back to the John McKay era – and I was not aware of that!

    Although, that stems from having a job that has kept me away from training camp until recently. Even still, if I were attending my first TC on opening day – can’t say that I’d be shouting or angry…I would be observing and reserving opinion.

    …and if you have high school experience playing this game, you know you don’t usually smack each other around – for real – on the first day…right?

    I did get a kick out of Joe’s remark about the fan going home and muttering and telling all his goat friends that he “knows”…’cuz he saw it from DAY ONE! What’s even funnier is, when we see him posting that very thing somewhere in the ether tonight!

  4. JimBuc Says:

    Great story Joe