Bucs Force Competition At Guard

July 9th, 2010

In what amounts to lighting a fire under Jeremy Zuttah’s rear, the Bucs signed veteran guard Keydrick Vincent today, so reports the St. Pete Times.

Vincent, 32, a veteran free agent (Joe didn’t know the Bucs knew what that was anymore) was a starter at Carolina the last two seasons and previously in Pittsburgh.

Joe likes the signing. The Bucs are desperate for depth on the O-Line after the loss of Arron Sears and the mess that is the Donald Penn situation.

But Joe sincerely hopes Zuttah proves worthy of keeping his starting job. Vincent surely isn’t an All-Pro, and continuity on the line should make a difference.


63 Responses to “Bucs Force Competition At Guard”

  1. Louie Says:

    I’m sure he came cheap!

  2. BigMAcAttack Says:

    Why did Carolgina let him go? Aren’t they down one OT already? Sounds like a good move. Zuttah played a lot better on the right side when he filled in for Davin. Is there any thought of trying Davin on the left side? I know he’s a righty but can anyone on this team play well on the left side???

  3. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Zuttah is fresher, younger, and has no where to go but up or out. Vincent has never been worth the starting position and looks to be easily expendable given we are the 5th team he has played for. Nothing to get excited about. Just a filler.

  4. eric Says:

    free agents over 30 are fools gold, unless they are cheap and inconsequential.

  5. thomas Says:

    29 was too old for AB to fit into the go young plan, but a 32 y.o.,9 year vet og is not.

    I get it -more consistency out of one buc place. the only consistency is I guess -if you are cheap enough age isnt a problem. So apparently the plan isnt youth it is – again, the common denominator, money.

  6. sensiblefan Says:

    Adam Schefter says Vincent deal is 2 years 4.5 mil. Not sure what the current going rate for a 10 year vet guard…but it seems a wee bit pricey for my liking.

  7. ac3 Says:

    people here complain about everything, you whine that we didn’t address guard in the draft even though you can’t fill every hole on this team in one draft, then you complain we dont do anything in free agency, now we fill a HUGE need in free agency and you still B***, I’m being patient with the plan and know it will take another couple seasons to turn it around, this is still my team and me bashing them everyday is a waste of time and energy, I know mistakes have been made, but if you don’t want your season tickets, then hand them over, but looking for something wrong with every move/decision made just because gruden was let go is childish

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Smart move. Line is desperate for experienced depth. If Zuttah has improved, Vincent is valuable depth. If Zuttah hasn’t improved, Vincent is a good, quality starter. Good move!

  9. thomas Says:

    I am sure none or little of the 4.5 is guaranteed.

    However, Dom is not against committing/wasting money on a washed up players: see: Hands-of-Stone Clayton 24 million (10 guaranteed) , wide left nugent – 5 million 2.5 guaranteed), 1 leg Crowell – 5 million (2.5 guaranteed), Hefty Lefty – 2.5 Million, 3rd String Ward – 10 million (5 guaranteed), 4th String Mccown – 2.5 million.

    If any of that money is guaranteed, Don Penn may holdout forever just on principle.

  10. thomas Says:

    How is Dom still employed again?

    Oh,I forgot it is that great 2010 draft that all you dumba—- have touted here repeatedly. If drafts were judged before the rookies first game, or first training camp in this case, then there would never be a bad draft.

    At this stage, Jamarcus Russel and Ryan Leaf were first ballot hall of famers! Kind of like GMC, Benn, Williams,Price and Lewis to all of you sheep – huh. 2of the guys will be solid pros, the rest subpar – trust history!

  11. MOBucs Says:

    Great move Dom! This guy has been a quality starter on some very solid O-lines. He’s way more than a “filler”! I mean he opened lanes for Williams and Stewart in Carolina for the last two years and we know what that was like. Zuttah has been lazy and really struggling at LG. I’m betting Vincent is the opening day starter. Hopefully this motivates Zuttah to get his ass in gear.

  12. MOBucs Says:

    Not to mention this gives GMC some good competition in training camp. I read that he was destroying Zuttah every single play during OTAs and mini-camp. A solid vet for him to go up against should only improve his play!

  13. Louie Says:

    Hmmm, and why was Vincent still on the street this late in the off season? I’m not holding my breath that he’ll even make the final roster.

  14. Mark D Says:


    It sounds like you are a true intellectual and have a profund insight on the game of football. I have a friend with the Orlando Tuskers needing an area GM screaming for talent like you. Please apply now before the Tuskers plummet to the bottom of UFL parody.

    After readng your posts it is evident you are true Genius and all of your info is dead on accurate. You are a true Top tier individual and offer so much to these forums. Im not sure how you could manage a day job and be so on top of your football IQ. Keep up the good work Tommy.. Is it ok if I call you Tommy ??

    my friend is JohnGafaerauoy@orlandotuskers.com .. your career awaits you.

  15. JimBuc Says:

    I love the line of idiots that come out to denounce a move made to add depth and competition. Can you spell A-G-E-N-D-A? Usual suspects. Zero cred. 🙂

  16. genocided Says:

    Great, GREAT pick-up at this time in the off season. Good point made before me about good practice for GMC. This guy played well enough that both Carolina’s backs did awesome against everybody last year… Definitely a step up from Zuttah last year. Good job, Dom!

  17. CalicoJack Says:

    Davin Joseph had back surgery. Depth at the position is a good thing, rare… Also, a veteran may be something that is needed for some leadership…

  18. MOBucs Says:

    I’m with ya JimBuc! It’s as if they want the Bucs to fail just so they can say “I told you so”! Not much of a fan in my book! Life’s much too short to be a fan of a team that you hate every aspect of! Whats the point!

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    MoBucs — Agreed that it’s a good move. But don’t be so quick to throw Zuttah under the bus because you read the coloful Pewter fellows blast him. Zuttah has played two seasons and has been asked to play a lot of positions. Joe doesn’t recall him getting called out during the season, or the Bucs addressing left guard in the draft or in the prime time of free agency.

    You, my friend, are a Zuttah hater.

    Not fair to call Zuttah lazy. And to say McCoy was killing him in practice, in his underwear without the big boy pads, that’s almost meaningless. And regardles, shouldn’t McCoy eat up a guy like Zuttah anyway?

  20. BamBamBuc Says:

    I love how everyone screaming before about us not signing any free agents are the first ones to jump in and say this guy is a “filler” or won’t make the final roster cuts or “why are we signing 30+ year old guys anyway, that’s not the plan”…. Whatever, you guys will never be happy.

    I think it was a good signing, whether the guy plays a down or not. He’s depth at a position that needs more depth. He started on the Panthers line that had a DAMN good run game last year (if you remember that far back). And 2 yrs at 4.5 mil is cheap for a starting LG in the NFL. Penn’s RFA tender is more than that.

  21. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Dear Mr. Dominick-this email is to inform you that Thomas is sick and tired of your lame a_ _ free agent acquisitions and your previous drafts that misled the sheep.Therefore effective immediately-any trade or free agent acquisitions or future draft choices must be submitted and approved by Thomas.Failure to comply will result in severe disciplinary measures.
    Please include a fax or email with Thomas approval to Eric,RahDom,
    Patrick,Louie or any other hater we may have omitted.
    Thank You in advance,The Glazer Boys.

  22. Louie the HATER! Says:

    Some I’m suppose to be happy with a free agent signed just before training camp, that 31 other teams have passed over — even the Rams and Lions!!!???

    Give me a break! The guy was signed to light a fire under Zuttah, that’s it. I don’t have a problem with the move if it works, but given the supposed youth movement and the amount of money he’s making, I’ll be amazed if he makes the final roster. I’m not sure how that makes me a hater, but so be it!

  23. Outside01 Says:

    I’ve never seen so many douche bags on one site before.

  24. MOBucs Says:

    Dear Joe,

    It was not my intention was to come across as a hater of any kind. I love the Bucs and want nothing more than to see them succeed. Having said that, I am unable to view the offseason practices and must rely on reporting from you, PR, TBO, etc.! Zuttah has been called out time and time again as being the weakest link on the line. This surprised me because I had always heard that he was a hard working, intelligent player with lots of upside. When Sears went down, Zuttah filled in well! Sounds like he was hungry when Sears went down and stepped up. It just doesn’t seem like he has that same hunger that he did then. I want Zuttah to EARN the starting job! Like I said earlier, hopefully this signing motivates Zuttah to get his ass in gear!

    P.S. I know that OTA performances don’t mean much. For a rookie DT to be able to manhandle a starting guard on a constant basis tells me that either Zuttah forgets how to play when pads are off or McCoy just might be something special! Playmakers make plays whether the pads are on or off!

  25. Nukepineisland Says:


    Zuttah was not “called out” last year does not excuse what my eyes saw, him getting blasted off the line.

    Now you can say scheme change, change of position and Faine going down could not have helped.

    That is fine, but getting spanked by a rookie is just not acceptable. And if I am not mistaken, have you not been blowing the “Don’t expect too much from the rookie DTs?”

    But like you said either way it is a good pick-up. The position needed depth and even if Zuttah wins the TC battle Getting a mauling guard who has blocked for some serious hard-nosed running teams(BAL,PIT,CAR.) and is a FL native is great.

    Get in the Weight room Zuttah you have been put on notice.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is my favorite bar.
    It’s like Cheers,
    “Where Everyone Knows Your Screen name”.
    I swear I’m not drunk. haha.

  27. Nukepineisland Says:

    Thats right!
    The jukebox plays all my favorite songs.

    There is no TV with garbage on it.

    And the poon-tang is free!

  28. Dave Says:

    Why all the haters with this signing? They need depth at O-Line, good move.
    Some of you are calling them hypocrites because they didn’t sign AB. Big difference. They wanted a youth movement and they have a bunch of young WRs now. Plus AB wanted alot of money and has never proven he can stay healthy for long. This signing isn’t even close.

    Some of you are just negative and pretty pathetic about everything. We get it. The Glazers have been cheap and you hate the new GM and coach no matter what they do and how much they improve with the team.

    Get over it

  29. Dave Says:

    What’s funny is all the people claiming he must suck because he wasn’t signed yet are the same ones who screamed about the Bucs not keeping Hilliard and Galloway and, sadly, Brooks, and Dunn, and all the other vets they cut 2 years ago. Yet all those guys sa on sidelines waiting for a call.

  30. Dave Says:

    The bottom line is most of us have no clue if a Guard or Center or Tackle is any good. All we know is he played on some good lines and the Bucs need depth… so what’s not to like?

  31. Patrick Says:

    2 years/ $4.5 mil contract for this guy???!!!!! wtf?? I’ve never heard of this guy!! Of course, the team always signs unknown players.

    Sign Flozell Adams!! He’s had a pro bowl career and would’ve been a much better option. Hey, he’s 35 but who cares???? He’s still got talent. This guy they signed is old so what difference would Adams make?? And we could’ve gotten Adams for not much higher of a price.

    2 years/$4.5 mil. Sounds an awful lot for a guy who might just be a backup. The love paying cheap guys big bucks don’t they???!!!! Damn idiots!

  32. Patrick Says:


    “Some of you are calling them hypocrites because they didn’t sign AB. Big difference. They wanted a youth movement and they have a bunch of young WRs now.”

    Oh, there’s a big difference alright. AB costs $$$$$, Vincent doesn’t. Well, 2 YRs/4.5 mil isn’t that much, but is a bit overpaid considering who he is. Still a cheap left over. You’re right. They “said” they wanted a youth movement. Really?? They said 28 was too old for AB, yet they sign a 32 year old lineman. In fact, here’s a February 2010 TBO.com article that shows Raheem’s comments on AB’s departure.


    “Antonio missed a lot of time last year, and I’m not trying to blame Antonio but really, right now, we’re going in a young direction,” Bucs coach Raheem Morris said Thursday during a break at the NFL Scouting Combine.”

    Hmmm…..youth movement????

    It’s all pretty obvious everybody.

  33. JimBuc Says:

    I love your comments Patrick. The Bucs bring a veteran who has played on several successful lines and who has played on a division rival and you slam them for hypocrisy? Classic.

    There is no more draft, right? The Bucs are thin at line right? Where else do you get someone but by free agnecy or trade You can have a youth movement and still sign older guys for depth and competition. The difference between now (youth movement) and under Gruden is this guy would have ben brought in to be the STARTER under Gruden and then a year later (when this guy has nothing left) they would have found another 30 something to replace him. Obvious difference to all but people with axes to grind.

  34. rich Says:

    joe, I believe you were on the bucs ass for not bringing in competition for zutta.Now that they do, all you want to do is make up exuses for zutta.And if anyone is a Buc hater my friend it is you.Just look at every story you post you always have some smart ass remark about the Bucs. Your website should be called “joebucshater.com” now im off to a real website called pewterreport.com

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas’s 2nd post ” I”m sure none of the 4.5 mil is guaranteed”. For an idiot who is never right, your “assurance” of anything is meaningless! You proceed to list numerous multimillion dollar salaries. Do you know what they all have in common? It’s more than you’ll earn in your lifetime working for minimum wage at “Burger King”. Just trying ta help you find you spot on the food chain, there buddy! Outside01, another asute observation, as usual! This sight has more Douchebags than Buc Fans. I call’em “the slow squad”. I think they all work at the same “Burger king”, and the back of house is covered with Gruden posters. Ya DON’T want to eat there, because they frequently “touch” themselves, while staring at them lovingly. Same guys who keep harrassing poor Michael Pittman! Their new Love is Bill Cowher, they think he has a sexy chin! These are some Sick Boys! Makes it hard to wade thru all the puppy love to read a comment from a Buc fan!

  36. Patrick Says:


    Look, I actually think this signing is ok. I’m glad we have an experienced, proven, “older” guy on the roster for a change. But they said that AB being 28 was too old and then they sign a guy who’s 32. So yes, they are being hypocrites. They’re also starting to learn that you can’t put all your confidence into so many young, unproven players like Zuttah. Once again, I don’t hate the signing. I’m just sayin.

    I actually thought Flozell Adams might have been a better signing (just giving my opinion). The guy has had a great career and even at 35 he’s still solid. Even though he plays offensive tackle, maybe he would be ok at guard also. If not he could be a good backup to Jeremy Trueblood at offensive tackle.

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Zuttah struggled a lot last year. Vincent is a starting caliber left guard. This is a no-brainer good move. If Zuttah steps up( hopefully), then it’s a good depth move. If Zuttah continues ta get “blown up”, he’s on the depth chart until next year, when DE and Guard will be Re-adressed( re adressed, because Gaines Adams and Aaron Sears should be in their prime as starters right now!)

  38. JimBuc Says:

    Patrick — Morris said they were going younger in response to a question on AB. It is a true statement, even though AB was let go for other reasons. Coaches don’t usually throw players under the bus.

    However, they are going younger, obviously. Again, not like they brought the guy in to be a starter (aka Gruden/Allen). AB was a starter right? They need depth on the line. As you point out their choices were two guys in their 30s. They got one. No hypocrisy. Maybe some left over anger about AB, but no hypocrisy. Would not be surprised if they brought in another guy.

  39. Patrick Says:


    I think it would definitely be smart to bring in another veteran lineman. What do u think about what I had to say about maybe bringing in Flozell Adams? He for sure would be a reliable backup to trueblood.

  40. JimBuc Says:

    Every fan is worried about depth on the line with Penn and Zuttah. THe Bucs bring a guy that has started in the league and for a division rival that routinely runs the ball down our throat and you get the following comments:

    Louie: “cheap” ($4mil?)
    Eric – “cheap and inconsequential”
    Thomas — inconsistent with letting AB go (LMAO!)
    Thomas — Dom wastes money on old or useless guys
    Thomas — How is Dom employed (and all the rest of you are dumb sheep)

    Gotta love it. Think you three have an axe to grind? Thomas, you could not wait, right? Three negative entries in a row. LOL. It is impossible for everything the Bucs do to be negative, especialy adding depth to this line. Yet, all negative including the Thomas hyperactive negative trifecta bomb. Too freakin funny!

  41. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Rich wrote: “joe, I believe you were on the bucs ass for not bringing in competition for zutta.Now that they do, all you want to do is make up exuses for zutta.And if anyone is a Buc hater my friend it is you.Just look at every story you post you always have some smart ass remark about the Bucs. Your website should be called “joebucshater.com” now im off to a real website called pewterreport.com.”

    1) Joe was not on the “bucs ass” about bringing in competition for Zuttah.
    2) Joe is not making excuses for Zuttah, only pointing out that he’s performed pretty well as a third round pick over two seasons, proving versatile and capable. The guy just turned 24.
    3) Joe likes the pickup of Vincent
    4) Joe loves the Bucs
    5) The Bucs deserve Joe’s smart ass remarks. That’s what happens when you win three of the last 20 and make some legendary mistakes, Bates, Jagodzinski, etc.
    6) Have fun at Pewter Report. We’ll see you soon.

  42. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe I bet you a dollar “rich” doesn’t subscribe to PR, so he can only get tidbits there. He then comes over here to JBF to get the real Buc news that PR charges for, and bashes you for reporting it.

    I wonder if “rich” works for PR??? What are their numbers compared to JBF numbers. Do you know that by chance?

    I would like to see the Bucs trade Donald Penn for Marcus McNeil. One disgruntled warrior for another, maybe they would each get more money.

  43. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    BigMacAttack – Joe has no problem with a guy like Rich who is just giving his opinion, albeit misguided. Perhaps Rich does work for PR. Who cares?

    Joe’s not going to open the door today for people to inaccuratley accuse him of slinging mud at PR. …Joe’s really only concerned with his business, not theirs. But Joe will say that traffic here is on a tremendous growth curve, the new JoeRaysFan.com is pouring new visitors over here, and Joe has enhanced his partnership with 620 WDAE-AM.

    There’s a couple of new big-time sponsors that Joe will introduce in July, and you’ll soon see a business article published on Joe. Plus in August, Joe will be offering a promotion that will provide a great service to Bucs fans.

    Now enough of that boring crap. …Donald Penn is not disgruntled. He’s just a businessman who knows he’s got the Bucs in a very tough spot.

  44. JimBuc Says:

    If Penn thinks he has the Bucs in a tough spot, he is not a very good businessman.

  45. jvato24 Says:

    Keenan McCardell had the Bucs in a tough spot too .. and that tough spot got us a 2nd round pick for 33+ yr old … That was one of Allens greatest moments

  46. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    It’s nice to see the Bucs sticking to thier plan of a youth movement …..OR NOT…it’s turning out to be more like a CHEAP movement…

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    Radio mushbrains, don’t worry, you were a Lil late getting in there, but you made the”idiot commenters” list too!

  48. eric Says:

    We all know if somebody had posted advocating signing this guy, Jimbuc and the rest would be saying “you are in a win now mode, were rebuilding”

    Now they sign a guy over 30 and its a great move, even though he will never make it to the “lasting contenders” stage.

    Obviously, whatever this regime does is superlative, no matter what.

    Simlar to the excuses that will be forthcoming once the season starts.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    This Penn discussion has gone on for so long, I forgot what side of it I was on. Hmmm, that Fran Haasch is pretty hot too.

  50. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — first, you need to get back on the meds. Your argument is so flawed because you are so angry. It should have been obvious to everyone that the Bucs were going to sign someone like Vincent. Probably more like him to come around cut downs

    Second, there is nothing wrong with signing a vet to a short term deal to add depth or competition. Note that it is a short deal and they gave up no picks and it was a position of great need. That is a lot different than filling the DT position in the Tampa-2 with guys like Sims or giving up 2 premium picks for your lover, BM, or for Boldin.

    You spend so much energy trying to be negative that sometimes your comments border on asburd.

  51. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Oh, and by the way ; if this guy is such a great gaurd…what’s he doing still on the market only a few weeks from the start of training camp?? …and why did he sign a contract with the worst team in the league for league minimum ??

  52. eric Says:


    And signing AB would have cost how many “premium picks”, Zero!

    Super Bowl MVP Holmes could have been had for a fifth rounder, which is only a premium pick in your fantasy world. Two seonds for BM would be “premium picks” for an outstanding player, pro bowler, and only 26 yoa. Over 100 catches last three years. Kinda like when they did that exact thing with K-2. (except BM is way better and in a position of severe need). You don’t think K-2 was worth a 2nd rounder?

    I got no problem signing a guy like Vincent. Im just pointing out the deep hypocrisy. Plus, it is too little way too late. They had their opportunities to greatly improve this team and contend in the NFC South. Chose not to.

  53. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — only you (and Thomas and afew of the other haters on here) would see the Vincent signing as “deep hipocrisy.” LMMFAO. You need to become a Redskins fan. They signed Galloway right? Oldest team in the league, right? Why don’t you go root for the Skins while you wait for Chucky to come out of hiding. They dod it the way you like, right? Wait? Aren’t they almost the worst team in the league, especially in terms of money spent? Oh never mind that, they are your kind of team.

  54. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    The Skins would kick our ass right now…

  55. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric, everything you just said makes complete sense. Why the Bucs had no interest in those top receivers is beyond me. I still like who they got in the Draft and think it should work out well. But as Joe and so many others have pointed out time and again, is that if the Bucs would have brought in a few key free agents with these rookies it would have sped the process along. I’m hoping next year is when they go on a Free Ageent buying spree, provided we have a Season. So that’s hope in one hand….

  56. JimBuc Says:

    Mushface — we sucked and almost beat the Skins, who are widely considered the most dysfunctional franchise on the planet, just in case you had not noticed.

    BMA — funny that in the same post you can say “why the Bucs had no interst in those top receivers is beyond me” and “provided we have a Season.” Funny.

    The receiver thing is hardly a mystery. Brandon Marshall is not worth 2 premium picks to a rebuilding team, neither is Boldin worth a 3rd and 4th given that he is 30. Not even worth discussing Holmes.

  57. eric Says:

    Actually, Chucky never traded a so called premium pick for a player during his entire tenure here. Can u name one? Poor drafting yea, trading away the future no.

    I did like some of his aquisitions like AB, Galloway, Garcia, Faine, Cato, Hilliard, Pittman, Clifton Smith. I dont think any of those players cost the bucs a single draft choice, but all played pretty darn well IMO.

    I do like what Allen has done with the skins this offseason. I think with Shanahan/Mcnabb they have a shot at playing very well. Would not have advocated some of their prior moves, like hiring Spurior and Zorn.

  58. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — premium picks were traded for Chucky and for Key and, no, I don’t think Gruden ever traded away a premium pick BUT I think they blew at least one, right? Famous for blowing late round picks too, right? How many Pro Bowlers drafted over Gruden’s seven years? How many acquired as free agents? I am a Gruden fan, but you are a blind, angry advocate notwithstanding the facts.

    I like how you list the best of Gruden’s pick ups but leave of the Garners, etc. You know, the bad ones. Gruden’s flaw was not even so much the picks as it was the notion that he could win it all (despite nothing more than first round playoff exits) with a new team each year. Remember Gruden’s last word was “Garcia.” His plan for 2009 was to bring Garcia back. Not good.

    Who will be the QB is Skins land 2 years from now?

  59. eric Says:


    Drafts were substandard. I am only saying Gruden didnt trade away picks like the skins. And surely you would agree that there are still a few Gruden picks that may pan out and blossom. talibm Jackson, Hayes, Joseph to name a few.

    Your problem is you don’t recognize the free agent pickups made during that time which helped the team because you only focus on the draft.

    What is your source that Garcia would have been the starter in 09? I recall Garcia being pissed because Gruden wouldnt give him a long term contract.

    Who will be the bucs starting RB in two years? Every team has to constantly change and adapt since Free Agency came into existance. Skins have some excellent young o-lineman, through the draft and that trade for Brown. Look pretty strong to me.

  60. BigMacAttack Says:

    JimBuc, judging from ALL of your comments, one day you will be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. You will spout off to the wrong person, and may God have mercy on your dumb ass, or hopefully someone will be there to save you.

  61. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — even if the young guys you mention pan out (and they should) Gruden will still have a horrific drafting record.

    I do recognize the FA pickups. It is you that seems incapable of relaizing that those same FAs that gave the team short-term success are part of the reason the team has had no long-term success. Gruden believed (and he was right sometime, wrong others) that if he could field a team each year, mostly vets, he could take it to the house. That outlook led to 11-5 being followed by 4-12. Not saying it is good or bad

    Gruden’s last interview with PR he was asked who he thought the QB would be and he said he thought Garcia did pretty well and so he hoped he would be back. That, I am sure, was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Glazers, who no doubt had Dom and Morris singing the praises of Freeman.

  62. JimBuc Says:

    BMA — you been drinking? Is that the excuse you will now use for your threat? Class act. A football discussion and you are threatening me? Too freaking funny? Relax and have another drink.

  63. JimBuc Says:

    BMA — you realize, I hope, that part of the reason the Bucs would not have an interest in those FA receivers is because there may be no season next year? You get that, right? That is why your comment was humorous. Almost no free agency this year (212 RFAs) because of the CBA and the potential lockout. Most teams almost ignored FA. The Bucs are not unique.