“That’s Just How We’re Going To Do Business”

July 14th, 2010

Who better than Chucky to get you in that work frame of mind this Wednesday morning.

Love Chucky or hate Chucky, it’s hard not to crack a smile of admiration watching these BSPN videos of him behind the scenes coaching Carrollowood Day School in Tampa.

Joe’s even debating heading to this high school team’s opening night, just to watch Gruden blow a gasket. Great entertainment.

  • 3 Responses to ““That’s Just How We’re Going To Do Business””

    1. bucfanjeff Says:

      I love watching his coaching enthusiasm.

    2. nick Says:

      No one ever questioned Gruden’s x’s and o’s. He’d be a great offensive coordinator…thats about it

    3. eric Says:

      unless the “it” is the Super Bowl Championship and multiple Division Titles/winning seasons.

      Watching Gruden coach, as compared to the Dream, is like comparing a Leonardo da vinci painting to a Snuffy Smith cartoon.