What Exactly Is Greg Olson Trying To Say?

June 7th, 2010

Joe found it rather interesting that the Mad Twitterer caught Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson is a somewhat testy mood recently, or so it seemed.

The Bucs beat writer from the St. Petersburg Times had an interesting quote from Olson in a story about Olson dealing with young quarterbacks. If the depth chart for quarterbacks remains the same as it does now, third-year “career backup” Josh Johnson is the veteran backup to Josh Freeman, he of the career 10 games. Third string is the vaunted Rudy Carpenter, yet to field his first regular season NFL snap.

Now Joe doesn’t expect Olson, even if he wanted to, to unload on the Bucs front office — in June no less — for his quarterback depth (or lack thereof), but Joe did find Olson’s quote interesting.

“We’re going to coach and play with the players we have here,” offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. “That’s an organizational decision, and we’re all in this thing together. That’s the direction the organization decided to go, so I’m comfortable with it. I have a lot of confidence in Josh Johnson.”

Hhhhmmm? What is Olson exactly getting at here? It didn’t seem as if Olson was giving an absolute endorsement of his players.

Joe’s going to have more about this quote later, perhaps today. Stay tuned. Until then, begin chewing the fat on that quote.

15 Responses to “What Exactly Is Greg Olson Trying To Say?”

  1. Outside01 Says:

    Every mole hill is a mountain in the offseason?

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Outside01 – Of course it is. …But seriously, Joe is working on obtaining some very interesting audio that ties into Olson’s comments. Hopefully, Joe will get it today.

  3. Gary Says:

    It looks like he isn’t pleased with the lack of a veteran in the mix. Justified I think.

  4. Eric Says:

    in other words “we suck so don’t blame me when we lose”.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’ll say it again. We need a veteran backup, who plays the same style as Freeman!
    My biggest issue with Josh Johnson isn’t his skill level( though I haven’t seen anything to get excited about!), it’s his skill SET
    Josh “Neo” Freeman’s game reminds me of Terry Bradshaw( I didn’t say he WAS Bradshaw!). Big Arm, Pocket Passer, power runner, hard to sack!
    Josh Johnson’s game is more west coast Style. Scrambler, short accurate passer, quick to run.
    If Freeman leaves the game, you have to change the game plan in mid game. Not good! You want your second guy to be able to continue running the game plan-as is. He should be able to keep your momentum going( hope we have momentum!!)
    Having to make two game plans,with a very young offense, would make any OC “testy”. And I think that is becoming more apparent as OTA’s go on.
    Josh Johnson was “annointed” the Back-up. Didn’t see any competition for his spot. I still Don’t. Makes me a little “testy”,too!
    Hope Coach Morris is picking the right QB for backup, NOT the one he likes the most!

  6. Joe Says:

    in other words “we suck so don’t blame me when we lose”.

    You may have hit the nail on the head Eric. Could he already be laying the groundwork to CYA in case he is launched after this season?

  7. Louie Says:

    Reading between the lines, Olson is really saying, “This franchise is CHEAP!”

  8. Joe Says:

    Very good point Capt.Tim. Freeman and Johnson are two totally different quarterbacks.

    Joe hasn’t seen Rudy Carpenter since he left Arizona State.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    A lot of “if’s” for the 1st week of June.

  10. Gary Says:

    Ok, the truth has finally been confirmed. I’m sure Joe will have a post on this soon. Check out this link about the Glazers debt and borrowing against the Bucs.

    Eric, be careful while reading you might have an orgasm realizing you were right all along….


    Damn, I had some faith in the owners but that is slowly leaking away.

  11. Joe Says:


    To be fair, the guy behind that report who did the legwork on the financial research is a leader of the pack that wants to buy Team Glazer out of their kickball ownership. Color Joe dubious of the report but to be blunt, though Joe will have a post later about this, this Joe doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about any English kickball team and just doesn’t get why the fans over there are so outraged. Joe would understand if the team is losing but from what Joe is told — this Joe doesn’t follow kickball — the team is winning.

    So what’s the problem? It is typical European anti-Semitism or do the Brits still loathe the colonists?

  12. Gary Says:


    I like you couldn’t care less about how much debt they are in. I actually think the Man-U fans are acting like brats. If your team keeps winning, why the hell are you as a fan acting like a banker worrying about the teams finances!

    I am angry about the fact that the (if the article is true) the glazers borrowed against the bucs. That proves 1) the 2 teams finances are affecting each other 2) the glazers are hurting for money.

    I would have liked to believe the 2 teams are totally separate entities, but now we know thats not true.

  13. Louie Says:

    Well, if the BBC article is wrong, the we should hear from the Glazers real soon. Kind of like they did last year when Sileo mouthed off.

    However, I’m betting the article is more right, then wrong.

  14. Joe Says:

    Well, if the BBC article is wrong, the we should hear from the Glazers real soon. Kind of like they did last year when Sileo mouthed off.

    Nah. Not much the Bucs can do about the BBC. In fact, there’s nothing they can do about the BBC. Mongo Sileo, on the other hand, works for a station that does business with the Bucs. Major difference.

    Besides, that “report” (ahem) that was aired locally last fall had more holes in it than a screen door.

  15. TJ Says:

    Olsen is really irking my nerves what other NFL team is going to give him a Offensive cordinator job ? He better work with what he has. At first I wqas not on board with going young but now I am and I know everyone in Tampa is upset about how Derrick brooks was treated I was too but truthfully has anyone signed him since ? This is a big year 7 or 8 wins massive improvemnts must be shown if not then I might go against htis going young thing