Penn To Skip Mini-Camp; Bummed By Dominik

June 20th, 2010

Embattled Bucs left tackle Donald Penn showed up at Bucs fanfest Saturday night at the CITS and spoke on the record about Bucs general manager Mark Dominik’s off-the-record remarks about Penn last week.

Per Tom Balog of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Penn is “disappointed” with Dominik.

Penn later told a group of reporters that he did not appreciate the general manager stating publicly that he was overweight last year.

”I was very disappointed,” said Penn, who has lost 30 pounds this offseason.

Penn, upset that the Buccaneers have tendered him a one-year contract as a restricted free agent, said he will not attend the team’s mandatory mini-camp, which runs Monday through Wednesday.

Curiously, Penn did not respond to questions about whether he will sit out training camp unless a new deal is done. Joe believes Penn will answer the bell. With the CBA with the NFLPA expiring after this season, and a labor stoppage of some sort likely, Penn would be crazy to risk potentially two years of a short NFL shelf life not getting paid.

Seven figures is a helluva lot better than zero figures.

25 Responses to “Penn To Skip Mini-Camp; Bummed By Dominik”

  1. JimBuc Says:

    For all those that say the CBA has nothing to do with Penn’s situation (you know who you are), here is what Penn had to say:

    “Everything that’s going on right now is out of my control. If we had a new [CBA] I would never have been in this position.”

    Maybe Penn does not know what he is talking about?

  2. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I was dissappointed also until I heard that Dominik said the comments were off the record.

    That made it all better.

  3. Louie Says:

    @JimBuc: DUH, the CBA is, as Joe says the elephant in the room, but there are exceptions and Penn is one of them. His situation is unique because the Bucs are totally screwed without him and the finanical penalties for sitting out are limited. And before you say it JimBuc, I’m not saying he’ll sit out the season, but I bet he’ll sit out at least through training camp.

  4. TJ Says:

    I like the direction the Bucs are going but This is the second time Domminick has slipped at the mout the first being the draft wirh Rolle and Now this situation with Penn.

  5. Jameson Says:

    The Redskins just traded for Jammal Brown… if we lose Penn, I will be super pissed.

  6. Eric Says:

    Most teams are following the CBA excuse, but not all. The Bucs have joined in like sheep with it at the expense of their team.

    Just one more bit of evidence of what their priorities are. (as if we didnt already know!)

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jammal Brown is a beast, even though he was hurt in 09′. He has given Buc DE’s fits in the past and is very strong. This is Bruce Allen at his best, building a short term winner with proven vets mixed in with good rooks. I am glad we don’t get to see Jammal twice a year any more, and it would have been nice to see him traded to Tampa. The price was fairly low, and he is much better than Trueblood and run blocks better than Penny.

  8. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think you’re right Eric, not all are following the CBA excuse. I believe the Texans signed RFA Demeco Ryans to a long term deal this off season. However, after scouring the internet, I am at a loss to find one more RFA that signed with their original team for more than their tender offer. So, with all the additional RFAs out there this year due to the CBA, only one has gotten his long term deal done. Unless, that is, you can find another. I’m guessing you can’t, I’m thinking the only long term deals you’re gonna find for RFAs is players changing teams. Players that teams gave up draft choices to get, or made a trade in some way to get. Other than that, you won’t find a RFA that got more than their tender offer (other than Ryans) in the entire NFL even with the enlarged RFA pool this year due to the CBA.

    Actually, any of you using the argument that there are other RFAs signing long term deals out there, but the Bucs are “cheap” and don’t care about keeping their players long term… I challenge you to find Restricted Free Agents this offseason that resigned with their original team for more than one year and more than their original tender offer. I’ve already started this massive list for you with DeMeco Ryans… anyone find #2?

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    Here is yet another example of why Penn should sign his tender…

    Although Penn has done well, there are other OTs out there that are RFAs that signed their tender offers for a LOT less than the $3M+ than Penn would get and are as good as or better OTs in my opinion.

    Jared Gaither, Ravens – 1yr/$2.4M

    Willie Colon, Steelers – 1yr/$2.5M

    Tyson Clabo, Falcons – 1yr/$2.5M

    Charlie Johnson, Colts – 1yr/$1.7M

    Ryan O’Callaghan, Chiefs – 1yr/$1.7M

    Even Jermon Bushrod of the Saints (who filled in for the injured Jammal Brown last year) signed his 1yr/$1.6M tender.

    Penn’s tender offer is $500k or more than all those other OT’s. Jammal Brown will get his long term deal as he was traded to another team. And the only other, Marcus McNeill of SD, is holding out as well. However, SD brought in Tra Thomas to take over if he doesn’t sign.

  10. RustyRhino Says:

    Penn Sitting out till training camp, is it just me or does this not sit well with the “concept” of cohesive OL practicing beside the guy you will play beside. Don’t get me wrong i think this can somewhat happen in training camp, to me the reason for OTA’s, Mini-Camps, hanging out and working out with the team is to know where your “teammate” will be in a given situation. I hate to hear that Penn says he will not attend the mini-camp or any team activity till training camp, this will set our OL back a few weeks IMO.. anyone else think this is true? or is it just me and my “kool-aid”

    I understand the Money is important to Penn, and he has done a good job as our LT. Who of you would put his line-mates in this position? Knowing that he has a 3million + deal in front of him, all the while they are out here sweating & working out and training to get better “together” while one of their Line-Mates sits out.. for what? A long term contract.

    Yeah I know it is a business as well as a team sport. It just rubs me the wrong way. and i am not out there busting my ass trying to get better as a unit. I do hope we sign Penn to a long term contract, but the ME first attitude he has shown these last two off-seasons along with his lack of doing what the trainers and nutritional personnel require of him is raising flags to me.

    Just a thought from out here in Sunny Arizona. Wish i could have went to Fanfest!

  11. twodog Says:

    Reduced the price on Penn and get him out of town. A constant flow of negative press is not good for the Bucs. Dotson will replace him with ease. Telling an obese person they are fat does seem like a little over kill. Maybe Hog Fat would be more appropriate. I doubt if he plays for the Bucs anytime this year. I am sure Dominik was impressed with the fact that Penn is disappointed in him. Good luck on your next team Mr. Penn.

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Fanfest was cool,RR
    Penn’s OL mates are doing just what they should, supporting him.The CBA has complecated the situation, but it will get handled. My guess is that Penn will sign tender and be here for Camp. New contract won’t come until after New CBA. Sucks, but good to see Penn maintaining his class and proffesionalism
    In both words and actions, Its obvious that Penn wants to be here, and the Bucs want him to be here. Again, think it will work out

  13. JimBuc Says:

    Louie and Eric — very open minded.

  14. Patrick Says:

    Let get it through everyone’s thick skull:

    IF WE LOSE PENN, WE’RE SCREWED! Demar Dotson, the freakin basketball player is not the answer! Xavier Fulton hasn’t proven anything!! This is exactly what Dominik will do if we lose Penn. He’ll turn to one of these guys.

    If we lose him we better go trade for a kick ass LT! Veteran Flozell Adams is a free agent, and they could sign him as a short term fix until we can get someone else. Who gives a crap if he’s old?? We need a SURE fill in incase Penn is not here. Ya want Freeman to succeed next year or fail??? Fulton and Dotson will not save him. It’s not a big deal, sign Flozell until we can draft one or sign one in FA next year.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m sure if Penn decides to sit out beyond training camp into preseason or beyond (up until week 10 without losing his FA status next year), the team will bring in a short term fix of some sort. Flozell is one possibility. I’m sure in the meantime, they’d rather give the time to Dotson and Fulton to see what they’ve got. I don’t think it’ll come to that, as I think Penn will sign before the season begins. And I won’t say that Dotson or Fulton are not the answer either. Nobody thought Penn was the answer when he filled in for Pettigout. Who was he then? An undrafted rookie free agent taken from a practice squad and brought in for “depth”. He was a nobody. Yet he has done well. Don’t count the other guys out.

  16. RustyRhino Says:

    Oh Yeah!, Very Good to see the Professionalism Donald Penn is displaying, What he says about his own reasons for loosing weight and getting in shape, his own reasons. Penn wants to be the best LT in the game. He wants to be a Buc!

    Sure we brought him in from his second NFL team’s Practice squad. Hell Yeah when we signed him i was Excited, I never was a fan of the LT Penn replaced never got a chance to be… why was that again?? I want to see Penn Play this year, Lighter, faster and with more focus than he has had. I hope he has hit the sled as a big part of his weight transfer and loss. From the photos (3) I’ve seen of Penn at fan-fest he looks Leaner not thinner, Good for us Bad for others.

    Only thing missing is this Newer, Faster? (Okay at least Quicker), starting LT Out in the heat! Yeah Donald Penn this is Tampa and it is Humid HOT! Your OL Brother’s are there sweating and joking and working as a line, all Day every day have been for weeks now….

    Come on CBA just go away i want to see our line move as one from LT-LG-C-RG-RT and to do that Takes PRACTICE! together… Frustrating.

    Happy Fathers day Donald Penn Better known as dad to his kids. Same to all the fathers here and your own fathers.

  17. Patrick Says:


    Yeah, I know that Donald Penn came from the Vikings practice squad and succeeded, but that’s a RARE thing. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen to Fulton or Dotson.

    If Penn is not available to us this season, or departs Tampa, I’d much rather have a sure fill in for Freeman in Flozell Adams who for sure protect Freeman than to waste time “seeing what Fulton and Dotson have” during the season while were trying to WIN games. What do you think would be better for Freeman?? Think about it. We have to set him up for success, not doom. You see what Fulton and Dotson have during practice before throwing them into a starting role. When they prove they can be solid NFL starters, then they can start.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Penn isn’t going to set out this season, then get locked out next season due to a strike. 2 years in the life of an NFL player is a quarter of your career. He and the Bucs are both trapped in a bad stiuation. Neither one sound angry with the other, and Penn will start the season at LT. Doesn’t look hood for him being here thru training camp, though.
    At least Dotson and Fulton are gonna get a lot of reps during off season.

  19. JimBuc Says:

    Last week there were a number of regular posters that laughed at the notion that the CBA had anything to do with Penn. At FanFest Penn said:

    “Everything that’s going on right now is out of my control. If we had a new [CBA] I would never have been in this position.”

    Now most of those regular posters are conspicuous in their silence. Classic.

  20. BamBamBuc Says:

    Not entirely true, JimBuc. The weren’t saying it had nothing to do with the CBA, simply that the Bucs should offer him a long term deal IN SPITE of the CBA situation. Go against the grain of what the other teams are doing and sign him to a deal, even if 99% of the RFAs either signed their tender or are holding out. Only about 1% have been offered extensions. It is simply their opinion that Penn should be in that 1%. My only argument against that is that there are better OTs in the NFL that have accepted the circumstance they are in and signed their tenders which are much less than the one offered to Penn. I think Jared Gaither is the prime example. He’s more of your “franchise LT” type, and he signed for $2.4M. I don’t believe Penn is in his league as a LT. I don’t think he’s in Marcus McNeill’s league either, but holding out like him is similar to saying he’s just as good. Penn is good, but not great. He’s also a restricted free agent that would have been unrestricted except for the CBA. Sorry Donald, maybe you and Ruud should have pushed the NFLPA to push negotiations and get the deal done so you wouldn’t be in this spot, but as it is, you’ll have to deal with it, sign the tender and get to camp.

  21. jarrett Says:

    Jimbuc i understand that the cba is a convenient excuse for not signing penn. I get that. We must of knew about this cba 5 years ago when we stopped spending money then. I know the cba is the reason, i still think it is stupid not to sign him and let him possibly be a unrestricted free agent next year. We do not spend money period. Since that kickball team was purchased we have been the lowest spenders in the nfl. That is fact.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    that’s thrown around alot, but it’s not true, Joe put up a post a few weeks ago showing that we were in the top half of the league in payroll thru 2008.
    Payroll has dropped since then, but a big reason for that is that we haven’t developed any young talent, and we “lost” our top draft picks- Gaines Adams, Aaron Sears,Cadillac on I.R, etc.
    Had we drafted well, then coached properly, we SHOULD have some young guys demanding Top Dollar. Sadly , we don’t. The Gruden/Allen technique of signing old guys, cut by other teams, means you got a roster full of castoffs, and they don’t make top Dollar. A big part of your budget goes to keeping your young, talented skill players. Again, we don’t have any.
    If Freeman, Benn, Williams, McCoy, Price, etc all develop, you won’t have to worry about the Glazers not spending money. We will be worried about being able to pay them all without going over the cap.

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    I agree with BamBamBuc! Penn is by far the best left tackle on the team, but is that really saying much? Maybe at best top 15 in the league and that is probably giving him too much credit. Played great in pass protection last year, but really struggled with the running game. Do the Bucs want to settle for good or rather take a chance and find a potential pro bowl LT in the next year or so. Penn has a lot to prove so if I were him I’d get my butt to camp. Holding out could cost him his entire career! There won’t be any teams lining up at the door with huge contracts in hand that’s for sure.

  24. Patrick Says:


    “Do the Bucs want to settle for good or rather take a chance and find a potential pro bowl LT in the next year or so.”

    NEXT YEAR. It’s always “next year” with the Buccaneers now. I guess 2010 is just another thrown away “practice” season. If we don’t have a good LT in Donald Penn playing, that’s what it’s gonna be. I’m so sick of this loser mentality going on around here. Bucnijim, we already have enough of a mess on this team as it is, and we don’t need to create more holes on it. There’s nothing wrong with Penn. Maybe he’s not elite, but he’s good enough. Did we have an elite LT our Super Bowl year?? He has paid his dues and deserves a contract by now after 2 seasons of good play! Not every player on this team can be a pro bowler. For the Buccaneers, those expectations are a little high. Considering how bad this team is right now, Penn is good enough for me. He’s not just the best LT on the team, but he IS one of the better left tackles in the NFL (better than top 15) and other teams would be trying to get him if he departed tomorrow. But you want to wait till “next year” to find a “potential” pro bowl LT in the draft. No thanks to another question mark. I don’t want to risk first round money on an unproven LT when we already have a proven solid one on the roster that we could just lock up. This team needs to ensure success for Freeman, and they’re not doing that if Penn is not around this year. And if we draft your “potential pro bowler” next year, then you bettter HOPE AND PRAY that he pans out, because Freeman will already be entering his 3rd year of being a QB. With an unproven rookie protecting him. Real smart. Freeman will be a bust if something ridiculous like this happens. That’s how David Carr became a bust, he got sacked 10 million times in his career.

    For coming off of the freaking Vikings practice squad years ago, I think Penn has done great. The Practice Squad. Remember that. He was a hidden gem and I sure hope he’s not thrown away. We have enough “potential” haven’t played a down yet guys on the roster and we need more experienced “sure bet” guys around like Penn. He IS a “potential” pro bowl player. Just cause he hasn’t made it yet doesn’t mean he’s not. He will eventually. Everyone loves Paul Gruber, and was he in the pro bowl?? No.

    I want to win in 2010, not wait till 2012 or 2013. The “win now” attitude is the right one to have, not the loser “we’ll be in the playoffs, but it’ll take a few years” attitude. You play to win the game, it’s as simple as that. You don’t play to make progress. I understand we’re rebuilding, but yet it doesn’t seem like anyone in the organization is even trying to be competitive in 2010. To me, that’s not right. I’d like to at least have a “chance” at having more wins then the Detroit Lions for god’s sake, who were 0-16 the same year we finished 9-7 and had the collapse. 2 years later, they’re at about the same level we are, or better, and that’s pretty sad.

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Absolutely right. Most of us have bought into the rebuilding plan. Rebuilding does NOT mean letting young, talented LTs walk away. And absolutely right again! Penn is definately a top ten LT! By most scouting reports, he was our best player on the field last year, and other NFL teams would be drooling for a shot to sign him!!
    But, I still don’t see him getting a new contract until the CBA is signed. Would love to see the Bucs break ranks on this one, but really don’t see it.
    Penn will report some time during Training camp, and will have his best year. Probably gonna be a strike, then a new CBA.the Bucs will then lock Penn up for the next five years. The bucs want Penn, and he wants to be here.
    They are both just in a bad place because of the CBA. And both parties know it. Sucks