Gregg Rosenthal Talks To Joe

June 21st, 2010

You may be familar with his work with Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of You also may be familar with the videos he does with the lovely Tiffany Simons for

He is Gregg Rosenthal, who also is an executive at Rosenthal took time in-between moving to a new posh apartment in Manhattan to answer some of Joe’s questions about the Bucs’ upcoming season.

JoeBucsFan:  It seems as though the Bucs are relying on a lot of rookies to play at least average football, all but anointing their first four draft picks, defensive tackles Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, along with wide receivers Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams, as starters. How dangerous is that?

Gregg Rosenthal:  Playing rookies is fine. Saying they will start before you even see them in pads is very dangerous. Tampa is forced in some ways to take this approach because of the roster, but you have to see how the rookies perform before handing them spots. You also get the sense the Bucs will see what they want to see with their young players. Even if Price isn’t ready, the staff may convince themselves he is.

Joe:  If memory serves, you are high on Williams as a sleeper at wide receiver. How much can he help out Josh Freeman?

Gregg:  Williams is extremely talented and should help long-term. I like him better than Benn if he can show maturity. I’m dubious regarding how much either player will help Freeman this year. Perhaps long-term Freeman, Williams, and Benn grow up together. It’s more likely one of those receivers will be a bust. The organization is making life a lot harder on Freeman by not having more veteran options to play with.

Joe:  The coordinator debacles on both sides of the ball last year have been well-documented for the Bucs. Since both Jeff Jagodzinski and Jim Bates were jettisoned, both by midseason, does that give Raheem Morris, in your eyes, a fresh start? In other words, do you believe last year was just a write off and he is starting anew with a clean slate as far as his job security?

Gregg:  I don’t think he gets a fresh start. A head coaching job is ultimately an executive position. Morris made terrible decisions with his two biggest hires and felt forced to can them within a year. That doesn’t reflect well on him; why do we think he’ll make better hires next time around?

I do like that he’s responsible for the defense. That’s what he excels at and the team should use his strengths. With all that said, he’s in trouble if he goes 3-13 again. Show some progress and he’ll be fine.

Joe:  What’s your take on the running back position for the Bucs? It seems as though the Bucs are deep at running back, but deep with average backs who are pretty much clones of each other.

Gregg:  I don’t think they are clones. Ward is a complete back and should be better in the receiving game than Williams. Ultimately, I think he’s better in short-yardage too. They are a solid combination. I think you can win with those running backs – they aren’t the problem. The Bucs won a Super Bowl with Pittman and Alstott. Put Ward and Williams on the ’02 Bucs and they still win. It’s just unrealistic to expect Ward and Cadillac to carry the team without big improvement from the offensive line.

Joe:  Can’t conduct an interview with you without asking about your co-worker, the lovely Tiffany Simons. Is she just eyecandy or does she really know football? It’s almost unladylike for a Florida girl not to know something about football.

Gregg:  She really knows her football. She went to Florida State, so she may know college football even better than the pros. But she knows the NFL very well; fantasy football helps everyone get to know the third receiver on the Jaguars. We have a ton of fun working together and we’re good friends. She was at my wedding.

Joe:  A lot of people know you from your videos on and of course from your musings on Here’s a chance to pimp for thousands of football fanatics. Tell us about your gig with What do you do there and why should football fans go there?

Gregg:  I’m the managing editor there, and basically help run the football coverage for the last 7 years. We are covering player news 24/7/365 and I don’t think there’s a more comprehensive place for timely news. We’ve grown a lot since NBC bought us four years ago and I’m proud that a lot of our traffic is for news, not just fantasy football analysis. We also have our draft guides available with rankings and all that jazz if you need help with your fantasy draft.

3 Responses to “Gregg Rosenthal Talks To Joe”

  1. Buddhaboy Says:

    In the picture of the chick, in the background, it says “on the phone with Bruce Allan”……..Dont think that is bruce allen in the photo….

  2. thomas Says:

    I think that I have made similar comments re: Greg’s answers and have been attacked for it. Is Greg Rosenthal a hater?

  3. drdneast Says:

    Pretty good interview. Unlike a lot of NY journalists, who knows something more about football than the Giants and the Jets. Had good insight on the team and Rah. Still, what did you expect him to say about the broad that works with him? “She’s a dumb bimbo who onl got her job here because she is a skirt and we have to have some skirts or EOC will climb down our backs like a pack of rabid femiNaziz.” That kind of honesty would be refreshing.