A Note To Joe’s Faithful

June 6th, 2010

rachel waton 0606

Joe just wanted to share some good news and notes with his legions of friends, haters and followers in Bucs cyberspace on this dreary football-free Sunday.

(First, Joe’s never really football free, since Joe is a manly NFL Network watcher. The Don Shula feature Joe just watched had Joe wondering if Raheem The Dream could be a candidate to knock off Shula’s ridiculous record of 347 wins. After all, Shula was a defensive backs coach turned defensive coordinator, too, who got his head coaching gig at 33. Right now, the comparisons end there.)

To the good news at hand, Joe will introduce two big, new sponsors of JoeBucsFan.com this week. One is a major player in its local industry and a very savvy advertiser, so Joe is extra pleased they pored over Joe’s traffic data and saw fit to cut Joe a check. Not as exciting as a Rachel Watson encounter, but it’ll work.

And the other company is a real quality, hard-working, up-and-comer in its field. Both companies work brutally hard for their clients, so Joe will be very proud to endorse them after spending many hours with the owners.

Joe’s advertisers are the lifeblood of JoeBucsFan.com. They let Joe keep raising the quality and profile of this website consistently. And Joe promises you will reap the benefits as a reader in 2010.  

On that note, clicking on the pretty company images you see around you, and truly checking out what is offered, is the equivalent of tipping your bartenders and waitresses at your favorite watering hole. It’s just the right thing to do.

Also this week, Joe will roll out his new “Hate Mail” feature, as well as “Ask Joe.” It’s going to be a much more fun way to handle the venom, love and queries that fill Joe’s inbox every day.

And for those who savor endless football reading on the toilet, in a format bigger than a cell phone, Joe really recommends buying a copy of the inaugural ProFootballTalk.com season preview magazine. Per ProFootballTalk.com curator, creator and guru Mike Florio, the magazine is 128 pages of in-depth work from people who really know each team, plus some great features.

No, Joe has no financial stake in the magazine sales, but Joe did pen a Bucs preview for the new rag.

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