Warren Sapp Nearly Replaced on “Inside the NFL”

May 19th, 2010

Anyone who has seen former Bucs great Warren Sapp on the NFL Network — or for the women who do not have the NFL Network and thus watch Sapp’s clips that Joe posts from time to time — have noticed how good Sapp is on TV.

So it was a bit curious to read Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News infer that Sapp, who also co-hosts “Inside the NFL” on Showtime, was nearly replaced by former Patriots safety and current NBC talking head Rodney Harrison.

NFL TV moles say Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” was interested in bringing Harrison on board, probably to replace Warren Sapp. Spies say Harrison was all but told he had the gig. It’s worth mentioning Showtime is owned by CBS.

When word was passed to top brass about Harrison being in line for the job, the pending deal was nixed. After all, Harrison is an NBC guy. And the suits at NBC and CBS, especially Jeff Zucker (Prez/CEO NBC Universal) and Leslie Moonves (CBS’ Chairman/CEO) ain’t exactly fishing buddies.

With two CBS guys (James Brown and Phil Simms) on “Inside the NFL,” hiring Harrison would have given NBC cast parity. The Peacock already has one of its voices, Cris Collinsworth, on the show. Guess poor Rodney just got caught in the middle.

Joe has no idea why Sapp would be replaced — unless he unloaded on a producer, and Sapp himself has confessed he’s been short with them at times — unless CBS was prepared to throw Sapp into the street had the charges against Sapp for (allegedly) slapping around his girlfriend in a South Florida hotel last winter stuck.

6 Responses to “Warren Sapp Nearly Replaced on “Inside the NFL””

  1. Mark Says:


    The alleged slapping the girlfriend incident is the only reason the network would of considered replacing him.

  2. Dave Says:

    “The only reason they would consider replacing him” REALLY?

    It should be obvious to any one who has been around Tampa since he arrived: HE IS A COLLOSAL ASSSSSSSSSSS.

    Granted he is pretty good on the NFL network, but it doesn’t mean that producers and co-host and cameramen and any else in the vicinity don’t want him out because they can’t stand working with him.

    I just wish the NFL network would get rid of Deion Sanders. As soon as they are going to go to him I change the channel. Can’t stand him on air. Much respect on the field (other than the refusing to tackle thing).

    Did you see him during the draft interviewing on a “red carpet”? It was pathetic.

  3. Jonny Says:

    Warren Sapp would really be missed on TV if he is replaced on NFLN or SHO’s “ITNFL”. Sapp is the only guy that is never shy in criticizing a team if he sees something wrong with it.

    For example, the other day on NFL Network folks were talking about how far could Cowboys go in the playoffs. All of them were projecting Cowboys to be the SB favorites from NFC (as usual) because the Boys added Dez Bryant. But Sapp was the only guy pointing out the biggest problems of Cowboys and how much it could cost them when they start facing the elite in playoffs.

    He agreed to Dez being a superb talent like others did, but said he does not see Dez replacing Roy Williams for starting job as it takes an year or two for WRs to figure out the coverages and little tricks to get open. He also said Cowboys are no better than any other teams of NFC East as they have giant question marks in LT and Safety spot.

    All the other guys on Total Access were disagreeing/dismissing his comments, obviously because they are all bandwagoners that base their ideas on splash moves in draft and FA. But anyone without rose colored glasses can see how correct Warren is. It is good to see a guy on national television that calls it like he sees it.

  4. Mark Says:

    “…Dave’s not here…”

    You really think they’d put him off the show for being a colossal ass? Seriously.

    He makes them money because he talks pretty damn coherently about football. Pretty freakin’ plain and simple.

    I can’t stand Deion Sanders for a lot of reasons, but that tool makes them money too… Sanders never talks football, comes across as a racist and is living off his glory days (instead of bringing any value to NFL television what-so-ever.)

  5. Sebringsmitty Says:

    They need Steve White !!

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs tried replacing Warren Sapp and that still hasn’t worked out yet. He may be Warren, but what he does, he does well.