Time For Derrick Brooks To Admit The Obvious

May 29th, 2010

The headline above, for all you sensitive headline Nazis, sums up what Joe is going to write, and Joe takes no pleasure in typing the following.

Pull the plug, Derrick.

Joe thinks the absolute world of Derrick Brooks, the future Hall of Fame linebacker who personified the Bucs in their heyday: Smart, fast, physical… integrity.

Last year, after the Bucs kicked Brooks to the curb — cynics boast that Brooks never played again so it was time; Joe points to the numbers of how the Bucs were the worst in the NFL in rushing defense without him — Brooks had a few nibbles for jobs but teams were not willing to meet Brooks’ salary demands for a guy who also was not going to play special teams.

So the only thing Brooks did football-wise last year was work for BSPN and Sirius NFL Radio.

It seems the Bucs were about to have a formal ceremony last year announcing Brooks’ retirement but Brooks called it off, thinking he still would get a gig. That’s the word from Vacation Man, of the Stalinist BSPN.com. Like many, Vacation Man believes it’s time for Brooks to get it over with and announce his retirement.

Rob in Sarasota, Fla., writes:  Any word on the relations between Derrick Brooks and the Bucs? Was there an official announcement that he retired after no one picked him up last year? Has the dust settled enough to honor him as the second inductee in the Ring of Honor? Or at least something similar to what they did for Mike Alstott?

Vacation Man:  There has been no official announcement on Brooks’ retirement, even though it’s pretty obvious his playing days are over. This is kind of unfortunate because Brooks deserves a proper sendoff. He’s the best player in the history of the NFC South, although Drew Brees is gaining ground fast. At one point last season, the Bucs were starting to prepare some sort of major ceremony, but Brooks backed off because he thought he might end up playing somewhere else. It didn’t happen and I don’t think anything’s going to change this year. Quite frankly, Brooks is a guy with a tremendous amount of pride and it’s difficult for a guy like that to admit it’s over, but Brooks needs to accept the facts. The Bucs will give him a sendoff at least on a par with what they gave Mike Alstott and John Lynch and they’ll probably do even more for Brooks, but they’re waiting for him to give them clearance.

Joe was under the impression Brooks was still miffed at the Bucs, understandably so. It seems, though, Brooks and someone at One Buc Palace have mended fences.

Of course, Brooks is due the greatest retirement bash the Bucs have ever thrown.

10 Responses to “Time For Derrick Brooks To Admit The Obvious”

  1. SebringSmitty Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen , Mr Derrick Brooks !!!!!!!!!!! Lots of applause !!!!!!!!!

  2. Tommy Boy Says:

    That is one game that will surely sell out. I will definitely be in attendance for the best Buccaneer of all time.

  3. Eric Says:

    Nuttin could keep me away from that game.

  4. Louie Says:

    If I was Brooks, I’d wait until a new regime is in place. I wouldn’t give the current clowns the satisfaction.

  5. hefferyjansen Says:

    He’s a big reason i became a bucs fan one of the best linebackers ever!

  6. ChuckInJax Says:

    “Who’s Your Favorite Player?”

    “Mister Derrick Brooks!”

    Still the best NFL commercial! The lasting tribute for a legendary player, and a truly good man!

  7. Tom B Says:

    Derrick had a chance to play last year according to Rich Eisen of NFL Network but no one would offer more than vet minimum and without a guarantee that Brooks would start. The same thing happened to Jeff Christy after the Super Bowl. The Bucs wanted to cut his salary to a million with no extra money if beat Wade out as the starter in 2003. but Christy refused. After Christy was cut, the Steelers made him an offer but it was vet minimum which was less than one million that McKay offered.

    Brooks had a chance to play but he did not want to bust up his body for vet minimum. When you are an older, teams are not going to pay you a ton of money even if you are productive. Look at Thomas Jones. Second best running back in the NFL behind only Adrian Peterson the last three years (without the fumbles) and he is now a backup for KC despite tremendous production.

  8. Patrick Says:

    It’s such a mystery as to why he hasn’t announced his retirement yet. It’s even weirder because I recall a couple months ago seeing an article on TBO.com where Brooks admitted that his playing days are likely over. If he knows that is true, why doesn’t he just do it already??

    I really think we should’ve kept Brooks for at least another year. I mean I think it’s a little insulting letting him go and then you go 3-13 the next season. Like having him around would’ve really hurt us! Raheem could’ve found a way to still get Ruud and Hayes playing time and have Brooks play a lesser role. Hell he probably could’ve still outplayed them last year. But most importantly, he was the heart and soul of that defense.

    Letting Brooks go was one thing. But the departure they gave him was just disgraceful! Same goes for Dunn too. And even Galloway. He spent 5 seasons here and was one of the best receivers this team ever had.

  9. Negative Nancy Says:

    Maybe they can a retirement ceremony for Brooks and at the same time to say some $$$$ have a farewell party for Raheem & Olsen as well. Hell I bet Donald Trump would come to Tampa as the guest presenter:

    Trump “I”d like to officially retire #55, Derrick Brooks”

    Finally as a favor to my good friend Joel Glazer, (turning to Raheem) “You’re Fired!”

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yup, time for Brooks to make it official, and give Tampa a chance to show the greatest Buc in history some Love. Represented this team and community with real class and professionalism.Gino Hayes has succeded Brooks, but noone will ever replace him
    Neg Nancy, get over it. Coach Morris this year, like you in life, is going no where