Rookie Returner Catches Raheem’s Eye

May 3rd, 2010

A speedster in the weekend rookie camp caught the eye of the Bucs’ coaching staff, so reports Tom Balog of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

He’s 5-8, return specialist/running back Chris Garrett, out of Ohio University.

Garrett, who broke the 95-yarder against Tennessee last season, was one of the 49 undrafted rookie tryout players who departed the Buccaneers’ mini-camp optimistically Sunday.

 The next big return Garrett wants to make is on a plane back to Tampa after his classes end in Athens, Ohio, in a few weeks.

 ”I’ve been getting a lot of kudos from all the coaches,” Garrett said Saturday. “Everything’s been positive so far.”

 ”He’s had the ability to get out in the open and run away from some people,” said Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris. “Be able to long stride and short stride, and get out of there and make the DBs work and give up an opportunity to show pursuit. They all have shown flashes in this camp, but he’s done some special things as well.”

Joe roots for all these young men, but this guy Garrett has got little chance to make the team, and the Bucs have little need for him.

Kareem Huggins, who is the same kind of player as Garrett, is already the “driving force of our football team,” said Raheem The Dream last week. With Huggins, Sammie Stroughter, Clifton Smith and Michael Spurlock on the depth chart, plus Arrelious Benn, who was a succesful return man in college, Joe can’t imagine any need for Garrett.

Sounds to Joe like Raheem The Dream likes the rookie and wants to hype him up to help him get a job somewhere else.

6 Responses to “Rookie Returner Catches Raheem’s Eye”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I have to give props to Rah-Rah for doing this. While I know I’m not on his Christmas card list this is a very good thing to do.

    Joe why can’t the Bucs do something like the Cowboys did with 4th and long? Remember that show on Spike last year? It would give kids exposure, our coaches some much needed experience and how about letting Sapp host?

  2. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe why can’t the Bucs do something like the Cowboys did with 4th and long? Remember that show on Spike last year? It would give kids exposure, our coaches some much needed experience and how about letting Sapp host?

    A project like that is a two-way street. Looking at it from a producer’s/network’s point of view, why exactly would they want to do this on the Bucs? Remember, this is not PBS we are talking about. Networks don’t fund these projects for charity.

    To begin with, the Bucs organization doesn’t exactly embrace the Fourth Estate. That’s a hurdle right there. Second, what compelling reason would a network want to do such a project on the Bucs? When Chucky/Sapp/Lynch/Meshawn/Brooks were here, that would have been fantastic TV. Now? A losing team with really no personalities and no stars on a team that doesn’t have much of a following… who would watch outside of the hardest of hardcore football fans, and Bucs fans?

    Not trying to be Debbie Downer, just being realistic. There are probably 25 (or more) other teams Spike/HBO would rather do this project on than the Bucs.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Ok Joe I get the part about the 4th estate and the reclusive Glazers BUT producing a show like 4th and long can’t be that expensive!

    Look at American Idol.

    Why not do an NFL Idol? NFL Network could fund it and have it as a “generic” position available. In fact have 2-3 teams committ to giving the offensive and defensive winners spots in their training camp.

    With the lineup that the NFL Network has I’m sure there would be enough camera hogs willing to do cameo appearances. There’s more than enough willing kids to try out for let’s say 3 weeks. Have an episode filmed every other day and that would give you 10-11 weeks of programming.

    Just thinking out loud …

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    OH , and don’t forget that the fullback from Clemson was officially signed today.

    According to everyone on this site , he already having his bust carved for Canton , and he is the next John Riggins/ Earl Campbell.

  5. Hosstyle in Tampa Says:

    Reality talent show for an NFL team, facing blackouts….now I’ve heard everything….

  6. tampa2 Says:

    “Kareem…. is the driving force of our football team” said Raheem the Dream. Good thing Akeem hasn’t arrived yet. Because Raheem would kick Kareem to the side for Akeem. Is this still American Football? Maybe Gene Simmons could buy into the Bucs and bring his reality show with him. The comedy of the Bucs on the reality show would definitely draw more fans to the game. lol