Kellen Winslow Doesn’t Consider Himself Elite

May 30th, 2010

kellen winslow0505The way Kellen Winslow racked up the receiving yards last year, it’s hard to argue against him being an elite tight end.

Just don’t try telling Winslow that.

In a chat Friday on, Winslow shrugged off compliments that he was one of the game’s best tight ends.

D,Jones, Detroit
Hey Kellen hows it going,I have a goog questoin here, Do you Believe your 1 of the top TEs in the game, And What do you think Tampa Bay need to do to make the playoffs?

Kellen Winslow
No, I’m not there yet. The top 5 are Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, personally I like Tony Scheffler and either Owen Daniels or Jeremy Shockey. As for your second part, the element with Josh and the young defense and receivers, we’re headed in the right direction. We’re not that far off.

Joe likes to see this. If a guy who strives to be the best like Winslow does, if he doesn’t consider himself among the game’s best, that means he has the drive and the fire inside.

In the chat, Winslow also noted that the Bucs are not rebuilding, but going young. Uh, OK.

19 Responses to “Kellen Winslow Doesn’t Consider Himself Elite”

  1. Negative Nancy Says:

    At least Winslow is HONEST with himself and fans – unlike that sluggo Clayton!

    So Kellen are you gonna earn your pay this season or what?

  2. topdoggie Says:

    First ten minutes home from a hospital saty. Gotta read Joebucsfan right off.

  3. Joe Says:

    Damn topdoggie, that’s dedication and Joe is humbled. Thank you!

    Hope it wasn’t something too serious and that you have a quick recovery.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Joe, what are the chances of us going 8-8 or 9-7?? Do you think a 9-7 record is possible at all, or not likely at all??? I’m not trying to be unrealistic here, I’m just asking. Think about it. We have the Lions, Seahawks, Browns, Rams, and the Steelers without Rothlesburger as their quarterback. Personally, I think 6-10 or anything like that would be unacceptable. If we can only win 6 games with this kind of schedule, I have huge concerns for our team.

  5. Jeff Says:

    “At least Winslow is HONEST with himself and fans – unlike that sluggo Clayton!

    So Kellen are you gonna earn your pay this season or what?”

    Was this a joke or are you really this ignorant? How did Kellen setting TE records for the Bucs not earn his money?

  6. MOBucs Says:

    Hey Joe have you heard anything about when he’s expected at One Bucs Place? At the end of the chat he said he was off to catch a plane. Tampa bound perhaps?

  7. RastaMon Says:

    How much of his contract is guaranteed….?

  8. Eric Says:

    The dude played great and never let up through all the losing.

    Deserves elite status, IMO.

  9. Joe Says:


    For the Bucs to get to 9-7 that means their rookies have to all play like vets. That’s a dubious expectation.


    Not sure. Joe hopes Winslow will be around for the next round of OTAs in June.

  10. Negative Nancy Says:

    Hey Jeff – this is the NFL not intermurals…

    Last season I thought Kellen did exceptional.

    This year – hasn’t practiced…yet.

    In addition he’s the HIGHEST paid TE in the NFL – he earned more than other TE’s who put up better stats…but then again that applies to Clayton, Bryant, Freeman, Ward, etc.,

  11. thomas Says:

    He would be elite but for the bum knee – he is still above average.


    You should have HUGE concerns for this team. You are correct that schedule is relatively easy, but my $ says that these clowns wont win 6 games – which should be considered nearly a crime – but at least it will get rah (and hopefully dom) fired and put back to where they belog – rah as a db coach and dom selling trading cards.

  12. Jonny Says:

    He is an ELITE receiving TE. But his blocking sucks balls. Witten is a fantastic blocker, all others he mentioned in top 5 (except Scheffler of course) give their all in blocking department.

  13. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Notice that Winslow didn’t mention Gonzalez’s old tired washed up ass as one of the TE’s better than him…

  14. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    RadioMushmouth — You might want to read it again. ..He does put Gonzalez on the list

  15. Patrick Says:

    You guys who are griping and complaining about K2 are ridiculous! He did a great job last year and lived up to his contract in my opinion. And I think he’s better than some of the TE’s he mentioned above.

  16. Eric Says:

    The question is, will his knee hold up till the dynasty?

  17. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    His knee is the same condition as everyone’s favorite crybaby, Antonio Bryant…the only difference is he was nice enough to get his knee scoped in the offseason instead of half-way through the preseason, like that loser Antonio did .

  18. jarrett Says:

    vernon davis

  19. hendawg1906 Says:


    I wonder if you would call these guys “clowns” to their face. Everyone has a big chest behind a computer screen.