Is Clayton’s Survival All About Money?

May 7th, 2010

Bucs beat scribe Woody Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, has served up a possible explanation why blocking icon Michael Clayton remains on the Bucs roster, even after the Bucs tried to trade him and after Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream seem to have eliminated his name from their vocabularies.

Cummings says money is likely a big reason.

The fact wide receiver Michael Clayton wasn’t among those let go left many shaking their heads in wonderment. There is, however, a logical explanation for why Clayton still is and probably will be a Buccaneer through the 2010 season.

Quite simply, the Bucs still owe Clayton a lot of money. The contract Clayton signed in 2009 included $10.5 million in guaranteed payouts. At this stage, it’s far too early to accept a loss on that investment.

Joe chuckled after reading that last sentence by Cummings. Joe’s pretty sure the Bucs have already realized “a loss on that investment.”  To be fair, Cummings went on in his story to say the Clayton deal might be one of the “greatest blunders” of Dominik’s tenure.

Per the USA Today salary database, largely considered quite accurate, the blocking icon fleeced the Bucs for just over $7.5 million last year. That leads Joe to believe the Bucs are on the hook for another $3 million.

Now Joe knows that Team Glazer announced “money will never be an issue” when building the Bucs. So it’s hard to believe that Mark Dominik would consider something as trivial as $3 million when determining how to best craft his roster for 2010.

Never would Dominik consider keeping the blocking icon around when valuable reps and game experience could go to younger receivers. Right?

Surely, there must be more to Clayton still being around than money. Worrying about money is not part of Team Glazer’s plan.

34 Responses to “Is Clayton’s Survival All About Money?”

  1. zech Says:

    I wish they just release clayton because there is no hope for him comin his old rookie self again! I just hope that benn and williams don’t catch whatever clayton has and start droppin passes and Td’s!!

  2. Eric Says:

    A combination, of money, stupidity, and having such a super thin receiving corp that they may end up actually needing him.

  3. TJ Says:

    If Managment is serious about being young and moving on from Gruden’s blunders cut him pronto he does not deserve another chance.

  4. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Clayton be a man, admit you SUCK and walk away from the team stating
    you just want to do what’s right!

  5. Troxell8t8 Says:

    Considering the rookies don’t have to be signed until the summer when roster spots become an issue, why not hold onto Clayton? Maybe (though I highly doubt it) someone might trade for him. The Bucs got a seventh for Lefty.

    It is obvious the future is Benn, Williams, and Stroughter at WR. Clayton will be gone, it is just a matter of when not if.

  6. Slappy Says:

    Maybe the 2003 Keyshawn treatment is in order…

  7. Mike Says:

    Well, we know it’s not because he can catch the ball!

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Clayton is done.

  9. JimBuc Says:

    So does that mean that when the Bucs release him it will also be about money?

  10. tampa2 Says:

    Surely the Bucs have an insurance policy on him. Just catch him walking across the parking lot and run his ass over. Problem solved. He’s gone and they get their money! No problem! Oh, that’s illegal, I forgot! sorry.

  11. Blackmagic00 Says:

    You know, maybe they just like the guy and maybe he’s a good locker room kinda guy. So with money owed maybe they see it fit to keep him at least for that? Just saying.

  12. RastaMon Says:

    happily….. despite 5+ years of media PR and benefit of the doubts given by fans and the owners……
    his production has never come close to his compensation…..
    Just because he was the 5th WR taken with the 15th overall pick…..
    he scored his first NFL TD without wearing a helmet can carry one only so far…..

  13. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Look the real reason that the Bucs don’t give Clayhands his walking papers is that it would mean Dominik has to admit he made a mistake.

    Now that the draft is over and until training camp this is SLOW news for the NFL. Dominik et al have learned that when you need to “bury” a story do it when there is a distraction.

    Let’s face it the Bucs are still smarting from the crappy way they treated Brooks et al on Black Tuesday.

    When Clayton gets the ax, and he will get the ax, it will happen in a rush of other stories.

  14. Sander Says:

    Roy Cummings’ argument makes no sense. Any business owner knows that you do not send good money after bad. The idea that you have to continue to stick with a bad idea just because you spent money on it is a sunk cost fallacy – a very well-known issue. This argument only shows that Cummings has no clue when it comes to business.

  15. RastaMon Says:

    I’ve come full circle on #55’z release…
    and I am exactly where I was the time of his release….
    it was time …oh…..that pathetic gimp chase his last game
    that was a head shot freeze frame moment…..
    soooo ….much better than all the film from the next season if he played in Pewter!

  16. Patrick Says:

    I’m still pissed about them letting go of AB and giving Clayton a contract he didn’t deserve. The thrown away money that Clayton received should’ve been used towards giving Antonio a contract last year! If I were Bryant, I sure would be angry as hell if i didn’t receive a contract after boasting a great season but I see Clayton get a luxury package for doing nothing!! I do love how we got Arrelious and Williams in the draft but I still don’t agree with his departure. The guy could make all the catches. Oh, and he was A PROVEN PLAYER, something that this team is deprived of!

  17. JimBuc Says:

    Patrick, that is one of the better arguments I have read in support of keeping AB.

  18. thomas Says:


    right on. i agree completely. to pay clayton and not lock up ab after 08 was a crime. people wonder why ab didnt have the best attitude.

    watch ab in cincy!

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    You could make the argument that the Bucs should have franchised AB in 2010, for the same reasons they franchised him in 2009. Remember, “money will never be an issue.”

  20. thomas Says:

    therein may lie your answer Joe.

    why would mls wabt to do a deal where the Glazers double dip? Meaning get Manu take a stadium take. Remember there are 2 sides to these deals. If Mls would get a cut with a better stadium deal, why wouldnt they negotiate a non-rayjay venue

  21. thomas Says:

    sorry wrong page

  22. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    THomas – You’re assuming they have to play an MLS team in RayJay. THey don’t. ManU didn’t play any when they were in U.S. previously. They could have played another International team or an Under 20 or 23 national team.

  23. Mr. Lucky Says:


    I’ve never said that Brooks wasn’t done in the NFL – look at how many teams were clamouring for his services after he was released!

    What I had a problem with was HOW the Bucs released Derrick. With only 1 year left on his contract it would have been “classy” to let Brooks stay on the team for his final year in a reduced role

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    I still think Clayton might get traded. It may take an injury or something for another team to consider it, but it could happen down the road a little bit.

  25. thomas Says:


    Noone will ever trade for Clayton, forget it, not possible unless the Bucs pay the contract.

    He is due 3 million this year. Who would give up something for a worthless player who makes 3 mill?

  26. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I hope and feel certain that he will be cut. But, there is no need to do it now. Wait and see if someone will shell out even a 7th rounder for him. It may not happen now. But injuries in OTA’s could change that. Give it time, there is no hurry. We have until the 53 man roster deadline to cut him.

    IF Dom. can get anything for him, there should be a local holiday for him every year from now on. He would def. deserve that reward!!

  27. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    And, if they would pay for half the contract, a team would be more likely to do it then. I don’t think we would pay it all, but we shall see what happens. Come on Dom. get something for him. That would be better than a 2nd for Gaines and a 7th for Leftwich.

  28. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    I thought part of the rule changes that went with the lack of a new CBA agreement was not having a cap and not having a “cap hit” when dropping players. Am I misunderstanding what that means when I assume that means they could drop him with no monetary penalty?

  29. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Michigan – without a Cap if a team drops a player it doesn’t count agains their team. However they would still have to pay the player. Clayton is a perfect example of the greed that players and their slimey agents want in the new CBA – pay me my $ when I sign so if I don’t perform or get hurt – who cares?

  30. topdoggie Says:

    Joe must have been drinking Caybrew late last night. Nothing new for Saturday yet.

  31. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Thanks Lucky, I get it now

  32. drdneast Says:

    Clanghands the cancer will be around as long as Rah Rah needs a rat in the lockerroom.

  33. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I agree with drdneast….Clayton is too valuable as team rat to be released.

  34. topdoggie Says:

    Maybe he read “Who stole my cheese”.