Fans Chase Stylez White From Rays Game

May 27th, 2010

Stylez White wasn't exactly smiling when fans mobbed Gerald McCoy sitting alongside him at the Rays game last night. White had to leave.

Joe brought you news last night that Bucs rookie defensive tackle and first round draft pick Gerald McCoy was hounded so much by Rays fans for photos, it nearly chased him out of the Fruitdome.

While the fans didn’t run GMC out, they did run off Stylez White. The Bucs defensive end went to the Rays debacle against the Red Sux with GMC. The fans suffocated GMC so much and badgered him so much, White Twittered he had to leave.

We end up leaving McCoy was gettn mobbed.. How were we to enjoy the game?

Com’ on people. Sure, it’s cool to meet an NFL player out in public and yeah, Joe gets the excitement that GMC has brought to the Bucs. But these guys just wanted to watch a baseball game. Let them be!

If you meet them in the concourse or the parking lot or at Fergs, OK. But if they are just in their seats, leave them alone. That’s no different than bugging these guys while they are out to eat with their families.

This is no different than you getting dinnertime telemarketing calls from that yenta-outfit Out House Networks, which specializes in virtual shake downs, forcing innocent subscribers to bankroll a lamer than lame news channel that thinks you want to see 12 reports a day about a yard sale in Spring Hill and get temperature updates every 10 minutes but won’t allow the football-starved masses to watch the NFL Network.

7 Responses to “Fans Chase Stylez White From Rays Game”

  1. nick Says:

    Why werent they in a suite?

  2. Mike Says:

    I agree completely Joe. They are just people and they deserve to be able to sit there and watch a game. I’ll never understand people’s infatuation with celebrities.

  3. MVPFreeman Says:

    “yenta-outfit Out House Networks”


  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Love is a good thing. They could have been Eagles at a Phili’s game and have beer, ice, spit, rocks, bottles and yellow snow cast upon them. Besides, they could cater to their fans for at least an hour and a half and not miss anything. After all, it’s baseball. But, Go Rays, yea yea. I like Hockey. All sports should allow players to duke it out until they fall down. It’s just so American.

  5. Negative Nancy Says:

    I bet fas were just falling all over themselves to get Stylez’s authograph…right. People probable thought he was the McCoys bodyguard.

    Stylez who????

    Last year the Bucs front line was as effective as a screen door on a submarine.

    These guys should be THANKFUL that fans even cared about them. Have another season like 2009 and the next time they’re in public they won’t be mobbed for autographs but mugged – period

  6. Negative Nancy Says:

    How much excitement can anyone have at a baseball game anyway?

    Oh wait I know – as much fun as watching a home Bucs game when the Saints come to town!

  7. Mark Says: 🙂