Bucs Are A “House Of Cards”

May 16th, 2010

The Mad Twitterer, aka Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times, stared into the Tampa Bay Sports Central TV camera and referrred to the 2010 Buccaneers as a “house of cards and Josh Freeman is holding it all up.”

House of Cards?

Last Joe checked, that expression refers to something on a very shaky foundation.

Does this mean Stroud doesn’t buy Team Glazer’s new mantra of patience? Or does The Mad Twitterer question the strength of the Bucs’ core players, draft picks and staff?

Asked by host J.P. Peterson about Josh Freeman’s projected improvement and readiness in his second season, Stroud rolled into his house-of-cards response.

“If he’s not, they’re all fired. This a house of cards and Josh Freeman is holding it all up,” Stroud said.

The Mad Twitterer followed that by stating that “25 starts” is the Bucs’ benchmark for Freeman to be ready to play at a high level. And Freeman likely will hit that mark in 2010.

Stroud said he thought that 25-starts mark wasn’t enough time for Freeman.

While Freeman has to improve, Joe’s much more of the belief that Raheem The Dream’s defense’s performance will drive the fate of what the Mad Twitterer calls a house of cards.

If the defense takes a step back this season, it won’t matter much what Freeman is doing.

4 Responses to “Bucs Are A “House Of Cards””

  1. Eric Says:

    I agree that Freeman is the one card that could cause the house to fall.

    But, the house could also cause the card to fall, meaning that Freeman’s play is inextricably tied to the receivers, o-line(?penn?), running game, Olsen, etc.

    And joe is also right, cause if they turn in another 32nd ranking on rush defense, Freeman could become a moot issue, particulalry given Raheem’s defensive background. Dang near impossible to win with that unless your the Colts.

  2. drdneast Says:

    Some od these writers are becoming so pompous and full of hubris. Just because they cover the NFL and can write, it doesn’t make them experts. You want to see a “House of Cards,” look at the Colts, they are one serious injury to Peyton Manning in becoming a sub .500 level team. That is a “House of Cards.”

  3. Louie Says:

    @drdneast: Come on, you can say the about any team with star QB. As much as I hate the Dolts, they would still be able to make a playoff run without Manning.

    As usual Stroud is talking out of his a$$. The Bucs are a house of cards — particularlly on offense, but I don’t think Freeman is the key. The key is the OLine. Without a decent line, Freeman’s not going to be able to do anything even if he’s the 2nd coming of Peyton Manning. The reason Manning is so good is because of his line. If Penn holds out and/or Faine is injured, the line is going to suck. And, that doesn’t even take into account the unresolved problems a left guard, where Zuttah hasn’t played particularly well and there is no depth behind him.

    The Bucs did a decent job of getting help for the defense, but beside the WR position, they didn’t do much to help Freeman on offense. Remember, The Dream said it was all about #5, but they didn’t do him many favors this off-season.

  4. Radio Raheem Morris Says:

    Mr. Stroud makes a valid point…in as much as 25 starts for a rookie QB is a benchmark upon which they should show consistency. I question how you keep track of the 25 starts? Do we count 25 starts with the same core group of players or is it simply 25 starts with any player I throw in to play with Josh Freeman! Joe makes a very good point in regard the defense….the play of the defense will be the best friend to #5 as it can keep the opponent’s offense on the field…assist in running out the clock….and hopefully limit the number of points the other teams puts up on the field. Mark Sanchez could sit on the bench sneaking wierners last season because the Jets had a great defense that kept the other team busy. Sanchez didn’t throw more than 14 passes in some games last season….if Freeman is given the same scenario, he will grow and improve. If the fate of the franchise rests on his shoulders before 2011 then he will have a very tough time in the NFL. If we started count…it was what last year…seven (7) games that the Buc’s almost won with #5 in the starting lineup?? This means Freeman gets the 16 regular season games this season plus 2 in 2011 before he can be expected to carry the offense!

    Drafting defensive players (I should have thrown the game at the Saints and drafted Suh) is my reason for babbling like a politician on caffiene…but even with McCoy, Price and others they get 25 games also to show inspired play….or does that just go for QB’s?