Adam Schein Unloads On The Bucs

May 28th, 2010

Bucs fans, brace yourself.’s Adam Schein has decided to break down each NFL team as training camps are less than two months away. In this video, Schein pulls no punches on the Bucs. Better take a tight grip on your chair for this.

56 Responses to “Adam Schein Unloads On The Bucs”

  1. nick Says:

    Why do we care about this Doosh

  2. Sebringsmitty Says:

    Who’s dam Schein ??

  3. Sebringsmitty Says:

    Adam Shein ?

  4. Blake Says:

    I’ve never even heard of this guy. I find it hard to believe that this franchise is ran worse than the likes of the Lions and Raiders.

  5. YearOBucsfan Says:

    d-bag deluxe

  6. thedeej3000 Says:

    truth hurts

  7. Eric Says:

    The man is 100% correct.

    Only the blind can’t see it. The WORST organization in the NFL.

  8. SebringSmitty Says:

    The worst ?? I don’t think so. But we shall see in a couple of years.

  9. Louie Says:

    He’s right until the Bucs prove otherwise on the field. Time will tell.

  10. Brandon Says:

    How is he right? Horrible season, sure. But I seem to remember beating the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Did the 1-15 Rams do that? No. Did the 2-14 Lions do that? No. I would also like to state that we played about 11 games under a new defensive scheme after running the Tampa 2 for a decade. Elite team, no. But hardly the worst franchise in the league. Oakland, anyone?

  11. Bucfanjeff Says:

    Worst? No. Near the bottom? Yes. We do need to do better and I think we’ll see great improvement this year.

    That said, Adam Schein is, and always will be, a douche – Bucs topic or not. Seriously.

  12. the_buc_realist Says:

    The man hit it right on the head. He was right about the Buc all last year. Even before Training camp he called for a 3-4 win season. This does not bold well for the Bucs. We are a very young, rookie team.

  13. Dave Says:


    REALLY. They have a SB, many do not. You think the Lions were better run this past decade? You think they did a better job at building with young talent by drafting bust WR after bust WR?
    Of course you probably wanted Mike Williams huh?

    Since these owners took over they did all the right things, changed the uni’s, got the new stadium, and sold out for a SB win. they then hung around with decent teams that could never go anywhere by filling in aging vets.
    They finally had enough and heard enough and have taken a rebuilding through youth approach. No one is going to agree with everything that is done and EVERYONE will make mistakes, but until you give the rebuilding process 2-3 years, how can you possibly judge it?

    This rebuilding process is showing signs of light at the end of the tunnel. They are just starting year 2. It appears they have alot of young talent, but they need some time.

    In my opinon, right now is an exciting time to be a BUCS and a LIGHTNING fan. The losing sucks obviously, but to watch them build teams through the draft and see the pieced fall into place is exciting.

    If you don’t see that, then that is YOUR problem. In a nutshell, you seem to be a miserable person who just loves to hate. Seriosuly, you need to go find another hobby and a life because it gets old.

  14. Dave Says:


    REALLY. They have a SB, many do not. You think the Lions were better run this past decade? You think they did a better job at building with young talent by drafting bust WR after bust WR?
    Of course you probably wanted Mike Williams huh?

    Since these owners took over they did all the right things, changed the uni’s, got the new stadium, and sold out for a SB win. they then hung around with decent teams that could never go anywhere by filling in aging vets.
    They finally had enough and heard enough and have taken a rebuilding through youth approach. No one is going to agree with everything that is done and EVERYONE will make mistakes, but until you give the rebuilding process 2-3 years, how can you possibly judge it?

    This rebuilding process is showing signs of light at the end of the tunnel. They are just starting year 2. It appears they have alot of young talent, but they need some time.

    In my opinon, right now is an exciting time to be a BUCS and a LIGHTNING fan. The losing sucks obviously, but to watch them build teams through the draft and see the pieced fall into place is exciting.

    If you don’t see that, then that is YOUR problem. In a nutshell, you seem to be a miserable person who just loves to hate. Seriosuly, you need to go find another hobby and a life because it gets old.

  15. Joe Says:


    Joe’s of the mind that the Rams are the worst. That’s a brutal, brual, brutal team.

  16. d-money Says:


    “The man is 100% correct.

    Only the blind can’t see it. The WORST organization in the NFL.”

    I know i’ve asked this before. but if thats how you feel then why do you follow this team?

    Not to mention the fact that you are wrong.

    Since the Glazers bought the team there have been

    7 playoff appearences
    4 Division Championships
    2 trips to the NFC Championship
    1 Super Bowl
    No doubt we are experiencing a down time but to say this is the worst orginization is just false.

  17. the_buc_realist Says:

    Thanks for the History lesson D-money. But we are talking about this upcoming year. On Paper we are worse than what we were at this time last year. Eric does not hate the Bucs. He is just trying to say that we are going in the wrong direction.

  18. Eric Says:

    Currently, they are the worst.

    IMO when they fired Gruden and replaced him with the Dream, they richly earned that distinction.

    Thats why they are worse than the Raiders and Lions, cause they unnecessarily pissed away a good thing.

    Not since Hugh failed to sign Doug Williams has a more stupid decision been made. The ramifications of this one have already been felt and will continue along a similar state for the Bucs, IMO.

    This guy is simply stating the obvious.

  19. dean Says:

    Adam Schein, you need to think again,have you done any research? or do you just run your mouth for bad season and you’re ready to call them the worst organization in the league! oh but i like your little ranking system it’s cute, did you make that up all by your self? DICK!!!! heres to the BUCS they will surprise some people this year, but go ahead and under-estimate them, i think they like it that way!! GO BUCS!!!!

  20. Eric S Says:

    I don’t think the Bucs are the worst organization. The Raiders are still worse. The Bills are worse. The Rams are still iffy. Man the Bucs are near the bottom though. They do have an overmatched coach and some of the worst owners in the league. Jury is still out on Mark D. That first game against Cleveland is huge. If they win that, they could get off to a good start. If they lose it, then it could cause a snow ball effect.

  21. @toreano Says:

    As a Bucs fan stuck in the West Coast Bay Area
    let me assure you all that there is no worse than the Raiders.
    The Lions & Rams are also no better than the Bucs right now!!
    Dude gets paid to start sh*t! This approach if the players drafted
    work out is the right way!!
    GO BUCS & grab a beer & relax!

  22. Louie Says:

    I think the Bucs earned the distinction by the actions of the last year: fired high profile coach/GM & replaced them with novices, changed offensive AND defensive schemes, hired/fired the new coordinators, terrible signings (Clayton, Nuget), QB competition debacle, let AB go, oh and 3-13 record! In the last year, they are the worst. Name another franchise that has eff’d up as much in the last year? If you open it up to a larger period of time, they are not the worst — Lions, Rams, and Raiders get that distinction.

    Let’s also clear something else up. People are saying how great the Glazers are and that they won a Superbowl and all that. IMO, Malcom Glazer was the guy who was responsible for the good times. Since his illness, the boys have been in charge and the team has done nothing but go downhill. That’s an important distinction that should not be forgotten when you guys are bragging on what the Glazers have done.

  23. lovethepewter Says:

    Yeah this guy looks like he got stuffed into quite a number of lockers when he was in high school…we all know which lunch table he sat at.

  24. thomas Says:

    Thanks Louie for some sense. The current Glazers are clearly not the old man!

    We are now the worst. Please come here Bill Cowher, please, please.

  25. Eric Says:

    Im with you Thomas. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bill Cowher.

  26. RahDomDaBest Says:

    LMAO… the delusionals calling Adam Schein delusional. Adam has reinforced his logic with straight facts.

    The ONLY delusionals on here are the ones not admitting that the Tamap Bay Buccaneers were the worst team in the NFL last year hands down… such a debacle.

  27. Radio MushMouth is a Pedophile Says:

    Eric and Radio MushMouth are both total DOUCHES!!!

  28. Patrick Says:

    We should’ve kept Gruden as the head coach and just replaced Allen with Dominik. I think Allen as the GM was the problem, not him. And Raheem should’ve been left at defensive cordinator. Not promoted to damn head coach!! I swear on January 17, 2009, I almost threw my mac out the window when I read that he had been promoted to HC!!! Nothing to show except childish behavior and lack of intelligence. When you fire a guy like Gruden, you upgrade! Seriously, who do you trust more?? Gruden or Morris?? Who’s smarter? Gruden or Morris??

    When Gruden was fired, I wasn’t happy at all. But I was anxious to see who our next head coach would be. If we would’ve at least hired someone decent, the firing would not have been so bad. But when some guy I hardly even knew about was handed the job, it made the firing bad!!

    At least if he was here, the team would have some respect and media attention. When you have schoolboy Raheem as your coach, you’re definitely not gonna have that. I don’t think it’s so much the record that made us a laughingstock, but instead the pure stupidity that the organization displayed!! I can’t think of any other guy that screwed up so much in his first year like Raheem did!! And I wasn’t surprised at all with the season he coached us too. He fared as well as I thought he would the day he was hired. I was right. No experience, no resume, no common sense. Were ya surprised at all? How could the Glazers not even be surprised?

    Now I notice that many of you mention he did a great job with the defense towards the end of the year. Yeah i agree. Keyword: DEFENSE as in defensive cordinator, the position he should’ve been holding only. DEFENSE. NOT HEAD COACH.

    Btw, getting Leftwich was a complete joke. If Freeman wasn’t even gonna play his first year, why not just keep Garcia for another season?? That didn’t make any sense.

    3 QB’s, 3 kickers, 2 offensive cordinators, 2 defensive cordinators, letting AB go and keeping Clayton.

    Yeah, there’s numerous reasons why this asshole Adam Schein is making fun of us!!

  29. thomas Says:


    That noise you hear is applause!! It is taking some national and objective journalists to offer opinions consistent w/ yours, mine, Eric’s, Radio’s before the sheep will entertain that our opinions are grounded in fact and not hate.

    Speaking to my associates nationally, the perception of this team and Morris is very bad, they think that we are a second-rate org since Gruden was canned and unfortunately I think that they are right.

    I also must say that the Broncos with McDaniels are heading either toward greatness or toward the very bottom with us – McDaniels leadership/decisions are almost as bad as Rah’s. I say almost b/c I would straight-up trade McDaniels for Rah in an instant (I may even throw in a 2nd just to get this org 2,000 miles away from Rah. However, I don’t even think Rah is lost enough to reach for Tebow the way McDaniels did (after being tricked by Belichick)!

  30. MVPFreeman Says:

    I cant wait to hear what Adam Schien has to say when week 4 comes around and we are undefeated.

  31. thomas Says:

    If this team starts undefeated adam schein will have bigger problems than wrong predictions, like armegeddon, hell freezing over, learning that the world is flat

  32. Radio MushMouth is a Pedophile Says:

    I love how Schein used zero statistics or facts to back up his nonsensical critique of the Bucs. His numbers were called the “Schein’s Organizational Rankings”. Give me a break. Somebody should tell this guy that the Sklar Brothers need a stunt double.

    “If Mike Williams is the answer, I want to know the question.” says Schein. What are we playing Jeopardy?? What a douche bag. Say what you will about the 3-13 record. The Bucs will be the most improved team from last year. WRITE IT DOWN, TAKE A PICTURE, REMEMBER IT!

  33. T in Orlando Says:

    Schein is dunderhead, I am not sure how even has a job reporting on sports. I think it’s his voice, he’s got a GREAT radio voice, but that’s it. This is the same guy who was convinced that Farve joining the Vikings would me absoluting nothing to them in the Win column, figuring them for 9 wins.

    This guy just says whatever he wants as loud as he wants, has a handful of good NFL connections, and thus can break the occasional story, but his personal insight to the game and teams is HORRENDOUS!!!

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Since Adam Sphincter says it, then it must be true. He is such a well respected and well known journalist. I can barely live my life without hearing his opinion, as it carries so much weight in the world. As a matter of fact, we shouldn’t even bother playing this year, since we are the worst organization in football and we have no future. I don’t know why our ownership doesn’t listen to him and all the other knowledgeable fans that believe Raheem can’t be a head coach, due to the fact that they watch the games and they are all GM’s in the making. Good ownership would have Bill Cowher coaching us this year, and we would make a trade to get Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.

  35. Patrick Says:

    I really can’t stand Schein and think he’s the biggest a**hole in the world of sports. The Bucs may not be the WORST organization in the NFL, but in some ways they are. As far as the coaching staff goes, they are the worst. The Lions, Rams, Seahawks, and Bills actually all have better coaches than we do. As far as money spent goes, they are the worst. But as far as talent goes, I don’t think they’re the worst at all. We actually have quite a few good players on this team. It’s things like Clayton receiving a big contract and Raheem’s coaching and decision making last year that Schein uses as ammo to make this team look bad in the media. Ya’ll have noticed that he constantly picks on them right?

    Schein is actually right about Raheem and the staff being bad, but the thing with this joke of a sports analyst is that he never backs up his arguments with any evidence or elaborating. The people on ESPN and NFL Network actually do this. No wonder he’s stuck doing short 1 minute videos on the internet. He sucks! The guy should be on Comedy Central not on Fox Sports.

    Nonetheless, it’s still embarrasing how he calls the team out all the time.

  36. Negative Nancy Says:

    Look at all the Kool-Aid drinkers.

    The truth hurts does it boys?

    I LOVE how everyone attacks Schein but no one, and I mean NO ONE, disputed his critique of Raheem Morris!


  37. Bucked up Says:

    Tampa teams rarely get the respect they deserve from the evil empire.
    Even winning games doesn’t guarantee we get positive coverage or sometimes even a mention on Sports center.
    No surprises here.
    Who cares what Adam Schein thinks anyway?
    The Rams and The Raiders are clearly the worst teams in the NFL.
    Go Bucs.
    Raise a Caybrew and join me in a toast to all of the possibility that a new season brings and cheers and gratitude to the fighting men and women of our armed forces!

  38. TJ Says:

    Time for Bucs fans to unite we beat up on each other enough as it is

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Based on last Season’s performance I would have to agree with Schein. All too often perception is reality and Schein is pointing out the way the Glazers are perceived around the Globe. They are beyond damage control and we all know how the ManUre fans feel. But, I will withhold prejudgment of the Bucs braintrust for this Season. They have made some strides to improve the team. We will see very quickly what we have. Unfortunately we still have Greg Olson & Sabby Shmuckatelli, but Raheem has promised to coach Sabby up. I won’t hold my breath.

  40. thomas Says:

    I never thought I would say that I completely agree with Schein b/c he does come across like a d-bag. BUt I felt like he was being king when he paused before he used the word “overmatched” to describe Rah.

    Thinking of all 32 teams, I honestly would not trade our position with any other. Talent wise, we are comparable to the Rams but their division is weak – otherwise I rank this squad #32. The org – post-Malcolm is absolutely #32 – it is sadd that Malcolm is sick b/c I dont believe that he would ever have let it come to this.

    Think about it – Rah Morris is our HC and Mark Dom is our GM. What?

  41. RahDomDaBest Says:

    I want to revise what I said earlier about the Bucs being the worst team… as far as the players, i dont think we were the worst at all… well the Defensive line and safeties were sub-par and we had no real NFL QB (freeman has NFL talent but was a rookie)…. no, it wasnt the team…. it was the coaching and the orgamizational decisions that were the worst in the NFL… but primarily the coaching, the firing of coaches and the lack of football preparation that was last in the league.

    So when Adam based his analysis around Raheem and the coaching decisions… he was absolutely right. Raheem Morris was and still is THE WORST COACH IN THE NFL handa down.

    If it makes any of you apologists happy, you can always say that he was in the top 32 HCs in the world… but even thats not true because there were better coaches not coaching better than him as there were better coaches in college more qualified than him… I doubt ANY NCAA team would have made him Head Coach in 2009…. NONE.

  42. Mark Says:

    Do you people have any idea who Adam Schein is?

    He is a douche, and has always hated on the Bucs. Never has said 1 good thing about them in YEARs. Someone in that organization pissed in his cereal bowl a long time ago. 8 out of 10 times when asked a question about the Bucs, his answer is wrong.

    He fellates the Jets daily on his show with Gannon, and thats been going on for years as well. I think some of you who are showing your true colors here on an anonymous board should go help him. It certainly doesn’t sound like you’re fans of my team.

    Does anyone think for themselves anymore?

  43. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mark – Joe believes this is the first time the verb “fellates” has been used in this forum. You’s all crack Joe up sometimes.

  44. Patrick Says:

    Right now I’m sending Adam Schein an e-mail. I can’t wait to see the kind of reply i get from him!! HAHA!! He’s gonna feel like a total idiot.

  45. T in Orlando Says:

    Mark, I agree completely on your take of Schein and Gannon on their Sirius show, and heaven forbid if a caller brings up the Bucs, because both hosts will tear that person up. It’s almost sad how much animosity those two have combined for the Bucs. Gannon despises the Bucs for the Super Bowl and how they treated his boy Gruden.

  46. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

    He seems to have something personal against the bucs. Somebody stop this Jew on Jew hate!!! Schein vs Glazer!! hoo boy!!

  47. Outside01 Says:

    Adam Schein can suck a bag of dicks.

  48. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Truth hurts!

    LMAO… Tampa sucked, JUST ADMIT IT.

  49. thegregwitul Says:

    Tampa is a young team that is clearly in the midst of rebuilding, and although a lot of people dislike Raheem Morris (and Mark Dominick to an extent, perhaps less so after what looks to be a promising 2010 draft class), I wouldn’t say that Tampa is the worst team (or worst run team, although they were contenders for the number one spot last year, when one considers the coordinator debacle) in the NFL, nor are they in the bottom five, but they would make the top ten. My projected finish for the bottom ten NFL teams heading into 2010:

    10. Carolina Panthers: 7-9
    09. Jacksonville Jaguars: 6-10
    08. Arizona Cardinals: 6-10
    07. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6-10
    06. Philadelphia Eagles: 5-11
    05. Kansas City Chiefs: 5-11
    04. Detroit Lions: 4-12
    03. Buffalo Bills: 4-12
    02. Cleveland Browns: 3-13
    01. St. Louis Rams: 2-14

    Seattle and Denver probably win between 6-9 games, depending on injuries and QB production. I left Oakland off the list because I think they are moving in the right direction (a good looking draft, getting rid of JaMarcus Russell, more developed talent than the ten teams on the list, especially on the defensive side of the ball and probably the most important of all; a weak division).

    As a Bucs fan, I think with the easier schedule (at least it looks that way on paper, and should hold true to form), the team has the potential to win up to eight games, which would be a tremendous improvement. Of course, these potential wins will be dependent on the progress of the 2010 rookie class, the development of the lines on both sides of the ball, which hopefully will be better with consistent coaching from the coordinators and of course the most important piece of the puzzle; the QB play. I have confidence in Josh Freeman and part of the reason I don’t have the Bucs in the bottom five teams, and why I think it’s foolish to place them that far down the list is the QB. Matt Cassel looked to be in over his head all of last season, St.Louis has a rookie QB who will take his lumps this season (just like Freeman, Stafford and Sanchez), Buffalo and Cleveland don’t have QB’s; Trent Edwards has potential, or perhaps a better description would be ‘had’ potential. I think poor coaching, a pitiful offensive line and a poor history of injuries removed that potential. Will Chan Gailey revive that potential? We’ll have to see. Jake Delhomme is projected to start in Cleveland, enough said. Colt McCoy looks to be at least two years away, in my opinion. I think the lack of size will really hurt, but people knocked Drew Brees for being shorter than the average QB, but McCoy appears to be a significant project that will need time to develop.

    So it comes down to Matthew Stafford and Josh Freeman. If these guys pan out over the course of their career in the NFL (and I think they both will), the two of them (and Sanchez) will be forever linked, all coming out of the first round of last years NFL draft. Sanchez has the better overall team, Stafford has the benefit of playing for the vast majority of last season (excluding time missed via injury) but I think Josh Freeman will end up as the better of the three as an NFL QB. Maybe Matthew Stafford will throw more TD passes over the next few years, but I think Josh Freeman has the overall superior skillset, and eventually the numbers will improve and translate into success and more importantly, as evidenced by Mark Sanchez having lower numbers in key QB categories than Freeman, wins.

    I was skeptical when Freeman was picked, initially worried that Raheem was pushing for the selection based on his familiarity with Freeman from his days coaching on the staff of Kansas State. It was also becoming apparent that the Glazers were going to select their QB of the future, and they were not going to wait until the later rounds to make this move. I was enamored with Josh Joshson and Luke McCown was on the roster at the time, so I felt like Tampa had a solid nucleus of young QB’s to work with. Once Freeman was picked and there was some talk of him being out of shape, my concerns increased. I was aware that the man possessed a cannon for an arm, but I was not yet sold on his football IQ. Byron Leftwich was brought in prior to the draft, so there was already a QB with a cannon arm on the team. I wasn’t a fan of the Leftwich signing, especially since that left four QBs (at the time) on the roster, and the move did nothing to disguise the fact that Tampa Bay was taking a long hard look at drafting Josh Freeman, which of course, ended up taking place.

    Fast forward through the 2009 season, where Luke McCown was placed on the field to generate interest which eventually led to his trade to Jacksonville before the start of the season. Leftwich wins the QB battle and is mostly horrid in his limited time starting for the Bucs. I reside in a suburb in Buffalo, NY and having watched the Byron Leftwich debacle against the Bills firsthand, I was convinced that he needed to head to the bench in favor of any of the two youthful Josh’s. I was happy to see Josh Johnson get the first go, but for a variety of reasons, the move didn’t work out. I like to think that the coaching and the offensive scheme led to his mostly poor play, and perhaps those were significant factors, but I feel he just wasn’t fully ready to start. I like Johnson on the team as a backup and I still feel he has the potential to be a very productive QB in the NFL, but at the time he appeared to be nervous or overly excited and coupled with the coaching and/or Josh reigning in his dynamic skills to attempt to play the role of a more conventional QB, this ultimately led to Johnson’s return to the bench and Josh Freeman, franchise savor, being inserted into the starting lineup.

    Now, we all know how this played out, and while Freeman had some ugly (and a couple of very ugly) games, he also led the team to it’s first win and showed poise beyond his years late in games. His final numbers and QB rating were mediocre, however, one is required to look beyond the numbers and at the budding maturity and play on the field, especially since last season was clearly a rebuilding year and the defense was mostly horrid, resulting in the team abandoning the running game early in most games and placing more pressure on Freeman (and the other QBs that played earlier in the season) to convert plays and produce points.

    The encouraging play and the promise that is presenting itself during this offseason has me very excited to see Josh Freeman develop into a star in this league. It won’t happen overnight, but I think the organization is providing young talent that hopefully blossoms into a competitive and ultimately successful football team over the next few years, and Josh Freeman will dictate this direction.


  50. Capt.Tim Says:

    Schein is an “alternate lifestyle” idiot , and has always been a Buc Hater. Gannon deserves to hate the Bucs, cause if you look under” worst Superbowl performance by a Qb” , tada, there’s Gannon. 3 ints returned for TDS.
    For all the haters crying for Cowher, Have you ever watched a Steeler team he coached? His teams he coached won’t play well here. Cowher’s teams in Pittsburgh were made in this image- gigantic, mauling OL, Bruising large power Backs, Huge DL, Large LBs. Power game on both sides of the ball. Perfect for grinding oppenents down in freezing Pittsburg.
    Now, move those big , heavy guys to Tampa. Throw them in the NFC South. Have that buncha a fat guys trying to grind a team down in 110* field conditions week after week
    Not only does youg scheme need to match your players, It also need to match your Climate. A lot of schemes will work anywhere. The Tampa 2 is perfect here, based on Smaller guys who are fast and quick, not big.
    Cowhers scheme , Both offensively and defensively, wouldn’t work here. Meybe Cowher could change, but he never coached anything but that scheme so far.
    So I wish the haters, who obviously don’t even understand Football, would quit Crying for Cowher, it’s just ignorance at it’s worst

  51. Eric Says:

    Yeah only an ignorant football fan would want Bill Cowher over Raheem Morris.


  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric, can you read?? Did I say pick anyone over anyone?!? What I was pointing out to some other uninformed posters is that Cowhers schemes seem Ill suited for hot weather. The only thing smaller than the Haters I.Q., Is their attention span!

  53. Eric Says:

    So you would pick Cowher over Raheem Morris to coach the bucs, even though his teams can’t play in hot weather?????????????

  54. drdneast Says:

    Any obnoxious jerk without any judgement or facts can voice an opinion and get a job on Fox. In fact, the network specializes in that type of personnel. The network is full of them, just take a look. O’Reilly, Beck, Palin, Hannity. The list goes on and on and on. The whole network is a laughingstock and it’s run by Rupert Murdock, a sleazebag who makes the boss and owner of the nuclear power plant on “The Simpson’s” look like Mother Theresa. The only time I watch Fox is when the NFL games are on. Their programming is not only horrible, it’s banal.

  55. Capt.Tim Says:

    I didn’t pick anyone over ANYONE. My whole speil was that everyone keeps crying for Cowher, and he would be a bad fit . Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a GREAT coach, but his coaching Dynamic is Huge guys playing smashmouth. Huge guys here would wear down way to quick.
    I hope that Coach Morris has a great year, and we are set at coach.
    If he falters, I would lean toward a coach with a Tampa 2 defensive background,and a Mikearrz style offense. That would wear out a Defense.
    Lane Kiffin comes to mind, but I hope we aren’t looking for a Coach

  56. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Mike Martz style offense”