Williams Had 9 P.M. Curfew

April 28th, 2010

Considering the Bucs seemingly drafted a stable of model citizens and students, wide receiver Mike Williams and his questionable reputation certainly stand out in the crowd.

Compounding that is Williams being one the of the big wild cards on the Bucs’ roster in 2010. Raheem The Dream and Mark Dominik already have expressed high-impact hopes for the young man.

So Joe has been doing his homework on Williams since the draft. Today, Joe found this interview Williams did with NationalFootballPost.com a few weeks ago.

It seems Williams grew up respecting his mother’s strict authority growing up on the mean streets of Buffalo.

What was it like for you growing up in Buffalo?

Williams: “It’s called the hood where I’m from. I don’t want to compare it to other people’s hoods, but it was hard growing up there and seeing people selling drugs, seeing a fight every day. All my friends was like seeing the same thing. We didn’t know how to grow up any other way. My mom took me away from all that.

“She made me come home by 9’oclock. I had to make decisions and I made the right one, I took the school route. Everybody knew I had a strict mom that I had to be in the house at 9. At the time, I was mad that I had to be in when the street lights went on, but that was the right thing for me.”

Joe respects what Williams has overcome. Few accomplish what he has.

But Joe has very limited expecations of Williams in a Bucs uniform in 2010. If the Bucs can get 20 catches out of him and a couple of touchdowns, Joe will be very pleased. Heck, that’s an upgrade over Michael Clayton.

23 Responses to “Williams Had 9 P.M. Curfew”

  1. Eric Says:

    uh oh, a reasonable expectation of a draftee, this isn’t going to go over well.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Expect more. He’ll deliver.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Compared to the $7.5 million Clayhand made in 2009 (http://content.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/salaries/teamdetail.aspx?team=30&year=2009)

    Willims will be a STEAL

  4. aldo Says:

    i have a lot of faith in this new duo!!! Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn will be the new fitzgerld – boldin duo of the NFL!!

  5. topdoggie Says:

    If there is a miracle in Tampa this year it will be because of our new wide receivers. Receivers and running backs are the quickest to contribute as rookies. Defensive linemen take a couple of years. Go Mike.

  6. Bryan Says:

    I think with Williams, Benn, and Stroughter we have a great group of young WRs that will deliver every year and with Freeman I think the Bucs can get back to winning games and championship. This was a great pick by the Bucs and a great Draft by them as well

  7. Jonny Says:

    20 catches? Are you serious Joe? I would not be surprised if he had 20 TDs. Just kidding. But watch his leaping ability, Larry Fitzgerald 2.0 in this aspect at least.


  8. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Why can’t you guys curb your reality… Just be excited for their potential without comparing them to Pro Bowlers atm.

    These guys have to prove themselves… And with Freeman throwing them the ball poorly, all the potential in the world isn’t going to save our passing game.

    Freeman needs to work on hitting these guys in the hands in stride… Putting the ball exactly where it needs to go and basically converting on 3rd down more often.

    This all requires focus. Freeman needs to bare down and focus in the film room, on the playbook, in practice and especially on gameday, on each and every snap. He needs to imagine the ball being needled into a spot each and every route for all the throws, long, deep and short… When in trouble… Being flushed out of the pocket to his right and left… He needs an answer for every play.

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:


    You party pooper!

    didn’t you listen to Dominik? He turned down Brandon for a pair of 2nd round picks and he turned down Holmes for a 5th round pick! A FIFTH ROUND PICK!!!!!!

    Therefore Benn has to be better than Marshall and Williams HAS to be better than Holmes (our 2nd and 4th round picks)

    Don’t you listen? Didn’t you hear that Josh Freeman is a Pro-Bowl QB? He’s the Bucs FRANCHISE!!!!

    Of course that means Benn & Williams will be Prob-Bowlers too – ok maybe they don’t go to the Pro Bowl in 2010 but by 2011 or 2012 at the latest!

    Man don’t you know that?

    BTW (Heavy on s******) 😉

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey do you think Dominik asked Williams if his mother was a prostitute?

    Maybe the HC at Syracuse asked Williams that so he quit?

    I mean if the NFL can ask why not a college coach?

  11. Eric Says:

    I do like the way this dude attacks the football.

  12. Finerdetailz Says:

    This guy will be 10 times better than Clayton. I’m surprised your so negative already Joe. He hasn’t even been to camp yet. At least let’s seem him play before we pass judgement.

  13. Jonny Says:

    @RahDom: “Why can’t you guys curb your reality… Just be excited for their potential without comparing them to Pro Bowlers atm.”

    I am guessing you directed that comment at mine. I was not comparing Mike Williams to be a total package like Fitz, I was ONLY and ONLY comparing their leaping abilities while making a catch and if you watched that youtube video I had in my post you would agree with me, Mike did that in College on a regular basis and NONE of the Bucs receivers in the recent memory were good hustlers/leapers as a prospect.

  14. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    20 catches are some very low expectations. I feel like my sister could go out there and find a crease in zone coverage 20 teams in a season. This guy has all the talent in the world, he’ll either be great, or his “character issues” will get him out of the league. Nuff said.

  15. Eric Says:

    “NONE of the Bucs receivers in the recent memory were good hustlers/leapers as a prospect”.

    You got that right brother, we aint leaped worth a damn.

    Come to think of it, the list of great offensive playmakers in general isn’t very long!

  16. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Since we are on the subject, what Tampa Bay drafted wide receiver ever did anything?

    Clayton was the last 1,000 yarder… he was also the last 1st round draft pick Tampa used on a WR as well.

    McCardell, Galloway, Johnson, Bryant were all traded for or signed as free agents.

    Jaquez Green wasn’t all that, nor was Anthony.

    Kevin House???

  17. Joe Says:


    Joe’s not trying to be negative at all. Joe loves the Williams’ pick. But we cannot be naive here. Are we to believe Dominik and his staff were the only ones that did research on Williams? There is a reason this talented player dropped so far.

    Just because Joe is/was jonesing terribly for a receiver doesn’t mean he’s going to bury his head in the sand.

    Joe’s rooting for Williams, let’s get that clear. That doesn’t mean Joe’s going to look the other way either.

  18. spenn2k Says:

    JOE can please you research for us the last time TWO rookie receivers started on NFL teams and finished that year as starters, what their numbers were like that year, where they were drafted, and how their careers ended-up? Would be a great read…..

    I’m thinking the Dolphins were the last team to do this under Marino…but I’m probably way off base.


  19. tampa2 Says:

    @spenn2k Clayton & Duper? @MichiganBucsfan Your Sister could probably out catch Clayton!

  20. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    When you put all your eggs in the draft basket , and refuse to even think about free agents , you are FORCED to expect more from these guys.

    Thanks to Dumbinik , 20 receptions ain’t gonna cut it.

  21. Jonny Says:

    Wow, for once I agree with Radio Mushmouth. Since we released AB, we will not be big players in the free agency in near future at least, I will WANT for our rookie WRs or at least one of the two to perform like a quality starter right away.

  22. d-money Says:

    If the Blocking Icon had 1,000 yards as a rookie I don’t think it is unrealistic to expect at least one of these guys to come close to that.

    Also I’m expecting Sammie Straughter to have a huge year.

  23. Eric Says:

    I think Mo Stovall will be the MVP of the league.