Schedule Leak Reveals Bucs Home Opener?

April 20th, 2010

The release of the 2010 NFL schedule is just hours away, but it seems a Pennsylvania radio station might have revealed the opponent for the Bucs’ home opener: the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The station, WDVE-FM, a Steelers’ radio broadcast affiliate, posted the Steelers’ entire 2010 schedule on its Web site earlier today, so reports

While the station removed the schedule from its site, reported that the Steelers third game was at Tampa on Sunday, Sept. 26. If the Bucs open the season with two road games, this Steelers game would be the Bucs home opener.

Frankly, the Bucs lucked out on a lot of fronts, if this information is true.

For one, the Steelers have a massive nationwide fan base and might just help the Bucs sell out that game, subsequently avoiding a blackout.

And if sleazebag Ben Roethlisberger is suspended to start the season, the Bucs have a much better chance of winning.

Joe can’t wait for the official schedule to be revealed tonight.

[UPDATE I: Correction made to date of Steelers-Bucs game.]

[UPDATE II: Per a leaked Lions schedule, Detroit plays at Tampa Bay Dec. 19 per]

44 Responses to “Schedule Leak Reveals Bucs Home Opener?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Actually it is on 9/26 @ 1PM Here it is:

    Week 1 – September 12, 2010: vs Atlanta – 1pm ET
    Week 2 – September 19, 2010: at Tennessee – 1pm ET
    Week 3 – September 26, 2010: at Tampa Bay – 1pm ET
    Week 4 – October 3, 2010: vs Baltimore – 1pm ET
    Week 5 – Bye Week
    Week 6 – October 17, 2010: vs Cleveland – 1pm ET
    Week 7 – October 24, 2010: at Miami – 1pm ET
    Week 8 – October 31, 2010: at New Orleans – 8:20pm ET
    Week 9 – November 8, 2010: at Cincinnati – 8:30pm ET
    Week 10 – November 14, 2010: vs New England – 8:20pm ET
    Week 11 – November 21, 2010: vs Oakland – 1pm ET
    Week 12 – November 28, 2010: at Buffalo – 1pm ET
    Week 13 – December 5, 2010: at Baltimore – 8:20pm ET
    Week 14 – December 12, 2010: vs Cincinnati – 1pm ET
    Week 15 – December 19, 2010: vs NY Jets – 4:15pm ET
    Week 16 – December 23, 2010: vs Carolina – 8:20pm ET (NFL Network)
    Week 17 – January 2, 2011: at Cleveland – 1pm ET

  2. Brooks07 Says:

    Pro FootballTalk posted something on this but they said that the Steelers would play the Bucs in Week 3. Which would still be ok if Rapelesberger has a 4 game suspension.

  3. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    We only get a home opener about once a decade , so this is not surprising…

  4. Mark Says:

    Joe, if you want me to continue to read your site, then for the remaining of the 2010 season, please do NOT use the words Bucs, Tampa Bay, Bucanneers in the same sentence with the word WINNING –

  5. McSiD Says:

    Time to trade Lord Byron Sandwitch.

  6. d-money Says:

    “Rapelesberger” LOL

  7. Louie Says:

    Lions schedule is out too. Bucs play them in December

  8. Brad Says:

    I don’t ever remember being this depressed before the start of a season ever. We literally have no shot of a winning record and if we keep letting Dominik weaken every position its going to be hard to match last years win total. You have to ask regardless who we draft, anyone being dominate and/or a superstar next year is not likely to happen. I plan on stocking up on a lot of Caybrew and making sure the kids are out of the house before every game. And too top it off, I just watched the recap of the Bucs superbowl victory on the NFL network. Duemig has to be the biggest goober in this town wanting Gruden to be fired. The absolute worse move the Glazers have and will ever make. And those who want to stick up for the firing or telling me Gruden is long gone move on.. Tell the Dog to do the same because he still blames ever bad move the Bucs have made on him. Hell the Rays are 10-3 and he is still ranting and raving about Maddon. Really? Lets see Gruden wins Superbowl and he hates him… Maddon just swept the Red Sox for the first time ever and still complaining about him.. But let the Bucs win 3 games again next year and he’s all for keeping the GM and coaching staff intact. And he even likes Clayton.

  9. sgw94 Says:

    Leftwich traded for a 7th round pick

  10. Brad Says:

    now we need a veteran backup.. keep going dominik.. by the time the draft is here, we will need every position on the team..

  11. JimBuc Says:

    Brad . . . was Leftwich a big contributor?

  12. JimBuc Says:

    LOL. This is too funny:

    “We literally have no shot of a winning record and if we keep letting Dominik weaken every position its going to be hard to match last years win total.”

    Brad, your Delta Tau pledge name is Gloomy Gus or maybe Chicken Little. Have a preference?

  13. Brad Says:

    I kind of like Gloomy Gus… Give me something to get excited about.. It’s not that Leftawich was anything .. It’s Dominiks entire body of work. I know just about anybody will be an upgrade to lefty but when you let your best receiver go, a starting end, and now the only veteran qb in addition to the many documented bone head mistakes he’s made starting with last year it’s littel difficult to be excited about this team or the upcoming draft.. Share with me what makes you excited about the up coming season. Just curious.

  14. gruss222 Says:

    At least we got something for Leftwich. Even if it’s a 7th rounder. It was better than just cutting him.

  15. Louie Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Leftwich played against the Bucs in that game? Bucs just traded him for yet another 7th round pick.

  16. Lakeland Bob Says:

    A 7th rounder for Sluggo,better than nothing.They were going to release

    him anyways.

  17. Brad Says:

    I think Leftwich will play against the Bucs.. I hope we can all laugh. ESPN is reporting hes the odds on favorite for starting for the Steelers if and when Burger is suspended. I hope for Jim sake we call all laugh after that game.

  18. TJ Tillman Says:

    lol the Bucs serisuoly have like 4 0r 5 seven round picks

  19. justin Says:

    The advantage of needing every position is then you can draft the best player instead of by need

  20. Brad Says:

    Dominik can add to his legacy if the Steelers beat the Bucs with Leftwich starting.. That would be embarrassing…

  21. oar Says:

    Wonder if they are happy with Johnson and “whatever that Cowboy practice squad players name is?”(no disrespect I dont know?) as Freeman’s backups or if they will try and sign or draft one(late rounds)?
    Im not sure about that as QB stable.

  22. oar Says:

    BTW Props to Dominik for making a “something from nothing” trade, again!
    Well as Greg Olsen says, “No more Sluggo!

  23. Joe Says:

    Joe would be stunned if Leftwich plays against Bucs. He will be behind Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon.

  24. Eric Says:

    Do the Steelers need a starting QB to beat the bucs? Whats the over under on INT’s for Freeman with our receivers?


  25. Patrick Says:

    Wow how nice it is that we have no prime-time games! No glory, no nothing. How much worse can it get? I’d at least like to be proud of something about my team for once! Not surprised at all though. This is the kind of crap you get when Rah Rah and Dummynick expect every draft pick to work out!

  26. JimBuc Says:

    They don’t expect every pick to work out, even though they have 12 of them. (I think)

  27. sgw94 Says:


    Everybody that was pissed that I said we would be stretching the limits to get to 8-8, now that the schedule has been released would you mind listing 9 games that right now today you truly believe we will win without a doubt.

    I’ll wait

  28. Joe Says:

    Joe has to apologize. He is away from his computer and his laptop will not connect to any wireless feed.

  29. airick38 Says:

    Bucs are going 10-6! Lots of winnable games in that schedule. Book it!

  30. Eric Says:

    im envisioning a 2-7 start if their lucky.

  31. tampa2 Says:

    Joe, for that sentence about the rapist that you made, I have him raping the Bucs too. Does that make him a serial rapist? I feel a little love for Dominik tonite. he got rid of Sluggo for a 7th round pick. That is a beginning! lol @sgw94 You won’t hear me claiming 8-8. More like 4-12. And we’ll never stretch it to your 8-8, no matter who is pissed!

  32. sensiblefan Says:


  33. Eric Says:

    Damn joe, what strip club are you at? No wireless?

    The only actual bucs news all offseason and your missing it!

  34. Tye Says:

    If the Bucs lose to the Browns in their 1st game which is a home game then they will be battling all season long against the odds!!!

  35. thomas Says:

    Who cares about the loss of Leftwich? Except that Rah and Dummy put us through the charade of a QB battle last year between McCown and Lefty (and paid them/wasted 5 million dollars total in addition to the 2.5 mill wasted on Mike Nugent) for virtually nothing.

    Lets be realistic about the value of the 16th pick in the 7th round.

    There are only 16 picks left, and then all non-drafted players are avail to be signed as FA’s. The odds that someone takes your player between 17 and the 32 in the 7th is slim.

    Further, a small percentage of 7th rounders actually make a team (of course there are exceptions like according to radio and dumby the great future H.O.F. sammy stroughter). More FA’s are actually kept than 7th rounders.

  36. Vince Says:

    A F**king 7th round pick…Fine, I’ll take it, but did they even make a play for Limas Sweed??

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wow, we don’t even know the players on our team yet and we already know their record. That’s pretty impressive!

  38. sgw94 Says:

    Wow, we don’t even know the players on our team yet and we already know their record.

    Just a couple of days before the draft I will just let the inherent irony of this statement sink in for ya’ll

  39. Patrick Says:

    Good move. Now ask Mr. Rooney if we wants Clayton.

  40. Patrick Says:

    Ask the Steelers if they want Clayton. 6th round pick maybe?

  41. Eric Says:

    At the very least Leftwich is gone.

    That in itself will make the season bit more bearable. Thanks Dom.

  42. tnew Says:

    I’m curious about the optimism this year for our record…lets take a shot of realism here. If anyone wants to make an argument for a position that we have strengthened in this offseason, please do so, that I can be optimistic as well. By my account the only position that is stronger is safety. While Freeman is another year older, the position overall is weaker. One can make an argument that’s all. Rookies are seemingly taking longer than ever to develop in the NFL. Penn may not come to camp, without any veteran WR help it will be tough for a rook to come in and make something happen. We had assistant coaches leave. McCoy if, he is our pick will hopefully start paying out in year three. I just know that every team on our schedule circled the Tampa game and put a W beside it. The only game that I did that with was the Ram game. I may we a “gloomy gus” but I hope I am pleasantly surprised. For me, right now, six wins would be a really nice season if we played a bunch of our young players. Oh, and what we got for Leftwich will most likely be camp meat, hopefully he will be a practice squad guy. Stroughters come around only occasionally.

  43. JimBuc Says:

    tnew — try not to think of it as optimism as much as just an absence of extreme negativism. LOL. Look over your own comments again. Think you gave a fair assessment?

  44. tnew Says:

    Going over my post, you might be right, the Rams may have circled the Bucs as a W as well.

    In all seriousness:

    The Bucs went 3-13 last year and we have let our best wideout go and replaced him with a cast off of the same age from another team. We have historically been horrible at scouting the position. Why should I believe that this is the season that we will figure out how to draft an impact receiver in the 2nd or third? Our impact receivers have come from F.A. or trades.

    McCoy is far from a sure fire prospect. I think Okung is safer myself. This team has so many holes drafting a need is risky. Like it or not McCoy is the second best player at his position. His production last year was not number three overall pick worthy. We are about to sink 40 mil into a kid that averaged 3 tackles per game last year. Remember the next Warren Sapp? There have been so many of them, the last one was the LSU kid who went to the Chiefs…Glenn Dorsey, I had to Google to remember his name. So by the time McCoy’s contract is maturing, he will be impacting the game.

    Donald Penn has worked his A.. off to be in shape to get a long term deal from the Bucs…If I was him, I would hold out for a deal. At his pay, at his level he should’ve been taken care of a little better.

    If Freeman goes down this season, Josh Johnson is the man we are going to.

    Raheem didn’t get to hire a DC so not only does he have to learn to be a head coach, he has to also be the DC.

    Joe Barry left for the same position in college.

    As far as rookies contributing, look back at the past few drafts league wide, it is hard to find a rookie that came in on a young team and started impacting the play. The chasm between college and pros has never been this wide. I love what I have heard about Freeman’s off-season work ethic but he is still very young. Not surrounding him with some veteran’s makes his job so much tougher…Remember Dilfer.

    We don’t have a proven punter or kicker on the roster yet.

    Ronde Barber is a year older

    We have vs. last year is that Olson is the OC coming in and Raheem is the DC. Shouldn’t have the mess that was created with the Bates/Jags deal.

    Freeman will get the bulk of the off season reps.

    Talib is a year older

    Our schedule ranks out as easier than last (but the Browns, Seahawks and Lions are much better than last season)

    Sean Jones…may be the biggest plus on the board, Sabby was the weakest link whenever he played.

    Could go either way:

    Crowell might play

    Reggie Brown could find his game

    Sabby will be a year older

    I’m done, starting to have to work at this….bottom line. When other teams look at the schedule, honestly, the game they are circling first as a win is either the Rams or the Bucs.

    Given what is on the field, five or six wins with the ’09 and ’10 draft classes acting as major contributors, no games like the Jets, Panthers, or Giants of last year and I would really tip my hat to Raheem, Olson and Dominik. That would be MAJOR progress. For me six wins is being optimistic. I think my assessment is pretty fair. Asking rookies to come in to this team and improving it by 4-5 wins is a little steep and not fair to any of them.

    Anyone p…ed at SGW94 for saying that 8-8 would be stretching the limits needs to really look at the situation. I’m going to try to look for and find areas of improvement this season. If they get to 8 wins this year, every Tampa fan should pop a few Caybrews. If they get to 5 wins, my glass will be raised.