Rick Stroud Rewriting Bucs History

April 5th, 2010

That Mad Twitterer, he’s so hard to figure out.

Joe is baffled.

Does the Mad Twitterer, aka St. Pete Times beat writer Rick Stroud, really want us to believe his latest Twitter message today about Bruce Allen and Brett Favre? It does, after all, carry great historical significance for Bucs fans.

Or is this just more of the Mad Twitterer’s “agent-driven speculation” that he once shamefully scolded Bucs fans for believing because it wasn’t on his newspaper’s Web site. 

Here’s today’s Tweet from Stroud, seemingly in response to Donovan McNabb getting traded to the Redskins:

Bruce Alllen would not deal a 2nd rounder to the PACKERS for Favre a few yrs ago Jets did Sorry about that. Point is he did for McNabb 

C’mon, Stroud. Tell us all. Is this fact or fiction? Joe’s never heard this before, that the Bucs wouldn’t give up a second-rounder for Favre back in 2008, when Chucky was aching for him and Favre went to the Jets at the 11th hour.

Hey Stroud, here’s a business tip: If you know something, this is interesting. Put it on your Web site. Your editors will like the traffic.

If true, it’s no wonder Chucky isn’t coaching in Washington for Bruce Almighty. Chucky probably called Allen every expletive in the book for not getting the Favre deal done for a second rounder, let alone one Chucky never got to use.

Sadly, Joe doesn’t know whether to believe Stroud. Frankly, because Stroud told the whole world not to believe his Twittering.

Joe can only surmise that Stroud maintains his “NFLStroud” Twitter account to satisfy an inner need he has to lie, tease and torture.

13 Responses to “Rick Stroud Rewriting Bucs History”

  1. Louie Says:

    Stroud was taking a shot at Allen. It would be more accurate to say the Glazerhouse’s didn’t want to pay Favre. Snyder is willing to spend some money, so it’s not surprising they made the trade. It just goes to show you Allen/Gruden were handcuffed by the Glazerhouse’s unwillingness to spend any money.

  2. Eric Says:

    Allen/Shanahan is going to way more effective than Dom/Rah will ever be.

    Whatever faults Snyder has, he at least tried to put the best possible people in charge of his team.

    Contrast that to the Glazers who basically yealled out “hey you, wanna coach the bucs?” and “rah” happened to be in the building at the time.

  3. chucky Says:

    So Bruce screwed me for a 2nd round pick? That SOB

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Our fans would have freaked OUT if Gruden brought in another “old man” like Brett Favre. Steve Dumeg would have raised holy hell. If we didn’t keep that 2nd round pick, we’d have never been able to select the greatness that is Dexter Jackson!

    Good thing we fired Gruden so we can build through the draft in peace….

  5. gruss222 Says:

    WOW!! An interesting article of how misinformation may get disseminated through the local media and somehow it is completely passed over and turned into a Glazer Bashing!!

    Can any of you people stop repeating the same gripes & complaints over and over and somehow carry on a rational conversation of something new and interesting about our Bucs?

    We get it! The Glazers are supposedly cheap and deeply into kickball!! Okay! Move on people.

    Good article Joe. Eventually your readers will finally comment on the topic at hand.

    So that we don’t have to read it anymore, here’s a suggestion:

    Every reader should post after me the following.
    1. Rah is terrible
    2. Dom is ignorant and out of his league
    3. Glazers are cheap money grubbers and don’t care about the Bucs

    Once you all post this statement at least one time each then maybe we can get past having to post it again and move on to new topics.

  6. Jake Says:

    gruss…I hear you, but it is very difficult to passively sit and watch 31 other teams work on improving their roster only to watch your team sit idley by and do little or nothing to improve on a 3-13 roster and then try to convince you it is the wise and right thing to do. These boards are the only avenue for people to have their voice heard and if the fans complain loud enough and often enough maybe someone who is in a postition to do something about it will.

  7. Eric Says:


    I prefer to read these postings in pari materia.

    The article is about a comment concerning the former GM of the Bucs. Within it lies a contrast between the two strategies of build through the draft vs. getting a veteran player.

    Plus, other postings today were stating that 3-13 would be acceptable for the coming season. I could give two hoots about whether Stroud is a liar or not. But I do care about not tolerating another 3-13 season.

    Thus, open season on Glazer bashing in my mind.

    Plus, if our posts are so boring and unresponsive to the topic, why do you read them?

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    C’mon, give Brucie a break here. A 2’nd round pick can net you a player the caliber of say……… Dexter Jackson??? Farve??? pffftttt.

  9. Patrick Says:

    Wow, it sure is great seeing our former GM Bruce Allen turn the Redskins into a contender, while we’re left with Raheem sitting at home searching for a speech tutor on the internet.

    You people thought he was such a bad GM. Why is it that he never brought in any big names to the Bucs, but he’s doing so with the Redskins? Because in Tampa he had cheapskate owners! In Washington, he doesn’t!

    I hate it how Gruden and Allen always got blamed for everything. Both of them were qualified professionals. Raheem and Dominik were basically just given their jobs. Now i agree they weren’t the best. They made more than their share of mistakes while they were here. But I think the Glazers deserve a big part of the blame! Bruce Allen will have a successful time in Washington, with part of that being due to having more cooperative owners. Gruden will have success in the nfl sometime in the future also.

    Who do you feel more comfortable with? Shanahan/Allen or Rah Rah/Dominik. Shanahan/Allen is the logical choice of course!

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    last season I would have said Shanahan/Allen, but right now I like Rah/Dominick. I still worry about Olson calling plays, but I like the other two as DC & GM. Bisaccia still has ST & I feel pretty good about things.

  11. Eric Says:

    Rah and Dom are “Off season icons”.

    Their trouble begins when the pigskin is kicked off for real, against other NFL teams.

  12. Louie Says:

    I’ll take Shanahan/Allen ANY DAY over Dom & Rah. Even Synder is starting to look awful good compared to the Glaserhouses.

  13. Eric S Says:

    I don’t think GB was going to trade Favre to TB. GB was going to play TB that season and they didn’t want to face him. So I think it was a moot point.

    But I can only imagine what would have happened if TB got Favre that season. That would made the difference in TB making the playoffs. There is no doubt he would have played better than Garcia. He was having a great season for the Jets until he got hurt.