Raheem The Dream Talks Draft

April 25th, 2010

Raheem the Dream took a break from his busy weekend to talk to the NFL Network crew. Raheem the Dream spoke about all sorts of things including how to use his new “toys” and exactly what kind of a defense the Bucs will use this year.

Raheem The Dream also wanted to sign Rich Eisen based on his 40-time at the NFL combine.

With a mad scientist look in his eye, the head coach answered the million-dollar Bucs question during an interview on NFL Network late Saturday.

The head coach was asked to explain the plan for his defense after drafting Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, two defensive tackle manbeasts who seem suited for the same position. That mystery was a topic of interest at various times on the network during the draft.

“We’ll always be Tampa 2 …that’s our brand. But with our picks, you make yourself so creative as a defensive coordinator,” Raheem The Dream said.

After Joe saw this interview, Joe couldn’t help but remember that Raheem The Dream is the same guy who looked at his personnel last year and signed off on hiring Jim Bates and his ill-advised two-gap system. Joe didn’t like that “creativity.”

While it’s awesome to have supreme talents like Price and McCoy, getting the most out of both of them will be quite a challenge.

Raheem The Dream may very well be up to it. But Joe would feel a lot less uneasy if creativity wasn’t such a key element entering the season.

37 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Talks Draft”

  1. jlynch Says:

    IDIOT He is an IDIOT

  2. thomas Says:

    I thought that we didnt go back to the Tampa 2. When I was arguing late last year that reverting back to the Tampa 2 would help short-term but hurt long-ter, I was being blasted by the sheep saying “Radio keeps saying we didnt go back to the Tampa 2.”

    I would argue that Radio wasnt telling the truth then but I believe he isnt able to comprehend the truth.

    BTW – the only defensive player crying to go back to the Tampa 2 was Ronde so that he can keep his job / paycheck b/c of the incestuous relationship between him and Rah. Ronde can alll play in the old Tampa 2 where he is in the slot and zone and blitzing.

    Everyone knows that offenses have schemed the Tampa 2 in to a negative system in the run game without a Lynch / Polamalu run-supporter which we didnt draft nor sign.

  3. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — on thne NFL Network interview you should expect that Morris would say exactly what D we play. That is what all coaches do on NFLN. In fact, I think it is part of their contract. So when he says we are a Tampa-2 defense, you should take that to mean that we ONLY play Tampa-2 defense, even though he was actually talking about how the guys that we drafted allowed him to do a bunch of different things. You correctly ignored the last part and correctly understood that we ONLY play a base Tampa-2. That is it.

    You are one smart guy even if you are a mindless hater

  4. thomas Says:

    Also to the sheep here is Chris Burke’s (fanhouse senior writer/editor) objective analysis of this draft:

    Tampa Bay (Day 1: A-; Day 2: C): Top marks for Gerald McCoy, but came back down to earth with DT Brian Price (No. 35), WR Arrelious Benn (No. 39) and CB Myron Lewis (No. 67). OLB Dekoda Watson (No. 217) was a steal — it almost offset the pick of WR Mike Williams (No. 101). Almost. Final Grade: B.

    My feelings exactly.

    I’ll accept the hater part, I do hate going 3-13. Senseless minions like you and many others out there continue to swallow the organizational kool-aid when it is very obvious this team is not spending monney on adequate coaching or players.

    Answer these questions genius: How many coaches were interviewed before Radio was hired? (answer is none); How much is Radio being paid (answer is unknown but the 31 other coaches salaries have been disclosed); How many other head cooaches in the nfl have zero experience as a coordinator of off,def or spec teams)? (answer is zero); How many teams backed up 6 wins last year? (I think the answer is zero); How many teams fired both coordinatoors before and during the season? (answer is none)

    What does that equal? an unnecessary debacle during 2009 – my last year of 21 as a season ticket holder.

  5. d-money Says:


    Good God i’m so sick of hearing you people make yourselves out to sound like some kind of martyrs because you stopped buying season tickets.

    Who f..ing cares? Buy tickets or don’t buy tickets asshole it makes no difference to me. It doesn’t make me agree with you anymore or less.

    What am i supposed to say “oh my gosh poor Thomas isn’t buying season tickets anymore boo hoo what will we doooooo, I guess the Glazers will have to shut down the team because Thomas isn’t buyniing tickets.”

    I’m sure you’ll be the first one in line to buy those tickets again when they start winning. And you’ll be wearing your Gerald Mccoy jersey and chearing Like you knew they were on the right track all along.

    Get over yourself dude if you dont agree with what they do then don’t watch no one cares how many years you had season tickets.

    Just because I’m willing to see what they do doesn’t mean i’ve drank any kool-aid or I’m a sheep. It means i’m not a miserable asshole who just wants to whine and bitch all the time.

  6. thomas Says:


    obviously you have never been a season ticket holder. of course u dont care if i buy tickets – but since you dont – lets let the attendance figures this year be the judge of how the public thinnks of the state of the franchise.

    BTW – I hope mccoy turns out to be great, I just think suh is much better – but he wasnt there so I dont hate the pick.

    R u telling me that u would not rather have a cowher than this bozo radio?

  7. d-money Says:


    Whether I’m a season ticket holder or not has nothing to do with the situation. Just like it doesn’t matter if you are or have been.

    Like it or not the Glazers have a plan. They have said they know its not going to be popular in the begining and that people like yourself will jump ship. But they also know that the same people, such as yourself, will be back on the bandwagon buying tickets when the plan works out.

    I’m not saying that I wouldn’t rather have Cowher or any other coach or that i wouldn’t have like to see Brandon Marshall here. I’m just saying that Raheem is the coach, Dom is the GM and the players that are here are here for now and thats who I’ll be behind until they aren’t.

  8. blackmagic00 Says:

    D-money, man thank you. I couldn’t have said it better. I love this draft, we will be better this year. Two more drafts like this and………… you get the picture. I’m sick of the haters. Haters, if you know so much about what we need you should go apply for the job of coach for the Bucs. Are you scared the Glazers might not listen to you or what? Anyway, Joe I’m excited, and please keep up the good work. This is the site I read every day, as is the only site i see to post something every day no matter what.

  9. Kirk Says:

    Thomas…….quit your complaining. You act like you gave up a finger or your left nut by not buying g a season ticket. I have had season tickets for years, but the economy says no more. If you want to not but a ticket in protest, fine. Just stop trying to convince everyone else you are some unfulfilled tea bagger, protesting your football team. Shut up already.

  10. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    BlackMagic – Thanks for the love, man. Feels good after Joe’s growing hate e-mail and a long draft weekend. …Joe will keep pounding away day after day. Tell a friend.

  11. Kirk Says:

    Ditto blackmagic………

  12. David Says:

    I thought that we didnt go back to the Tampa 2. When I was arguing late last year that reverting back to the Tampa 2 would help short-term but hurt long-ter, I was being blasted by the sheep saying “Radio keeps saying we didnt go back to the Tampa 2.”
    “I would argue that Radio wasnt telling the truth then but I believe he isnt able to comprehend the truth.”

    Quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Why don’t you enlighten him? Since you feel so entitled as a 21 year season ticket holder. haha

    “BTW – the only defensive player crying to go back to the Tampa 2 was Ronde so that he can keep his job / paycheck b/c of the incestuous relationship between him and Rah. Ronde can alll play in the old Tampa 2 where he is in the slot and zone and blitzing.”

    Mostly, if not totally untrue. Please add attributions.

  13. blackmagic00 Says:

    Bye the way I live on the west coast and can NOT purchase season tickets. Instead I have to settle for the stupid price of Sunday ticket. I will renew my ticket just to see our loved Bucs. If you can afford a season ticket and don’t get one just because we are not an elite team, you are BANDWAGON. Sorry if the truth hurts. Sorry Joe, no Bucs fans here that I know of. If I see any trust me, they will know of you. Anyway, I hate haters, love the Bucs and love Joe. Gooo BUCS!!!

  14. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Me think the same people cryin the blues now, will be the same ones flying the flags on their cars, and sporting Tampa Bay Jerseys when we start winning again. Tampa is full of Bandwagon Fans, with as much loyalty to their home team as an illegal alien. Many are as negative as a post on a battery, and seem to just want to have something to bitch about ? These are the same ones who said Dungy must go, then wanted him back when Gruden came. They called for Grudens head too, yet can’t be patient as Dom and Rah TRY to rebuild us. Though the consensus is we just had a stellar draft, they scour and hunt the Internet for any and every negative thing they can find. You know the types that need to be on a Prozac Drip ? You ask them to go fishing in the morning, they say it is gonna rain in the afternoon. Eternal Pessimists ….. Geez

  15. tampa2 Says:

    @thomas, Wow, suddenly the Raheen lovers are out in full force. Guess they forgot last year when the young players had no veterans here to help them adjust to the NFL. And, going along with last years plan, Raheem will get rid of any other veteran along the D-line that could help the incoming players. The sum total of that will be the same results as last year. Only without players that know the tampa 2.

    The “only” reason our D got better after the 10th game was the fact that the players had trained for the tampa 2 under Kiffin their whole NFL careers. And, just the fact that it took Raheem 10 games to figure out that maybe the defense might be better playing a defense they knew, rather than one they were no suited for, speaks volumes for him as a head coach. He got great reviews for turning around a defense that should never have been switched to begin with. Yet the players were simply better because they knew what to do. Explain that 10 game lapse, will all of you lovers!
    So, everyone got these good players! What now? who is going to train them? Raheem is not qualified to develop or train them. But, lets just see the results. That will tell us if we are just Haters, or realists that do not drink the kool-aid. 4-10 maybe even 5-10 if the NFL schedule helps. But that will be about it.

  16. blackmagic00 Says:

    Flags? What? I need one for my car! Joe please help, the haters are everywhere! If you love the Bucs, say HATERS GO AWAY! Gooo BUCS!!!

  17. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — hate to break it to you but the number one reason season ticket holders have droped tickets is the economy, not team performance. The season ticket fanbase for the Bucs (and all teams) is made up of more casual fans (businesses) than hard core fans. That’s tough for most of us to accept because we are hardcore fans, but it is the truth

  18. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas, one more thing. I will leave you alone because I now realize from your comments that you are a “it did not have to happen” fan, meaning you believe that the rebuilding was unnecessary. I know from experience that you and your ilk are among the most unreasonable of all haters.

  19. blackmagic00 Says:

    Tampa2, McCoy grew up in the same type of system. Rah also grew as a coach in the same exact system, point?

  20. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    You guys are such pessimists. “We don’t have any veterans to teach the rookies!” Name one position that we had a rookie starting in that didn’t have any veterans to learn from. Byron Leftwich might not have been good but he knows how to approach the game and he knows how to be a pro. Same thing with Michael Clayton and Maurice Stovall, these guys are hard workers that ARE teaching the young guys how to work! And then you turn around and say these players who are none of them veterans have been playing the tampa two so long they couldn’t possibly have been able to play anything else. Yeah Raheem made some mistakes, but so does everyone. Quit your bitching and hoping that your team will fail! Your the worst kind of fan. And I agree with blackmagic00, being from Michigan I don’t know how I would get up to date Buccaneer info without this site… thanks Joe!

  21. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Thomas this REALLY, REALLY pains me to write this but I call em like I see em.

    Raheem Morris is the HC/DC for the 2010 Bucs.

    If you’ve read JBF for any time you’ll know that I was one of those calling for Morris’s head after last year – in favor of Bill Cowher to be exact.

    That didn’t happen.

    Now Dominik drafted players that seem like good fits for the rebuilding of the Bucs defense – not in the Bates image, but in the image of HC/DC Raheem Morris.

    It is what it is man.

    I want the Bucs to do well so I’ve got to give the benefit of doubt to the current managment until the season starts; then the results will speak loud and clear.

    Do I think the 2010 Bucs are playoff bound? Hell no! The team is smack dab in the rebuilding phase. But I will say that if Morris shows the improvement in coaching that Dominik showed in drafting than 2010 may be a nice surprise.

    All I ask is to stop the name-calling and hatred; we get enough of that with politics. I want to return to my role as class clown – not the voice of reason.

  22. Mr. Lucky Says:


    Please, PLEASE don’t let Clayhands mentor these rookie WR’s.

    What would Clayton teach them? To drop the ball and bank their checks?

  23. JimBuc Says:

    More positive draft reviews:


  24. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    @Mr.Lucky Like I was saying about Byron, Clayton isn’t a guy that we want playing for us obviously but he does know what it takes to be a pro. He knows how to prepare, and he knows the importance of hard work. That’s what he can teach our young receivers, they already know how to catch!

  25. Negative Nancy Says:

    Hey Thomas I know what you mean about what a wasted draft the Bucs had. I mean with all those 7th round picks why couldn’t they have taken Rich Eisen like Raheem wanted? So he was a little slow in the 40. I know Rich would have done a better job in the post-game shows right?

  26. Patrick Says:

    I think Joey Galloway would be a perfect guy to help mentor our young receivers. He had a lot of success here in Tampa. He won a lot of games here for us, so he knows what it takes to be successful in this league. I’m not saying he should start or anything like that, but signing him just for the leadership role would be a pretty good idea. He is 38 years old, so I think he knows that he likely won’t start in the league anymore. Therefore, I think he would be open to doing that.

    If they don’t sign him, I think they should still let him bring that veteran mentor role to the team in some way.

  27. Mr. Lucky Says:


    The Biggest transition that the new WR’s will have coming into the NFL is running their routes and getting separation. The CB’s in the NFL are going to be much better than the ones they were playing against in college.

  28. Eric Says:

    I watched the Dream’s press conference, and I actually understood what he said!

    Not so much on the content side, but his delivery was much improved. He didn’t start any third person stuff till the very end.

    Perhaps he is getting more comfortable.

  29. Louie Says:

    Wow, the lovers are out in force. Where have you guys been hiding lately?

    I do tire of the lovers telling everyone else how they should feel about the Bucs organization. And when people don’t agree with your point of view, you start the name calling.

    Come on guys, the Bucs went 3-13 last year. I think it’s perfectly understandable for there to be skeptics — especially since the people running the franchise are completely unproven. To say we’re bandwagon fans is crazy. Hell, if we’re here, we’re more than the casual fan.

  30. Eric S Says:

    JimBuc-I disagree 100% on season ticket sales. If the Bucs were coming off a 10 or 11 win season, there is no way in hell that there would be any tickets left. Yes the economy is tough, but people find a way to get money to back a winner. This not like the Rays where you have 81 games. You have 10 games. People stop going to the games last year because of the product. That’s a fact.

    I don’t think bandwagon fans would even care right now about the Bucs. I believe all the fans that comment on here do care about the team. It is just people voice their opinions in different ways. Some don’t criticize the Bucs for anything and think everything is fine. Others think everything is wrong and wish there was a regime change. Still others wish Gruden was still here. I personally am skeptical of this regime by how they ran the team last year. I hate that the Glazers hired a coach that wasn’t ready for the job and wasn’t qualified for the job. That boggles my mind. If I had millions and millions invested in a company, I would want a competent and qualified person at the helm. I wouldn’t want Gilligan to be running my team. I also don’t trust the Glazers. I know that Dominik said he had no financial constraints. I don’t believe him. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have the lowest payroll in the league before the season starts.

  31. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    and honor of this great interview, I present you all with Radio’s brand new music video !!


  32. JimBuc Says:

    Eric S — I know it is hard to accept but the majority of Bucs fans are NOT hard core fans and most of the hard core fans are too hard core to “protest” by cutting their season ticks. Think of it this way Eric S, ticket sales were down last year, right? Season ticket holders renewed their tickets BEFORE the 3-13 season, right?

    The primary reason ticket sales are down is the economy. Ticket sales should stay down THIS SEASON due to the economy and performance, but economy trumped performance last season.

  33. JimBuc Says:

    Eric S said:

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if they have the lowest payroll in the league before the season starts.”

    It would not surprise me either, but it would not be because of money problems (They are about to give out one of the last big rookie gauranteed contracts to McCoy). It would be because of the lack of a cap and the labor strife. Do you think small market teams like the Bucs want to respond to the absence of a cap by spending MORE to try and remain competitive againt the large market teams? C’mon now. Of course, small market teams are going to drop below the floor if they can. They want to show the big market teams and the players ands the league what the league would look like absent a cap.

    C’mon people — put down the silly conspiracy theories.

  34. d-money Says:


    Call me a “Lover” if you want. You’re right I love the Bucs..good times, bad times and the ugly times.

    The Bucs defiantely sucked last year and I didn’t like it anymore than anyone else but I’ve gone into every season since I was 10 years old believing that this will be our year…so far i’ve only been right about that once in those 26 years but at least when it happened I was able to say that I knew it all along.

  35. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    @Mr. Lucky No argument here, but that is something they can learn from the coaches.

  36. Eric S Says:

    So the Bucs gets a pass because of this big scary lockout that may be coming. That makes a lot of sense. Money is no object, but it clearly is. Make up your mind.

  37. RG Says:

    Money is def an object. Our payroll is among the lowest in the league and we are not that small of a market team… Our franchise is valued at over a billion dollars… The Glazers are up almost to a billion dollars in debt with Manchester United, which without a doubt effects our spending. Just because the Bucs are going to sign their first round draft pick to a big time deal does not mean they are not cheap… They don’t have a choice. He was the pick that had to be taken and there is no way around paying him big dollars. Even though the draft was great (best one in a while) there were still many young players the Bucs could have made moves for in the off season to improved our team now especially since we are playing against the 25th weakest schedule this yr…