More Brandon Marshall Trade Fodder

April 7th, 2010

Joe is aware that Bucs fans seem to have a keen interest in Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall. So Joe thought he’d pass this along.

A Broncos fan called “The Opening Drive” on Sirius NFL Radio this morning which was co-hosted by Peter King and Howard David asking what the chances are that Marshall will remain with the Broncos.

Peter King flat out said, “He won’t be.”

King, a long-time NFL columnist for Sports Illustrated, went on to say that the Broncos will not get a first round draft pick for Marshall. Instead, the Broncos are hoping to get a second round draft pick for Marshall, preferably before this month’s draft.

King went on to state that Denver hopes to land a high second round draft pick for Marshall.

27 Responses to “More Brandon Marshall Trade Fodder”

  1. Tommy Boy Says:

    If it’s true that the Broncos only want a 2nd rounder for Marshall then it has to be done. In fact, Dominik should be fired if he doesn’t get this trade done. No reciever in this draft is going to be able to produce like BM will. It’s also 100% certainty that we will draft a WR with one of our 2nd round picks so why not trade one for a proven beast of a WR? Yes he has issues but as I stated many times his reward far outweighs his risks.

  2. justin F Says:

    redskins will get him way before us

  3. Jake Says:

    Dont think giving up the draft pick is the real impediment to this deal ever happening. The real problem is even if the Bucs do trade for Marshall he will want a new contract for big $$$. Personally, I think there is a better chance of hell freezing over than the Bucs doing a big $$$ deal right now.

  4. T in Orlando Says:

    The Redskins have nothing to offer in this years draft, unless they want to give up their number 4 over all. After that, their next pick isn’t until the 4th round (barring trades down).

  5. Lakeland Bob Says:

    The redskins already burned their 2nd on Mcnabb.Baggage or not,the bucs need this guy.

  6. Eric Says:

    @Tommy Boy

    Totally agree, although that is not the only reason he should be fired.

    Absolutely no excuse if they can get this done for a second rounder, since it has been proclaimed that “money is not an issue”.

  7. factoidboy Says:

    oh please oh please oh please oh please

  8. OAR Says:

    Not sure I want a “BM” on my Bucs, although the entire team was last year.

  9. OAR Says:

    factiodboy really really really wants a BM!

  10. Joe Says:

    factiodboy really really really wants a BM!

    He wants a bowel movement?

  11. OAR Says:

    Duh, its called humor. The other one was too.

  12. McSiD Says:

    We need to do this. McCoy or Suh, Marshall then another early 2 pick and an early 3 rd. Wow this would be awsome.

  13. T in Orlando Says:

    Hope no one was pinning their hopes on landing Alex Brown, he just signed with the Saints.

  14. OAR Says:

    Too bad our Micheal Clayton doesn’t have have those initials, cause “BM” would fit him to a tee.

  15. Red Man Says:


    Gerald McCoy is doing a live chat today on at 5:00 pm ET

  16. Buddhaboy Says:

    Alex Brown just signed with the saints

  17. Fatsacks Says:

    sounds great but will never happen…

  18. Jake Says:

    Another swing and a miss on the Alex Brown non signing. Way to go Dominik. Note to Dominik, if your team sucks and are competing with the Superbowl champs for a players services you may need to get to the player first and be prepared to overpay a bit for their services. Ahh..therein lies the problem.

  19. Eric Says:

    Can’t even get guys to show up before they sign with someone else.

    Nice. Not like we need any players.

  20. tampa2 Says:

    Forget it! Team Glazer isn’t spending any money! And they are counting on Detroit taking Suh before we get there. And that will justify them trading down to keep away from spending that #3 pick money. But they will tell you what a good deal they made by trading the #3 pick!

  21. Hosstyle in Tampa Says:

    Anyone who wants to trade for Brandon Marshall should watch this:

    How do you think his behavior will be, when he gets a huge contract??

    Remember, Kyle Orton and Brian Dawkins were among the captains who told the coaching staff to bench Marshall and Scheffler for week 17 game that had playoff implications…

  22. Travis Says:

    They did trade and sign winslow to make him the highest paid TE didn’t they?When they did not spend much last season. Don’t see why they wouldn’t do it here.

  23. Troxell8t8 Says:

    If Marshall can get traded for a second round pick, then the Bucs must get the deal done. However, I still feel that in the end Seattle will offer their second first round pick and get the job done.

  24. Eric Says:

    That domestic violence situation, while sad, is really nothing unusual. You can see that all day long at the domestic violence court right in Tampa, and a lot way worse. Repeated incidences, same two people, charges are brought and dropped, injunctions filed and rescinded, get back together, happens again. Ive heard it a thousand times. Endless cycle really till they break up completely.

    Always two sides to those stories, especially when you had the girlfriend’s lawyer asking for 100k once, then 500K. A form of extortion really.

    She could very well just be scorned, or pissed cause she did not hit the NFL lotto like she thought.

    I wouldn’t necessarily put a whole lot of stock in it.

    IMO not a reason not to trade for the guy.

  25. Nick Says:

    Brandon Marshall would be an intelligent signing. One that would make the fans much happier about this disastrous offseason and help Josh Freeman tremendously. He is the first player to record 3 100 reception seasons in a row. His nickname is the beast. Last year he had 21 receptions in a single game with Kyle Orton throwing the damn ball. This would just be awesome. Now with all of that being said, Dominick doesn’t have the guts or the money to pull this off and the Glazers would rather pay Ari Fleisher to do spin control than pay a caliber player of Brandon Marshalls ability. So even thought it makes complete sense the Glazers are too cheap and will never allow this trade to go down.

  26. tampa2 Says:

    I guess this is one of those times where the 3 scrooges will either make the deal, or show why they are called the 3 scrooges. My money is on them showing their hand and not spending any money!

  27. sentient1 Says:

    Oar, that was hilarious. At my age I need a good regular BM too. Oh please, Oh please, oh please….lol. Maybe if someone slipped the Glazers some stool softeners they couldn’t help but get a good BM!