Leftwich Deal Was Working In March

April 29th, 2010

Sitting at a breakfast table at the NFL winter meetings with Raheem The Dream and/or schmoozing with Mark Dominik in a hallway doesn’t mean you’ll learn much.  

While the Bucs beat scribes were trying to work their angles, they missed that the Bucs were working on a deal.
Appearing on Mad Dog Radio heard exclusively on Sirius/XM radio with cohosts Bruce Murray and Bill Pidto (per the Twitter feed of steelersdepot.com), Pittsbugh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert stated the Steelers and Bucs began talks about a Byron Leftwich trade back at the winter meetings held in Orlando, where a large contingent of bucs beat reporters descended upon.
(So much for that treasured access, Stephen. 🙂 )
The Leftwich trade amuses Joe.
Largely, Bucs fans loathed Leftwich, but Colbert — widely regarded as one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL — knows how valuable of a backup Leftwich is.
Joe also wonders what Colbert, who has built two Super Bowl winning teams sees in Leftwich that hateful Bucs fans cannot see?
Leftwich is good enough for the Tiffany of NFL organizations but Bucs fans don’t think so. Hhhhhmmm?

10 Responses to “Leftwich Deal Was Working In March”

  1. Eric Says:

    If you give Leftwich a lot, and I mean a lot, of time in the pocket, quality receivers, and a running game, he isn’t bad back up QB material.

    The bucs don’t have any of those traits and he was billed here as the starting QB, before they abruptly switched into the rebuilding mode, and the total disaster that was the 2009 season emerged.

    Steelers v. Bucs are two totally different animals when it comes to a back up QB.

    The bucs need someone who can run for their lives.

  2. gobucs Says:

    the majority of bucs fans dont even like the draft results. Fools

  3. d-money Says:

    Holy cow. I agree with Eric!!!!

    I like leftwich as a person. I’ve been a Marshall University fan all my life so I appreciate what he did for them.

    But for him to be Successful he has to be in the perfect situation. Good O-line, recievers who get open and catch the ball and a good running game.

    The Bucs at this time have none of those things.

  4. pete Says:

    Yeah? To bad it wasn’t March last year.

  5. topdoggie Says:

    If Peyton was our QB last year he would have gotten Booed. Thats how bad our team was.

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    If Colbert was such a huge fan of Leftwich , he wouldn’t have allowed him to leave the 1st time.

    Now he is just desperate because Big Ben is suspended.

    Even Colbert knows Leftwich sucks , but beggars can’t be choosers, and he needs another body that knows the offense.

  7. Larry Brackins Says:

    “Joe also wonders what Colbert, who has built two Super Bowl winning teams sees in Leftwich that hateful Bucs fans cannot see?”

    He knew the goddamn playbook and wouldn’t have to start from scratch this season, should he have to play in Ben’s stead. How simpler could it get??

  8. up the gut Says:

    Why did we only get a 7th round pick for such a talented player? Was this a payback to Tomlin from his protege Rah???

  9. jlynch Says:

    See if we can get a seventh rouder for Raheem

  10. Finerdetailz Says:

    It’s not just the fans, obviously the coach and/or GM didn’t much of him either and seem to think no veteran players. Bench leftawich after only 3 games was a panic move. It doesn’t matter what the fans thought. Rah and Dominik obviouly didn’t think he was good enough when a better organization did.