Freeman, Van Pelt Developing Strong Bond

April 3rd, 2010

There have been a lot of syrupy stories flowing out of One Buc Palace the past two days after the Bucs allowed members of the local Fourth Estate (or as docile, reasoned radio personality Michael Savage calls “the Fifth Column”)  to speak with Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman.

Virtually every story read the same: Freeman works hard.

OK, we get it. But guess what? Until Freeman has some receivers to throw to, it won’t matter if he spends 20 hours a day breaking down film and lifting weights.

Stephen Holder, of the St. Petersburg Times, decided to stray from the norm and write about something of a little more substance: that Freeman actually has a full-time quarterback coach now and the two are hitting it off like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

This is the kind of one-on-one instruction that Freeman could have used more of last season. Of course, once offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski was fired less than two weeks before the regular season, Olson was promoted and presumably had less time to devote to his quarterbacks. And even when he did have in-depth quarterback sessions, Freeman was an afterthought until he took over the starting job in Week 8.

Now that he’s getting individualized instruction, it’s up to Freeman to make the most of what he’s learning.

“As a young quarterback, you learn stuff every year,” he said. “I’m trying to use (Van Pelt) as a little bit of a cheat, to get my mind to process faster. So, when I’m stepping out there, I’m not stepping out there as a second-year quarterback. Maybe I’ll have the mind of a fourth- or fifth-year quarterback because I’ve been working with Alex.”

This — not the fact Freeman likes to break down film or wants to win (who the hell doesn’t?) — was the story. Hopefully, Alex Van Pelt can get the most out of Freeman.

If the Bucs don’t land some better receivers, Van Pelt’s value to Freeman will be critical.

20 Responses to “Freeman, Van Pelt Developing Strong Bond”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:


    PLEASE stop the WR’s aren’t any good ranting!!!!! It’s getting BORING!!!

    So the only purpose of the QB is to throw the ball? REALLY?

    I guess calling audibles doesn’t count?

    I guess a running game isn’t important either?

    Joe I don’t care if the Bucs had Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald AND Roddy White unless the O-Line blocks well (along with no penalties) it doesn’t matter.

    I’m sure you thought the Saints WR’s were/are all Pro-Bowlers right?

    This scratched record is getting tiresome

  2. lhb26 Says:

    for a QB to be good he needs a WR, and for a WR to be good he needs a QB, it is an exactly 50-50 split. Each has to do there job for the other to be successful.

  3. Eric Says:

    @Mr. Lucky

    I am sure if you glanced up North you would see Mr. Brees at work with Henderson, Colston: Ryan with Roddy White: Steve Smith is running some patterns with the Panthers young QB.

    This is the NFL. Everybody is working. Thats a given. Brees is probably hanging upside down from those door strap things he promotes.

    The question is, and I think it is legitimate, what do these QB’S have to work with?

    I share your frustration with the topic, but unless or until they address it I fear it will be present the whole season, especially if the blocking icon breaks the huddle as a starter. Such a flabergasting development could not possibly be ignored.

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:


    I agree with everything you wrote but have to ask you this:

    1. What is more important: A running game or a passing game?

    2. Can you have a good (heck even effective) passing game without a GOOD O-Line?

    3. How many WR’s rise to the occassion when a QB steps forward? Example from last year – Farve and his favorite receiver Sidney Rice or how about Dallas/Romo and Miles Austin.

    How many fans from Dallas & Minn were bitching and moaning about their WR’s this time last year? Look at the 2008 stats for Rice & Austin.

    The teacher will show up when the students are READY

  5. Eric Says:

    All very good points Mr. Lucky.

    What I am saying is that the Bucs have gone “all in” on Josh. I think everybody agrees that the rebuilding plan will not work if Freeman turns out to be a bust.

    If he did turn out to be one, the bucs would have to either start over with another rookie, or find a free agent, or go with the other Josh.

    I doubt Rah or Dom could survive any of those options.

    So, why on earth have the kid throwing to these guys? Im not seeing a Rice or Austin in the group.

    Expecting this kid to pull a Favre and elevate a guy to all pro status is asking a bit much, especially among the group were talking about currently practicing at One Buc.

  6. pewterpirate99 Says:


    “The teacher will show up when the students are READY” ? Well what if some of the “students” are mentally retarded and will never be ready. Look lets cut the shit. Our wide receiving corp is putrid and NEEDS to be improved immediately! Those other teams you mentioned have good WR’s that can at least CATCH the ball! Imagine that concept a WR that actually catches the ball ( are you listening “Skillet Hands” Clayton )!!

  7. Eric Says:

    I think I finally figured this Clayton thing out.

    He was one of the most vocal complainers against Jon Gruden. The Glazers obviously listened to Mr. Clayton’s assertions that Gruden unfairly cast him into his “Dog House”, and took action.

    Why would Dom and the Dream release a guy who was apparently instrumental in getting them the positions they currently occupy?

    Surely no credible argument can be made that they keep him around based upon his performance.

  8. Marc Says:

    Well I used to think me and my buds at PR were the only happy buccaneer fans, and people on this site represented the rest of the fans. But, after seeing we are #1 on the list of happiest fan war rooms, per, I have to conclude that people on are just a buch of melodramtic, whinny, crybabies, who seem to make the worst out of any situation. It is depressing talking to you all. Goodbye for the last time.

  9. TJ Says:

    @ Eric your Clayton therory I think is accurate. I read something on another post. That how can we trsut Managment to draft good players when they saw clayton’s line of work and resinged him to a new deal. And as far as Freeman I think he can be good but. Unless you are a one of kind player you need good pieces around him

  10. thomas Says:


    Correct about Clayton being instrumental in getting Gruden fired which resulted in the kids giving Clayton a unforgivable contract which makes him hard to cut without the kids getting blasted (except of course that the sheep like Steve Duemig will make some shameful excuse about how admitting the mistake actually shows maturity from the kids).


    I use to follow PR (which I now refer to as “Pro-Raheem”) until I got exhausted from the content which is grossly-subjective and pro-dominick/management. 3-13 is never acceptable and was a product of blunder after blunder after blunder by the incompetent kids (and no dummy and radio did not admit that they were rebuilding until after the season was lost). If you don’t think so – why the Lefty / McCown charade.

    This site far exceeds the substance exchanged on Pro-Raheem!

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @Marc – goodbye. don’t let the web page hit you on your ass on the way out!

  12. Mr. Lucky Says:


    You’re right about Radio/Dummy going all in with Freeman. That right there goes to show how incompetent Rah-Rah is – as a HC.

    Morris should have been allowed to stay as DC and the Bucs allowed to re-build their defense. Instead they [Dominik/Glazers] are trying to do too much all at once.

    I’m not so interested in the WR corps because I’m not sold on the bucs O-Line. Heck we don’t even know if Sears will be returning.

    I’ve said/written it before. I’d actually prefer the Bucs return to Dungy-Ball but with Radio at the helm…

  13. RastaMon Says:

    the credit goes here…

  14. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @RastaMon – what a fluff piece. I don’t have a problem with the article but the lemmings who posted over there must have rose colored glasses. I’ve never read so my polyanna BS in my life

    – oops yes I have. The Obama administration about their HC crap.

  15. RastaMon Says:

    I don’t read the boards anymore…and rarely visit the site….however I did catch that article

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    RastaMon, we are happy to have you here on the dark side.

  17. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I’ve got a great feeling about Josh Freeman.

    The rest of the team? Not so much…

  18. Eric Says:

    Josh looks like the real deal, but I have had my heart broken before. All the elements for him to have great success are present.

    Those 18 INT’s would have equated to over 30 for the full year, which is a tad troublesome. Nothing unusual for a rook though.

    But the real worry is the Dream and Co. ruining the guy. They are more than capable of doing just that.

    And if they don’t quit making decisions based upon the wallet and trying to save face, they will do just that.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    A rookie QB year pretty much needs to be thrown out the window. At least the kid was able to play his rookie year, and even made a few plays. Why all the PR talk? That site is on a heavy downward spiral. Their desperation has their loyal cronies flocking to JBF to try to recruit knowledgeable fans. No way Jose.

  20. Joe Says:


    Thank you very much for the compliments. Joe is humbled.

    Joe always strives to be objective, but when Joe sees a wrong — to Mr. Lucky’s chagrin, the massive holes at wide receiver — Joe will not remain quiet.