Fins Have Marshall; Bucs Have Clayton

April 14th, 2010

Fins have Marshall. Bucs have Clayton.

Michael Clayton is exhaling right now. And he’s grinning. Maybe even planning a trip to the bank.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his 100-catches-every-year ass was traded to the Dolphins today pending him passing a physical, so reports Adam Schefter, of The price tag was a second round pick in 2010 and 2011.

With an extremely weak receiving corps, the Bucs have now passed on Antonio Bryant, Santonio Holmes and Brandon Marshall over the past six weeks.

What, did Mark Dominik not like what he saw on film from Marshall? Heck, Marshall’s 21 catches and two touchdowns against Indianapolis last year bested Clayton’s entire season. Marshall is young, nasty, extraordinarily talented, and his presence would have made the team a lot better.

Consider offensive coordinator Greg Olson just said the following during an interview on when asked what fans should see from the Bucs offense this season.

“They should expect to see an aggressive offense. By nature, I like to push the ball down the field. I’ve been fortunate in a lot of the quarterbacks that I’ve worked with are those that have that kind of mentality, to push the ball down the field,” Olson said. “Now we’ve got to try and indentify some weapons that we can get the ball to. Certainly the draft will provide us, you know hopefully, with those players. We’ve also got to develop the players we have here on our roster right now. And we’ve got to get comfortable with our quarterback.”

Keep hoping, Olson.

Joe’s right there with you.

39 Responses to “Fins Have Marshall; Bucs Have Clayton”

  1. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    #%#%$$^%^&%^&B !!!

    %^$^&*)^&^$$@ !!

    FUCJ FUCJ !!!!!!!!



    IDIOTS !



  2. justin F Says:

    we are sticking to the plan of being the cheapest spending team in nfl history

  3. Foghorn Leghorn Says:

    Boy, this is gonna make more noise in this town than a couple of skeletons throwin’ a fit on a tin roof!

  4. Aldo Says:

    i wanna be optimistic!! if denver built this guy who was a 4th or 5th round, we can do the same!! i guess the better thing is talk after the draft and see what we can do with all this IMO

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    Disappointing. Very, very disappointing.

  6. Tommy Boy Says:

    Aldo what you are missing is the fact that the Broncos were able to identify talented players that deep in the draft. Historically we can’t even identify talented players early in the draft. I want to be optimistic too but it’s hard to be when all you see and hear is bullshat (homage to you Joe).

    Joe, the Bucs also passed on Boldin for a 3rd rounder and late round next year. This is truly pathetic. We’ll sign Javon Walker for the minimum and hear how much of a steal he is. Poor Freeman.

  7. TJ Tillman Says:

    Wow Marshalls one game against The colts was better than Clayton’s whole year. Still building through the draft . the draft is boom or Whoever they draft they cannot gurrantee that they will make a diffrance. Marshall would have made a diffrance bottom line. Tampa this off season has gotten worst bottom line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    But I’ll have to hope we do what Aldo stated above..Marshall was a 4th round pick – maybe we find a diamond in the rough. The Bucs draft is more magnified and important than ever before.
    8 days…

  9. Eric Says:

    Well, I suppose this explains why Freeman is working out with the blocking icon.

    These folks are actually gonna trot him out as the number one wide receiver.

    Mere words can’t describe the mind-numbing stupidity.

    Kinda like watching a dog wonder out onto the highway, you would like to stop it but are helpless to do anything but watch. In this case, Freeman is the dog.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    Depressing, let’s change the subject. Joe, please do an article on YOUR top 3 favorite cheerleaders of all time…please, list them in order. Pics would be nice.

  11. Finerdetailz Says:

    And I see why Rah is centering everything around #5. He’s going to have to do it all by himself. God help us (or tebow) if Winslow gets hurt.

  12. Leighroy Says:

    Noooooooot worth 2 2nd round picks!

    WR’s will be picked in the draft, and FA’s will be released after the draft.


  13. T in Orlando Says:

    Joe, I thought you were against Marshall for a 2nd round pick (at least not too keen on the idea), but you’re ok if we could’ve got him for two 2nd round picks? Which is it?

    Personally, while I would’ve loved to see Marshall here, I think two 2s and $10 mil a year would’ve been too much to pay for him. The risk of him flaking out is too high. Now if you could guarantee he’d have 80+ catches and 8+ TDs per year for the next 5 years, I’d say abosultely that is worth it, but no one can guarantee production like that (although that’s what a $10 mil a year player should be able to produce).

    Don’t get me wrong, the Front Office has made plenty of mistakes the past two off seasons, I don’t think not making this deal for Marshall is one of them.

  14. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    T in Orlando – Didn’t say either way in this post. Just a quick reaction at 9 a.m. to the deal going down and getting Olson’s recent comments out there, which have yet to be printed anywhere else.

  15. Gary Says:

    Right on T. 2 2nd rounders is too high, especially when one could come up with arguments on why anything more than a 2 this year might be too much. One 2 and one 4 or 5 is all I would have given up. Watch, he is the new T.O, he will not have a probowl year in MIA and we will surely hear about something negative he did to the locker room or off the field since he is on south beach now.

  16. Tommy Boy Says:

    Leighroy, mark your words. You’ll be eating them come August when you see how putrid our passing game is. People released after the draft are done so because they typically aren’t worth their contract. So why do you think other team’s garbage will be our treasure? Furthermore, rookie WRs don’t usually produce their first year. Given our history, the WRs we draft will be busts (Clayton, Stovall, Jackson). This front offce doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. After last season it is their obligation to give us some reason to hope and have epically failed over an over and over. Everyone’s career hangs on this draft. They are making these beds and sooner or later the sandman is coming to tuck them in.

  17. Joe Says:

    Joe, I thought you were against Marshall for a 2nd round pick (at least not too keen on the idea), but you’re ok if we could’ve got him for two 2nd round picks? Which is it?

    Correct. Two second round picks and a monster contract for a guy who has many offfield problems and a pretty glaring onfield problem is really hard to swallow.

    Tuna must think the Phins are a wide receiver away from a Super Bowl.

    The Bucs are a wide receiver (perhaps two), three defensive lineman, two linebackers and a safety away from smelling the playoffs.

  18. Eric Says:

    Cmon people, quit twisting yourself in a knot to support the Glazer boys. I know you want to see the bucs do well, but geez.

    What are the real odds that the Bucs of all people are going to select a player in the second round of this draft, and a second rounder in 2011 that will be even close to as good a player as Brandon Marshall?

    When was the last time they pulled that off? 1996? And I don’t think they have EVER done it in 34 years of drafting at the wide receiver position. Can anyone point to a comparable receiver the bucs ever drafted? Mark Carrier is as close as I can come, and he wasn’t as good as Marshall.

    So, we are passing on Marshall (and Holmes too), in the “hopes” of accomplishing something in the draft never before done in the history of buccaneer football.

  19. Nick Says:

    Un BELIEVABLE!!! Every time I wake up there is more disappointing news on the Bucs and these idiots running the organization have ABSOLUTELY NO DAMN CLUE!!! Obviously money is the only thing driving the Glazers.
    I hate them with a passion!! GO AWAY GLAZERS WE HATE YOU!!!!!!!

  20. Finerdetailz Says:

    I agree with you Eric. We have to pay somebody. It kills me that a player is good enough for other teams but not the Bucs. Marshall would be the best receiver the Bucs have ever had but.. There are no buts. We suck right now and knowing we are only using the draft to make this team better is ridiculous. Giving up two number twos and paying 10 million would have been well worth it. Oh no let’s overpay for a blocking icon instead. That makes sense. Marshall is 10 times better than Clayton.

  21. Finerdetailz Says:

    Duemigs monologue will be easy today. Bash Maddon for almost blowing the rays game yesterday, bash buc fan for thinking Marshall should be here, bash Elin(sp?) for leaving tiger.

    (Thank you for not getting personal Finerdetailz — Joe.) 🙂

  22. Nick Says:

    Leighroy when was the last time the Bucs drafted someone as talented as a wide receiver as Brandon Marshall or Santonio Holmes for that matter???Well we drafted Kevin House in the early 80’s. ANYONE ELSE KNOW A GOOD WIDE RECEIVER WE HAVE EVER DRAFTED??????????????????

  23. Nick Says:

    Sorry Eric I did not read your email but its exactly what I wrote. I guess we were on the same brain wave with this once again idiotic move.

  24. Joe Says:

    The next time Randy Choke should be handed the ball on the mound in relief should be for the Port Charlotte Crab Legs or whatever the hell they are called.

  25. Finerdetailz Says:

    Agree Joe .. Choke needs to be sent down.

  26. Louie Says:

    I wish Freeman would grow a pair. I know that’s a lot to expect from a 2nd year player, but can you imagine what Manning or Favre putting would be doing in this situation. Freeman should be in the face of Dominik and Morris demanding some credible weapons.

    This pretty much assures Clayton will not only have a roster spot, but will probably be masquerading as the #1 WR this season.

    As far as FA’s that will be released after the draft, they won’t be any better than what we’ve got. Our ONLY hope is that whoever they draft is a future HOF’er.

  27. Jake Says:

    I am absolutely convinced that this offseason is a result of the Glazers having financial problems. It may be not so much that they are cheap, but that they dont have the financial ability to make the moves that need to be made to improve the product. Why else would they go on such a self destructive course this offseason, alienating most of their fanbase and losing long time season ticket holders? To me this build through the draft plan is nothing more than a cover for them rather than come out and admit that they have financial difficulties right now and are unable to spend the money. Regardless it really sucks being a Buc fan right now, all the news seems to be bad news.

  28. Louie Says:

    Hey, I bet we can get Ginn from Miami real cheap. Another guy who can’t catch!

  29. Eric S Says:

    I would have done the move. Heck I would have done the Boldin move and the Holmes move as well. The Bucs are already going to pick a receiver in the 2nd. So this trade is basically just another 2nd next year. Receivers are very hit and miss in the draft. We can’t automatically say that Tate or Thomas will do what they did in college. We do know that Marshall has been very productive the last 3 seasons. You know what you get from him. Sure I don’t like him as a person and I do think he is a tad overrated. But to get a weapon like this for Freeman would have been huge.

    I also think that Marshall was quite troubled by his teammate’s death from a few years ago. That could be one reason why he was acting up recently. And the Bucs said that money is no object, so why not spend 10 mil on Marshall? The Bucs spent almost 10 mil on Bryant last season and Clayton got an obscene amount of money last season as well. So spend money on a proven player. Marshall also is from Florida. Sometimes coming back home makes a world of difference in the behavior of athletes. They feel more comfortable with the surroundings and are more at ease. You could make the case that the athlete might be prone to getting into more trouble with their friends/family. But that is the risk you have to take. Marshall needed to get away from the toxic environment of Denver and I think he will want to produce at his new home.

    Another missed opportunity for Dominik. The draft is not the end all be all. No Holmes. No Marshall. No Boldin. I don’t get it. I would take a proven player over an untested rookie any day of the week.

  30. Jonny Says:

    Two 2nd rd picks for Marshall is not a lot at all. Especially when you consider it is less likely for juniors to graduate, it won’t even be half as talented or deep as this year’s draft. I like how Bucs offense only got worse this offseason, I want to drink some Kool Aid and chill, but I don’t see a chance of competing next year.

  31. Jake Says:

    The Glazers just created a whole new stable of so called “haters” today. Former kool aid drinkers, welcome aboard!

  32. Nick Says:

    Joe that headline says it all. But what does Bill Parcells know? I would much rather have Mark Dominick leading my team. Bill Parcells has never built a champion anywhere? Right?? Oh sorry wrong GM thats Mark Dominick.

  33. Mark Says:

    All Brandon Marshall wanted to do was get paid. Now that he has his money, he won’t be that motivated to perform. I agree that the Bucs need to address the putrid wide receiver position, but a locker room cancer like Marshall is not the answer. The draft picks are way to valuable to the future of this franchise. Let him be the Dolphins problem.

  34. bucfanjeff Says:

    Louie, give Freeman 1 more year of considerable progression and he could almost run the team if he so chose.

  35. Tye Says:

    Marshall was definately OVER qualified (way too talented) for the Bucs!!!

    This regime doesn’t put ANY value in experience OR proven quality talent…
    Going with youth just removes valuable wisdom, experience and leadership….. Which I just realized matches their HC….. Maybe that is proof that a teams production is a direct reflection of it’s quality of leadership……. Oh how grim is their future!!!

  36. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    oh well …at least we have Reggie “I suck” Brown

  37. Eric Says:

    Don’t the dolphins know this is just going to screw up Chad Henne’s progress as a young qb?

  38. pete Says:


    Mark Carrier – 3rd Round – Nicholls State

    “Probably one of the best receivers the Bucs have ever had. Holds the single game receiving record for the Bucs with a 212-yard performance in New Orleans in 1987 and was also the first Tampa Bay receiver ever to go to the Pro Bowl. His 1989 season set team records for receptions and yards and he remains the team leader in yardage gained. Never a big talker off the field, Carrier spent six seasons in Tampa as a starting wide receiver before moving on to lesser seasons with New Orleans and Carolina before dropping out of the NFL. Originally wore the 89 shirt as a rookie and then switched to 88 in 1988.”

  39. Eric S Says:

    Carrier was one of their best receivers. Not sure where you got your info Pete, but some of it I believe is wrong. Carrier went on to play with Cleveland and Carolina. He actually had several good season left in him after he left TB. He had 1 1000 yard season in ’95. His number was 88 in TB and 83 in Clev and Caro. Carrier definitely was one of TB’s top 3 receivers of all time. I will say that membership wasn’t hard to crack though.