Dominik Likes Benn’s Body

April 27th, 2010

All Bucs fans are fired up to see the heralded rookie wide receivers take the field: Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams.

At least one of them better be the real deal.

Bucs personnel czar Mark Dominik, speaking to the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, on WDAE-AM 620 Monday, gave fans insight into why Benn is built for greatness.

Dominik on Benn: He’s a really physical football player in terms of run after the catch. He’s got the speed to make the big plays, which is obviously an important element that we need here in Tampa. But what I love about him is his lower body strength. I think a lot of people, we call it hidden yards in the NFL, it’s yards after contact. There are those receivers who catch balls that get hit and get knocked down, … but there’s the great receivers that can take a shot to their lower body and spin off a tackle and make a small play into a great play.  Arrelious, when you watch the college tape, when you watch how physical he is in those two areas, it makes it very exciting to take him for this team.

Joe’s going to take Dominik’s word for it on Benn’s lower body, since Joe’s not real interested in studying that. 

Josh Freeman could sure use a real punishing, after-the-catch kind of receiver, which he surely didn’t have last year. 

In the right column here on, in the “Big Dog” podcast box, you can hear Dominik’s entire interview.

Joe will have another nugget from Dominik later, and Joe’s got his own special interview you don’t want to miss.

17 Responses to “Dominik Likes Benn’s Body”

  1. TJ Says:

    First thing this morning Firtst headline Domminick likes Benn’s body lol kinda of funny. but on a serious note Benn reminds me alot of Boldin lets see if he can live up to it

  2. Vince Says:

    He better live up to it. I truly wanted Tate just ahead of him, but let’s see what the young man has got.

  3. RahDomDaBest Says:

    He hasn’t dropped any balls yet… of course he’s great.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    In that picture Joe posted he looks like he’s built like a running back.

    The body is definitely prototype , the question remains : Can he get open and catch at the pro level?

  5. Steve'YOUNeverPlayedTheGame'White_YouBigDummy Says:

    Delted for impersonating Steve White.

  6. Jonny Says:

    @Joe. Do you know if Stovall will get a chance to compete for the #1 or #2 with these guys? In case you are not sure, I would highly appreciate it if you asked Dom.

  7. Mark Says:

    Both Pat Kirwan and T-Rock on the Sirius radio show said the same exact thing….

    Benn is built like a truck and cut. They were very impressed with him.

  8. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    @TJ I’ve been thinking the same thing all along, Benn plays the game a lot like Boldin, and I was think Williams, with his great jumping ability and prowess at catching the ball at the height of his jump, would be our Larry Fitzgerald. I know they are a LONG way off from proving to be worthy of mentioned in the same sentence as those guys, but that’s what I see from them in style and it’s pretty exciting

  9. TJ Says:

    @MichigansBucsfan I hope you are not a shitagian fan I am a OSU Alum. But good point about Boldin If anyone watched him he would be Illinios Rb he would get sweeps and Buble screens, and as I said before about Williams He put up 600 yards half a year and he played with Greg Polous ugh and Syracuse was horriable

  10. Eric Says:

    Could have had the real Boldin for a 2011 3rd rounder……………..

  11. d-money Says:

    Steve’YOUNeverPlayedTheGame’White_YouBigDummy Says:

    April 27th, 2010 at 9:03 am
    Delted for impersonating Steve White.

    LOL….Looks like Elijah is at it again.

  12. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    @TJ I am a Michigan fan haha, it’s okay though we’re on an even keel here in the pros. I never held it against Joey Galloway.

  13. TJ Says:

    @michiganBucsfan Joey is my man yeah I did not hold it against Askew either we all on the same boat

  14. adam Says:

    i heard that too joe…

    dominik was admiring the new receivers bodies on wdae the other day and said he likes drafting studs and hanging in the shower area with them doing “towel talk” after the game…..i was like wooow!!………duemig had no comment…..but almost blurted out…”dom, you know why they call me the big dog dont you?”

    adam from ny

  15. drdneast Says:

    With 4.6 spped in the 40, he isn’t going to nlow by anyone. Another possession receiver. The only time he will strech the other teams defense is when they are yawning. Lawrence Dawsery ran a 4.6 40. Hell, I used to run a 4.6 40.

  16. Jonny Says:

    drdneast. Benn ran a 4.53 at the combine and 4.36 at the Pro-Day. For a receiver of his size and weight, that is impressive. For the record, Dez Bryant is slower than Benn, he ran high 4.5s, low 4.6s at his Pro-Day. Also Benn is a great YAC guy, look at his videos on youtube and you will see him running over CBs or eluding them very well after the catch.

  17. George C. Costanza Says:

    that’s a good feature putting the Big Dog’s podcasts on your sidebar since I don’t live in Tampa and don’t listen to him much unless i make a concerted effort to go online, etc, etc.

    nice job, Joe.