Does Size Really Matter To Mark Dominik?

April 12th, 2010
Is Golden Tate too short for the Bucs?

Perhaps Golden Tate is too short for the Bucs?

Joe still tosses and turns when he thinks of Tampa Tribune beat writer  Woody Cummings’ report from the Senior Bowl. It quoted an unnamed “coach” who suggested the Bucs should focus on taller receivers to help Josh Freeman cut down on missing receivers with high throws.

The “coach” claimed the Giants followed a similar philosophy the help Eli Manning.

Joe thinks such an approach would be ridiculous. If Freeman really has problems, then fix his mechanics rather than go looking for taller guys. Somehow 6-4 Dan Marino managed to quickly fire up a Hall of Fame career throwing to short guys Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, both 5-9.

With the draft approaching, Joe can’t help but wonder whether the unnamed “coach” Cummings quoted is, in fact, a member of the Bucs. Joe sincerely hopes this tall-receiver mindset is not shaping Mark Dominik’s draft-day war room approach.

Joe thinks 5-10 Golden Tate would be quite a score for the Bucs. It would be a shame if he wasn’t tall enough.

(For a 3,000-word, in-depth look at 15 wide receivers Bucs fans should know about in the draft, check out this piece in the subscription draft coverage).

4 Responses to “Does Size Really Matter To Mark Dominik?”

  1. zech Says:

    So I guess riley cooper is an option and dez bryant would be a very good option but I doubt the bucs would take that risk and then there’s demerious thomas from GTech would be another good option. But I really don’t see dominick doin anything in the draft!

  2. thomas Says:


    Size matters for every wr. The NFL is a game of matchups, undersized wr’s, with rare exceptions, have difficulty getting open because they are at a deficit in two of the 4 components of the receiving game (Getting off of the ball against man coverage which is critical so not to negate timing routes and using the body to make a play when in a neutral ball position, i.e. jump ball situation).

    Speed only (undersized) players are typically good to stretch defenses 2-3 times again, and will hit a big play 3 – 6 times per year (frequently in lopsided games).

    Dummy should consider size but probably wont because he is not qualified for the position he is in. Rah-Rah likes a good blocker at wr.

  3. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Wes Welker , Steve Smith , Desean Jackson , Percy Harvin…the list goes on and on .

    Speed Kills.

    I’d rather have a team full of small fast Wr’s than big slow slugs like Maurice Stovall and Micheal Clayton, ANYDAY.

  4. Fatsacks Says:

    if tate is there any they do not take him….I will personally go up and bitch slap every damn person in that war room come draft day…im soooo tired of hearing there fricken building threw the draft and then therre scared of spending the money with the picks they get?!!? And p.s. there are alot of teams drafting along with you dom and rah…good luck trying to fill every hole that is keeping us from beening a great team!! You’ve let alot of great players go to other teams and yet we sit here having to wait til April 22nd too see what were going to be working with!