Chances For Marshall “Slim And None”

April 12th, 2010

The Steelers’ late-night trade of stud young wide receiver Santonio Holmes to the Jets for peanuts has many Bucs fans arguing about how and when Mark Dominik will get Josh Freeman a No. 1 receiver.

And that inevitably takes the discussion to Broncos’ No. 1 Brandon Marshall, who is allegedly on the market for a second round pick.

Former Bucs defensive end — and blogger and analyst — Steve White, who long ago was on the record saying the Bucs should deal for Marshall, thinks “The Beast” is long gone from Mark Dominik’s mind.

In a recent, high-energy live chat on, White stomped on all hope that Marshall would be a Buccaneer.

[Comment From AJAJ: ]
Steve, there’s a lot of rumors and hoping out there… what do you think are the chances Brandon Marshall is wearing pewter this fall? 

Steve White: @AJ

Slim and none and Slim just left town. I think the Bucs have hyped this draft so much that trading away a draft pick for Marshall isn’t even on their radar right now. Although in my opinion the trade should have happened already 

Barring a series of miraculous resurrections and a rookie phenom, the Bucs will have a poor receiving corps in 2010.

Joe wonders what the Vegas over-under would be on total catches for Antonio Bryant, Marshall and Holmes this year, 215 perhaps?

10 Responses to “Chances For Marshall “Slim And None””

  1. zech Says:

    I really believe dominick won’t draft any recievers and I bet there explanation would be that the receiving class isn’t that great and we just didn’t see anyone we liked and that caught our eye! Boy Freemen his gonna get killed because our recievers can’t catch! What a joke dominck and raheem draft a franchise QB and then kill him and his confidence!

  2. justin F Says:

    glazers = cheap scumbags

  3. Troxell8t8 Says:

    You have to appreciate Mr. White’s conviction and decisiveness. However, a WR will be drafted in the second round.

  4. DH Says:

    Anyone who thinks we should trade for Brandon Marshall should watch this:

    With all due respect to Joe and Steve White, I don’t know how many passes can be caught, by a wideout on suspension…

  5. Otis Says:

    Holmes receptions will definitely be down this year after he serves his four game suspension for drug use. Glad we passed on him.

  6. Joe Says:


    Joe has not advocated trading for Marshall. A second round pick for that guy… well, it gives Joe pause.

    Joe’s on the fence with Marshall. Not sure if the risk is worth the reward. In fact, Joe’s not convinced Marshall is even reliable.

  7. Eric Says:

    AB is too old and mysteriously caused interceptions only in the Calendar year 2009.

    Boldin just too old

    Marshall is too mean

    Holmes is too high.

    But the blocking icon is jusssssssssssssst right.

    Is this football or “goldilocks and the three bears”?

  8. Louie Says:

    “Slim and None”, the Bucs starting WR’s for 2010.

    Does anyone actually believe this team is better now then it was last season? The Buc’s draft better be the best in the history of the NFL. Otherwise, 2010 is going to be one $hitty year.

  9. Nick Says:

    Thanks Eric, Joe you should look at Eric’s post long and hard. The same idiots who think Brandon Marshall is not a good fit or Anquan Boldin or Santonio Holmes think Michael Clayton was GREAT even though his only good year was his rookie year and the guy has NO HANDS unless your only blocking. This is where I once again will state that Dumnick and Raheem are NOT THE ONES who should be guiding this franchise with the 2010 draft. These guys just don’t have a clue. If they did they would have cut Clayton last year instead of resigning the BLOCKING ICON for MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tampa2 Says:

    Ironically Steve, the chances of team Glazer spending money on “any” good player is Slim & None, and Slim left when Dad went into a coma!
    The Bucs are going to field a “Semi-Pro” team this year, led by amatuers, while they collect their TV Revenue Money. I feel sorry for the poor kool-aid drinkers that are actually going to spend their hard earned money on tickets. But, there are always those that believe in miracles!