Bucs Shopping Ryan Sims, Too

April 24th, 2010

Earlier it was Chris Hovan on the block. Now it seems defensive tackle Ryan Sims is on the market, too.

Mark Dominik is apparently dying to unload at least one of those older manbeasts.

Joe has learned about Sims from St. Pete Times Bucs beat writers Stephen Holder’s Twitterings from One Buc Place.

Bucs are gonna have a hard time recouping anything for Hovan but they’re trying. Ryan Sims available too. Also a long shot.

Joe’s not suprised. If the Bucs have a clear target in the seventh round, it might take a rostered player to get the deal done.

25 Responses to “Bucs Shopping Ryan Sims, Too”

  1. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Myron Rolle is a Titan:(

  2. thomas Says:

    Reportedly, trading these two – Hovan and Sims – may save asmuch as 5.5 million in 2010 salary and bonuses – which would cover a lot of the bonus to mccoy.

    Clearly this is purely cost-saving b/c Hovan would be a good influence on these kids. Also, one or both of Sims/Hovan would provide security for at least a year.

    The bucs dont pay for security, unless of course it is for radios wooby!

  3. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas — thanks for further proving my point. Trying to trade Haovan and Sims is “purely” a cost-cutting move. Classic.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    THomas – The Glazers told everyone “Money will never be an issue” when it comes to building the Bucs. You really need to start to trust these guys. Surely, they would never get rid of Hovan, who could be a great veteran presence for their new DTs. What are you thinking? 😉

  5. Hosstyle in Tampa Says:

    Back to our latest installment of “WHAT CAN BUCS FANS COMPLAIN ABOUT NOW?” LOL…GET A LIFE, NAYSAYERS…

  6. JimBuc Says:

    Silly, silly, silly stuff. Now the Bucs, who are preparing what might be one of the last large rookie guaranteed contracts, are trying to trade veterans and it is still a cost-cutting move? LOL. Let me ask you the obvious question: If the Bucs “save” $4 million” by trading Hovan for a pick but then . . . wait for it, they use the pick to pick up another player and . . . . wait for it . . . they sign other veterans that like Hovan were draft casualties (which is what Dom implied they would do) . . . . are they actually saving any money? My goodness people . . . . JFK was actaully killed by a man on the grassy knoll.

  7. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas and Joe — The Bucs saved a lot of money by cutting OBP security guards and . . . . then expanding the scouting staff and hiring a consultant . . . oh, never mind.

    The Bucs only drafted McCoy because no one would trade down with them, even though Denver traded down twice . . . oh, never mind.

    Aahhhhhhh . . . conspiracy theories are so much fun.

  8. JimBuc Says:

    The Bucs traded 2 sevens for a 2011 5th round pick. Another “pure” cost-cutting move because they will never use that 5th round pick and by trading the two 7ths they save a $1.50! Those cheap bastards!!!

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – It’s really funny how you try to convince everyone that the Bucs are competitive spenders. Maybe they are, but there’s no evidence of that in the new Glazer era. There’s no arugument that they were the lowest spenders on players since 2004. ..You can offer 100 reasons why not, and maybe they make sense to some. BUt you can’t argue with the numbers.

  10. Patrick Says:

    What a terrible decision to trade away two 7th rounders for a 5th round pick in NEXT YEAR’S DRAFT!!!! keyword: NEXT YEAR!!! There are still good players left in this deep draft and we have needs to address!!

  11. jake Says:

    Money aside, I view this as a performance issue. Neither Hovan or Sims have performed at a level that warrants them a roster spot. These two guys are big part of the reason that the defense has been steamrolled the past year and a half. I just dont see these particular moves as being motivated by money. If the Bucs were to get anything for either player, I would be shocked.

  12. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    After we dump Sims and Hovan who the hell is going to stop the run on this team???

    Seriously , who the hell ????

    We might have improved the pass rush , but we’ll never know it , because teams will never have to pass…

  13. Sebring Smitty Says:

    @ radio, we stopped a runner when?

  14. TJ Tillman Says:

    @ Radio I would not want to lose Hovan and Sims the run stoppers that helped our D to have the 32 agianst the Run were do you find these Guys at Joe WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    TJ ..one man on a defense can’t stop the run by himself , but getting rid of the one guy you have the DOES play the run is certaintly not going to help in that goal , you f*ckin nitwit. It would be one thing if we drafted a spaceeater like Cody, we DID NOT!

    Get a clue…fans like you derseve DUmbinik and Radio.

  16. TJ Tillman Says:

    Last thinbg I am going to say to Radio is this Hovan and Sims did nothing last year if you want to say they stopped the run I guess the numbers lie you the man I am sorry keep Sims and Hovan who combined for 2 sacks 7Tfl on the year Wow . then to bring up Cody if we need him we would need to hire Jenny craig I will ignore ignorance

  17. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    In the tampa 2 every player is responsible for 1 gap…if you cover your gap , and everyone else breaks down, it wont matter.

    Getting rid of the the one guy that fufilled his gap responsbility is not going to help your run defense , douche.

    When we put the undersized Price at Nose, he is going to get drove back into section 312. Enjoy.

  18. JimBuc Says:

    Joe — I have never said that, all I have said is that the myriad reasons the Bucs have not spent (ManU, no players to re-sign, lockout etc.) are largley resolved now. Unlike you and many others here I don’t think the Glazers will never spend again because my mind is capable of remembering that the Glazers spent the entire farm to win a super bowl and completely remake the Bucs into a recognized brand. I also recognize that business ONLY CUT SPENDING OVER THE SHORT TERM or they die. If you have not noticed, the Glazers are smart business people. They bought the Bucs at $192 mill and it is worth alomst 10 times that now. Same with Manu. Pretty sure I am going to trust their busienss judgment over Joe’s (or Thomas or Eric etc.). No offense.

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – I’m so glad to read your last comment. You see, business judgement and winning football for fans are two different entities. I don’t know if you get that.

    You seem to care so much about their business savvy. …I’m sure everyone here would agree with you that the Glazers are proven, successful businesspeople. Crap, they’re billionaires. …But none of us regular folk care about that, because on gameday for the last several years we’ve watched a team whose ownership seemingly made money/business an issue that superceded winning football.

    And as far as the reasons the Glazers haven’t spent, I think it’s very clear. They just haven’t wanted to, and that stinks for us regular folks.

    You can now resume defending whatever it is you defend everyday.

  20. JimBuc Says:


    if you can acknowledge that the Glazers are smart business people and you can understand that business ONLY CUT EXPENSES OVER THE SHORT TERM or they die, then you should have no problem accepting that the expense cutting is temporary. The Glazers are not Hugh Culverhouse. Proof of that is all around including, but not limited to, the trophy sitting in OBP.

  21. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    This whole business lesson you’re touting in all caps doesn’t apply to the modern day Buccaneers in the modern day NFL, unless of course you want to take it to the N’th degree over many, many years without a salary cap floor.

    Let’s deal with what’s in front of us. “Money will never be an issue” when it comes to building the team, says Joel Glazer. …Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not. But surely there are excellent arguments to be made on both sides. But right now, from most fans’ seats, it seems that Glazer isn’t telling a whole truth here. …That’s what annoys the fans, supporters, whatever you want to call them in whatever country they live in.

    It’s a perception game. And the perception, over the last handful of seasons, doesn’t fall in the Glazers favor right now. …Of course, that could all change if Dominik is a draft genius and Raheem The Dream is an emerging gem of a head coach.

  22. JimBuc Says:

    Joe — you are looking back, I am looking forward, but even if you llook back the Glazers spent everything they could to win a SB, so pretty hard to imagine they just had what, a change of heart? C’mon, everything the Bucs are doing now resembles the Dungy/McKay era, so why should the spending not alos mirror it. Try to see you glass as a half full of Caybrew instead of half empty

  23. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Answer to the first question is, Yes.

    No, this doesn’t resemble the Dungy/McKay era, when it comes to the Glazers.

    And, finally, I do see the glass as half full. I just don’t like what’s in the glass as much as you do.

  24. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    We needed a change up front, and we drafted it. Someones got to go, maybe they will catch on with another team ?

  25. drdneast Says:

    The Bucs aren’t having to “recoup” anything since it didn’t cost them anything to sign either player since they were FA’s. GEESH, doens’t anyone know how to use the english language anymore. You would think a writer would know the meaning of the word. Other than money, there was no investment made in either player.